10 Ways to Earn Money from Home

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Recently I have been looking at forums, where I see many stay at home moms who want to make some money from home. So I thought ill put up a post based on my own experience and interactions with people. I really hope it helps all of you and do share it with your friends who are looking for ways to make some money.

The first thing when it comes to making your own money (I mean is without an umbrella of an office) is that money comes in slow. So just like parenting being patient is the only mantra. I am only giving leads here, more than this you need to do some extra research. Lets empower ourselves and the mommies around us. Cheers!!

Convert your passion into money:

If your good at art, designing or any handmade products. The internet is the biggest market, you can sell all your stuff easily these days.

Make Soap/Cosmetics and Chocolates/Baking and Cake art

There are plenty of courses on soap and chocolate making, they can be easily make from the comfort of your home or a small workshop on your garage. You can easily exhibit your supplies these days. Also you can create a facebook page or your own website to sell your stuff. You can start making designer cakes and cookies for your friends.

Buy and Sell Shares

We women always feel stocks and shares belong to the man’s world, but its not true. There are so many talented investment bankers who are women. You can start small by opening your Demat account and buying and selling small units of shares. Women are risk concious and Im sure you can make some money on monthly basis. One hour of research per day will really help you.


If your someone who can share your views and put yourself out there with your writing, you can try your hand at blogging/writing. To be a blogger your sole intention should be to help others. You need to put in 4-5 hours a day if you want to run your own successful blog and make decent money. Else there are many top blogs and websites who pay for writing articles. So you can be a freelance writer, they pay from 100-300 Rs per article.You can even look out for content editing opportunities.

Money through Surveys

There are many sites that offer money to complete their surveys. All you need to do is register with these sites and they will send surveys to your mail. One example is star panel, they send you surveys regarding their channels and shows, all you need to do is pick options. Once you complete these surveys they pay you anything from Rs 20-100 per survey. I know the amount is very less but if you feel something is better than nothing you can try it out. Once you accumulate money over 3-4 months it may look big.

Home Tuitions/Music Classes/Preparing Learning Material

If you can spare one to two hours of your time per day and have good knowledge on some subjects, you can surely take tuitions from home. There is excess demand especially to learn regional and foreign languages. If your good in music too, an hour a day can fetch you students. If you have teaching experience some educational companies hire people to prepare learning materials.

Medical transcription/Customer care

There are companies who offer jobs which are completely home based. You need a phone and a laptop, but these jobs need atleast 4-5 hours of your time. But you can work when your kids are asleep.

Check http://www.arise.com/


If you love photography, you can take photography classes and get clicking. You can easy sell your pictures online, everytime someone uses your image you can make lots of money. Also you can do candid photography at weddings and charge anything between 25000-50000 per day. But you may have to click few free shots to establish yourself.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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  1. admin says:

    Thanks Sangeetha.

  2. Hey jayashri,

    Lovely compilation. I know alot many new moms who are in the hunt for a job. This post is so apt for them.

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