10 things to do after a Miscarriage

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Hello Mommies, today lets spare a thought for mommies who have lost their little ones. Even if these precious babies were in a mother’s womb for a short span, it gives her the special bond and feeling of motherhood, and the loss is so painful that only someone who has gone through it would know.

Do share this article with your loved ones who are going through this phase. You don’t need to say anything to them. Just a hug, your patience to listen and prayers is enough to bring their life back to normal. Moms I’m sharing this from my own experience, I know how it feels and my prayers are with all of you:

Care for your Body: There are so many things that we just give up when we fail, but sadly after a miscarriage its the same body that needs to deal with another pregnancy. So take plenty of rest and prescribed medications and allow your body to heal.

Allow time to mourn: Nobody in the world is strong enough to handle a loss and just be normal. So take time to mourn, its not wrong at all. Most of our grief comes as a shock and then moved to anger (with yourself, god, karma what not) and finally acceptance. So know which stage your are in and always seek help till you accept the loss. Remember “healing is not forgetting”

Regularize your Cycles: We are not in a race to make babies, right? Most couples try for a baby very soon just to overcome their fears and land up in another loss. So make sure you are back to normal.

Avoid Insensitive People: There are many people in the world who are always blessed with the right things at the right time, and they are too self obsessed to care about your feelings. So avoid all these people till your back to normal.

Share your Sorrow: Do not crouch over your own pain, share your sorrow with your loved ones.. Its even better to find a counselor for both you and your husband. I would suggest telephonic counselors, you will never be judged. There are communities on Facebook for miscarriage support do join them and seek help.

Do something for the lost child: Some people plant a tree or donate money to an orphanage in memory of the lost child. Do it if it makes you feel good.

Pray: No one can help you but GOD. So pray every single day for what you want. If your Hindu there are specific temples where you can pray for conceiving and childbirth. You can see the article here.

Lose weight and Eat Right: Its very important to lose weight and eat right to increase your fertility. Do checkout our weightloss section for more. Do not forget to take your folic acid supplements. Go on a  holiday that involves a lot of activity like trek and rafting.

Medical Help: If you have consecutive losses, you have every right to investigate on what went wrong. Do ask your doctor and find a friendly gynecologist who understands how important this is for you.

Hope: Finally my friend hope is why we all live on this earth. Don’t lose hope. Everything will be fine.

If your seeking some help or questions, you can reach me at mommyswall@gmail.com

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