The World’s your Canvas-Make Sure you color it well with Azafran Organic Crayons

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My 2.5 years old daughter loves coloring just like other kids of her age.I introduced colors to her when she was 18 months old, and ever since I  have been engaging her in painting and coloring sessions.Whenever I go to a stationery shop, I always tend to look for something new and out of the box tools or kits which will enable my daughter to engage in an activity so that she doesn’t get bored.This is because kids generally get bored very easily and if they are playing or engaging with the same set of tools or activities time and again.There are also times when she doesn’t want to color but just play along with the crayons.At a time it is making different shapes with the crayons and at other times it is just peeling off the paper covering of the crayons.I also found out that as she was taking off the paper covers of the crayons due to which some amount of color was also going inside her nails.The fact that my daughter has a habit of thumb sucking scared me because she would start sucking her thumb after she was done with this coloring session of hers.This would naturally scare me because there were times when I would find bits of the crayons in her nails.Frankly speaking, we always check the ingredients of the food we buy and its expiry, but we never did this for crayons.This was a time when Azafran Organic Crayons came to my rescue!


Azafran Organic Crayons is the brainchild of Azafran Innovacion.A lot has been said about organic food and other such things.Azafran Innovacion has gone one step further in this and launched their organic crayons range.The best part is that they do not contain any animal ingredients.In their nature of being organic, they do not harm the nature and its resources in any way.These crayons are made with 100 % natural ingredients which include soya wax, sunflower wax, and food grade colors.This is the very reason that they are safe for your kids, and you need not worry if the kid gobbles a bit by mistake(Although we all agree that’s not what colors are meant for-But kids will have their way!)


The colors come in a normal cardboard yellow colored box, which has a small illustration on the top.There is a total of 8 different colors in the packet.These colors are square shaped which makes the gripping and handling easy for the kids.


These are colors, but of course, the following things caught our attention:
1.ORGANIC NATURE- I never knew what exactly went into making of colors.But when I found Azafran organic crayons, I was happy that my daughter was playing and learning with something safe and completely natural.The best part being the colors are edible, so we need not worry even if the kid by mistake eats them.
2.SQUARE SHAPED – This is the best feature which I personally liked about them.You need not sharpen the crayons, a thing which we often tend to do for other brand crayons.You can just start scribbling or coloring from any end of the square crayon.The square shape improves gross motor skills.The very way in which the kid will hold the crayons will definitely enable in developing these skills.
3.ENABLE PLAY TIME – Yes apart from the coloring session in which your kids will indulge in, these coloring blocks are bound to become your kids best friends.They are fun for stacking and building.Kids can play different stacking games with these, just in the same way as they would do with blocks of any kind.
4.NEED NOT BE SHARPENED -All crayons these days with a sharpener.But Azafran crayons need not be sharpened.They are square shaped and can be held from any angle and put to use on the canvas.They provide easy grip for those little hands.
5.WATERPROOF & NON STICKY- The Azafran colors are waterproof and nonsticky.Even if it stains your kids’ clothes(they tend to transfer color to clothes are they are a bit greasy), the color comes off very easily.


We give it a 4.5/5 rating.All in all, it is an excellent product, the prime reason being it is organic in nature and is made with 100% natural ingredients which include organic waxes of palm and soya, organic soya butter & food grade colors.I would definitely recommend Azafran box of crayons to fellow mommies.
We would like to see more colors in the box, as currently, it has only 8 of them.


You can buy it from online from here.
You can also read more about them here.

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