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Hi Moms,
As we continue to keep up our promise of introducing a new product every week, we feel extremely privileged to introduce Ecoware products which is an Indian brand that fights plastics. The products are made from biomass and is completely biodegradable. I know many players in the market who promise biodegradable tableware, but they contain some amount of chemicals and synthetics in their binding material. These guys live up to their claim “of earth, for earth”. Even making paper plates involves felling of trees, in this case biomass is available in abundance. If you throw away this product on the soil, it will degrade completely into the soil within few days. Isint that amazing! If you practice the healthy habit of segregating waste, you can safely drop these used plates and containers into your organic waste basket.

What are the type of products?
  • They make plates in different dimensions and shapes that will work for your party, picnic, events or daily use as its hygienic.
  • You get bowls in different sizes and shapes, like round, square etc.
  • Serving dishes that looks presentable and will make your dish look appetizing.
  • You can pack your kids tiffin in these boxes, its extremely hygienic and will keep your food fresh because of the breathable material.
What makes these products completely biodegradable?
They are made from sustainable plant biomass such as wheat, corn and sugarcane and provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, styrofoam and aluminum.
About the Brand (from the site)
Ecoware is being used in establishments such as Haldirams, Gloria Jeans and Cinnabon and institutional users such as Delhi/Mumbai airports, American Embassy school, Vasant Valley School  and Oberoi Hotels have switched to using Ecoware only. We are also used at events such as CWG2010, Delhi Palate Festival, Kids Culinaire. Ecoware is a safe, non toxic, and ecofriendly alternative to your traditional disposable crockery
If protecting our families and the environment we live in is to be truly successful it has to become a mass movement wherein individuals should be able to make a tangible contribution. Future-friendly solutions such as 100% biodegradable food packaging is one such cheap and easily accessible solution. 
Why Should you buy Ecoware products?
  • Because we need to be responsible towards our environment and go green, and even teach our kids the value of saving the environment. Plastics and styrofoam remain on the earth for thousands of years and leaks into ground water.
  • Hot food in plastics and styrofoam are not recommended, as they release harmful chemicals into the food and research says that the compounds released are carcinogenic.
  • The serving dishes in restaurants maynot be clean and they use heavy chemicals for cleaning too. You can safety carry these plates in your bag and drop it off at any place without guilt, off-course not on the road.
  • Does not alter the color, odor or taste of the food.
  • The products can be stored for two years.
  • A variety or products and designs, to suit all your needs.
  • You can serve both hot and cold food, it can be used in a microwave or fridge.

Where can  I purchase Ecoware Products?

Can be found on Amazon and Snapdeal as well.


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3 Responses to Review of Ecoware Tableware

  1. User says:

    Doesnt look like it is 100% plastic free. Please go through the certificates.

  2. Heyy this is awesome!

    A good and beautiful replacement for plastic.

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