Tips to remove sun tan from kids and some tips for moms

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By Arathi,

Hi Moms,

I love the golden tan in some people but what puts me off is patchy skin. After our summer vacation, all of us came back with Sunburns and tan. So it was a whole process removing the tan from my kids. Im not a person who relies on herbal treatments, so I found this Miracle Product which I will share with you shortly.

Always make sure you use a Sunscreen on your kids. The common mistake we all make is that we dont reapply sunscreen after 2-3 hours, though a lot of brands claim to last for many hours, they actually dont.

For Sunburn:

Make a paste of fresh aleo vera and cucumber and apply it on the Sunburn. I applied some coconut oil during the night and it was gone in two days.

For Tan:

I rubbed a mixture of Banana, olive oil and a drop of lemon juice and rubbed it on their skin before bath. The Tan was gone in 4-5 days.

How did my Tan Go?

Have you heard of Micellar Water? it was used by French Women and now its gaining popularity all over the world. This Water can be used as a cleaner, toner and even leaves the Skin moisturized and fresh. I used the one by Bioderma called sensible H20, thanks to my friend who gave me  a sample. Can you believe one rub and my tan was gone. You just need to dip it in cotton and apply on your face. Im going to stock up a lot of this in future. So dont fear the Sun and enjoy your holidays.

I have not seen these in Shops in India, but its available online.


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