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We are living in an era of modern technology, where everything is on our hands and available just off the counter.In the blink of an eye, things are changing and vanishing as well.Like everything technology too comes with its cons.Having everything on the cloud storage is not possible all the time so, the Photojaanic Book from Photojaanic India is something we at Mommyswall would recommend to our readers.The Photojaanic team was kind enough to send us a printed photo book for us to review.


The Photojaanic Photo Book, as the name specifies is a printed photo book which can be helpful in preserving memories for a lifetime.In this modern age, where we are endlessly clicking photographs of people, landscape, food, animals among others from our phone and constantly transferring them to cloud storage or our hard disks.I as a mom to a toddler girl, also click her endless pictures throughout the day, all thanks to high camera quality in our smartphones. The Photojaanic book simply solves my purpose by getting albums personalized according to my is an online store that helps you share and preserve your pictures with products that you can use every day or with beautiful prints. This is a super photo store that will save you a visit to a nearby photo studio and also lets you do personalization on greeting cards, mobile covers with your stuff with pictures.


They have the following products on their online store:
1.Photobooks(which includes both soft as well as hard cover books)
3.Photo Prints
4.Photo Canvas
5.Greeting Cards
6.Playing Cards
7.Mouse Pad
9.Mobile Covers


As a toddler mom, whenever I get time I never fail to capture my daughter’s activities throughout the day when I am not working.In spite of having a 16GB phone memory, it always runs out of storage, because I am always on a clicking spree.I generally transfer the phone contents on a regular basis either to the laptop or the hard disk.But at the same time, I also keep getting nightmares, that what if the hard disk crashes some day.This is because my child’s entire journey right from birth till date is stored on those hard disk storage(laptop, external drive).The Photojaanic kidsphoto book just comes in time to rescue me from those nightmares and helps to create personalized memories.This one is especially good if you are lazy like me and don’t want to get photos printed and then re-insert them in an album.The best part about Photojaanic is that, you can create your own account, insert photos accordingly as per your wish(Choose whatever layout ) you like.Also, you can save your projects and return after some time or few days as you like.This was particularly helpful for me, as digging out the best photos from the last two years of my daughter’s life proved to be a tiring task for me, and after 1-2 pages, I just used to save the project and come back to it after a few days(Trust me , I am so lazy, I nearly took 1.5 weeks to complete this photo album online). You can even add personalized text or stickers on the page.all in all , this product is a great hit for preserving your sweet little memories , and taking personalization to a new level with key-chains and playing cards.Customizing according to your own needs and wishes is the best part which will keep pulling me to Photojaanic. I am also very happy with the paper quality and it looks beautiful.I am also planning to do some more purchases for gifting options.

You can purchase the Photojaanic Book from here:

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  1. vidya says:

    nice article. Photo book is such a unique idea. We are offering a unique, theme & occasion based, high quality Photo book & Personalized Gifts service. Photobook

  2. Jaishri says:

    Very cute pictures of your daughter and you Udita.

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