What is Considered Healthy Skin?

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It’s not difficult to determine if your skin is healthy. Not only will it look good, it’ll feel good, too. However, you’d still like to know what it is that makes your skin look and feel this way. If you have healthy skin, it’s likely you’re already doing what you need to be doing. Here are a few more ideas you can make use of to ensure that you continue getting favorable results.

What Clear Skin Means

You rarely encounter acne or inflammation. You don’t have any signs of scarring from past, skincare issues. Your face and body aren’t covered in excess oil, and your hands aren’t dry, cracked, and bleeding. Each one of these examples indicates that you have clear skin, and this is a major sign of healthy skin.

Chances are you’ve acquired skin like this because you’ve been paying special attention to your diet. As a matter of fact, what you eat and don’t eat can have a huge impact on its overall condition. An excessive amount of sugar consumed too quickly, for example, can undo your lovely appearance in a heartbeat. If you wish to continue to possess good skin, you’ll need to lay off the desserts a bit.

Some people are extremely sensitive and will get covered in acne simply by snacking on a candy bar or two. In most cases, though, it’ll take a lot more than that. If you go out of your way to limit your sugar intake, you shouldn’t have a problem. It’s a matter of knowing how much of it you can eat without it negatively affecting your skin.

 Why you should aim for a Smooth Texture

There are a few routes you can take to obtain a smooth texture. First, you should consider eating a couple of oranges a day. How will this benefit your skin? Oranges will help you produce more collagen. As a result, your skin will become exceptionally smooth and have a firmer and tighter look to it. These are all telltale signs of good health.

Additionally, you’ll want to take a look at your normal skincare routine. There’s the possibility you’ve developed and overlooked some harmful habits over the years. Do you often find yourself taking hot showers, for example? Do you rub your face a little too aggressively with the washcloth you use? These are both habits you’ll want to try your best to break because they’ll only serve to aggravate and damage your skin. Instead of a nice, smooth appearance, you’ll be left with dry, patchy, and rough skin. Continue reading

You should strive to take cooler showers. The temperature of the water will be gentle, and it won’t cause irritation of any kind. Your cool shower will effectively rid your body of dirt and oils that serve as a hindrance to smooth skin. Before long, you’ll begin to notice that small changes here and there can make a huge difference.

You should also watch out for how much sun you’re getting. It can speed up the aging process a great deal and give you unwanted skin issues. Wrinkles, for instance, won’t help you achieve the smooth texture your skin desperately needs.

How to get Firm and Glowing Skin

There are a couple of ways you can go about getting a firmer look. You should start by incorporating more vitamin C and vitamin E into your diet. On top of that, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting enough water. Proper hydration will inevitably lead to firmer skin. Moisturizers are known to hydrate the skin, as well. For this reason, you may want to consider investing in a high-quality one. That way, you can be confident in knowing that your skin’s getting all the help it can get.

Have you ever been told you have legs that glow? If you’ve heard it more than a few times, there’s a good chance it’s actually true. Consequently, you can assume that your body is getting exactly what it needs. Exercise is one way you can obtain and maintain glowing skin. Diet plays a major role in this, too. You should consider adding foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, eggs, and salmon into your diet because they work to promote vibrant, glowing skin.

Milk and honey are both known for their ability to give off a lovely appearance. You can consume them orally or apply them topically. If you’d rather use a face mask that contains milk and honey, that’ll work, too. After some time, you’ll begin to notice a glow. Nothing says healthy skin like this.

Healthy skin isn’t that hard to obtain. It just takes a little self-control and discipline on your part. By making a few, simple adjustments to your regular routine, you’ll be well on your way to possessing clear, smooth, and radiant skin in no time.

Dr. Ruth L. Hillelson, a facial plastic surgeon in East Coast and professional on skin care, served as a research chemist associate at Harvard University. This helped prepare her for the research she made on skin rejuvenation creams that have become a popular choice among patients. You can find out more about her here: https://www.iridesseskincare.com/pages/dr-hillelson


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Go Green flying experience with the all new inflight toys by Turkish Airlines


Flying with little children has always been challenging and a nightmare for few.                                                We as parents always take extra precautions and of course the airlines staff also supports us in ensuring that our flight journey is as smooth as possible.

In yet another attempt in delighting its youngest travellers, Turkish Airlines introduces a new range of inflight toys completely made from natural materials. These innovative stuffed toys are exclusively designed for children between ages 3 and 12, by using cotton and wood that are in accordance to the sustainability rules set by the Forest Stewardship Council.

In this age of digital games, these aviation and animal themed toy sets is surely a good idea for imaginative play that foster creative thinking. And of course the purpose of keeping your kids busy for some part of the journey is also served!

As stated by Turkish Airlines “The toys provide children with additional inflight entertainment while simultaneously introducing them to the concept of endangered species. Through play, Turkish Airlines, in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund of Turkey, hopes to instil an appreciation of animal protection among our children—those who will inherit the world and will be responsible for its care.”

Other useful resources Travelling with Kids- Checklist


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When are Allergies the Worst?

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Allergens are everywhere and always make people sneeze, get itchy eyes, and leave them feeling miserable. There is no specific time that your allergies might get worse as it all depends on where you live. This is why what might affect one person may have no effect on another. More than 50 million people in the US struggle with allergies at some time of the year. There are some months that are considered worst for allergies in the US.

The start of the year is usually the allergy season. This is during the winter and early spring seasons. It is the time grass starts to grow in length, releasing pollen all over. People who are allergic to pollen will suffer greatly during this period.

During the late spring and early summer, the tree pollen season is at its peak in some places like the US southern tier. This pollen heads north as the grass starts to flower. By Memorial Day, pollen tends to fill the air, leading to more allergies. As summer sets in, grass tends to go dry, giving a break to people with allergies. However, this is not the best season for those allergic to dust as the wind will pick up dirt from the dried fields spreading dust everywhere.

During the late summer and fall, a new and fresh allergen, ragweed, comes. This flowering plant is actually known as the leading allergen with most people being allergic to it. It starts to pop at the end of July and since it thrives in hot and humid areas, people living in such areas suffer greatly from allergies.

As fall frost comes, ragweed season comes to an end too as it cannot withstand the low temperatures. However, with cooler weathers comes the onset of another grass season. Since days tend to be shorter in this season, the length of the grass is limited, leading to a short dormancy just before November. The Christmas season is a blessing to all US citizens as there are few allergens outdoors. However, as the New Year comes in, the cycle repeats itself.

Preparing for Allergy Season

First, you need to know what triggers your allergies. Then, reduce your exposure to those triggers; remember they can also be found inside your home. If the allergens are found indoors, ensure you thoroughly clean your home. People who get symptoms throughout the year or whose allergies become severe while indoors may be allergic to pet dander and dust mites. Continue reading

If you have been suffering from seasonal allergies, you should figure out which kind of medicine helps you arrest them and have it at home to use whenever the allergies kick in. taking such medicine before the allergy season peaks will help mitigate symptoms like a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy and watery eyes, as well as an itchy nose.

Allergies might leave you feeling like the outdoor exercises do more harm to your health than good. You are supposed to benefit from exercises not suffer as everyone needs to exercise regularly for good health.

Whether you have allergies or not, you should be able to enjoy the fresh outdoor as you exercise. What matters is that you get the correct medication for your allergies and take great precaution while outdoors. The key is to get prepared. Below are some useful tips.

Check your calendar

It is easy to predict pollen seasons though they may vary in few days. If you know what kind of allergen triggers your allergies, find out when its season starts. Knowing when a certain allergen will be in the season will help you get prepared beforehand. Before the pollen starts to fill the air, get yourself allergy medication, which you can even start taking.

Check the Weather

You can find all the information about pollen level in your area from the internet. Whenever you find out that pollen count will be high in your area, it is safe to stay indoors. Generally, the pollen count is high during warm and windy mornings and low on rainy and cool days. With this information, you can schedule when to exercise outdoors without the risk of getting allergies.

Do not forget to look out for levels of ozone, as well as other pollutants since they are also common allergens. Vehicle exhausts can also trigger allergies for those living in cities or exercise in busy roads.

Pollutants are not the only problem; pollen can also get attached to diesel particles that vehicles emit, making the allergens even more harmful and potent.

Sometimes, Go for Less Intense Activities

If you realize that pollution level or pollen count is high, forgo your usual jogging or biking and go for a less intense exercise. The logic behind this is that the faster you breathe, the more allergens you inhale. Go for stretching exercises, weight training, and yoga. These will yield the same effects as the more intense exercises without heightening your allergy symptoms.

Choose the Right Time of Day

Exercising early in the morning or late in the evening might be ideal as most pollen levels are at their peak around noon and early afternoon. However, during the pollen season, you will always find pollen in the air regardless of the time of day.

Bundle Up in the Cold

Cold weather tends to be the common trigger for people suffering from allergies and sensitive airways. If you are exercising outdoors while the weather is cold, ensure you cover your mouth and nose using a scarf to warm up the air before it gets into your lungs.

Protect Your Eyes and Lungs

Some people use a scarf to cover their noses and mouth to keep pollen from getting in their lungs. Another great way to keep allergens and irritants from getting into your eyes includes wearing goggles.

Change Your Clothes and Shower after Outdoor Exercises

During the pollen season, it is likely that your clothes and hair will be covered in pollen. This is the reason you should shower as soon as you get home. Throw your clothes in the laundry too. Showering will remove any pollen left on your skin as well as hair. Although being outside will have pollen all over your nasal membrane through breathing, showering and washing your clothes will protect your family members who might also have allergies.

Since allergies can get severe with exposure to allergens, following the above tips at all times will help you keep them at bay. Should you need assistance, Dr. Samuel S. Becker, allergy specialist located in Philadelphia is your best option. They can be contacted at https://www.beckerent.com.

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How can I make my Teeth Stronger?

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Once we get older and become more concerned about tooth decay, many people wonder just what they can do to strengthen their teeth. It’s commonly known that enamel is the coating on our teeth that protects them from damage and decay, but many people don’t really understand what it takes to strengthen the enamel. It is possible through a number of ways from altering habits and making lifestyle changes to eating foods that naturally work to reinforce the enamel and fortify the overall strength of the tooth.

Maintaining Strong Teeth Begins with Proper Care

The number one thing you can do to ensure your teeth remain strong and free of damage is to take proper care of them. Even though you probably grew up with adults lecturing you on proper care, those lessons may have been forgotten through the years. By brushing up on those recommendations for proper dental care, you can ensure your teeth will remain strong for years to come.


In addition to brushing after meals, you should also be brushing your teeth upon waking up and just before going to bed. This prevents plaque build-up that can damage or erode tooth enamel. When selecting a toothpaste, you may want to look for one that strengthens enamel. As you do brush, remember not to brush too hard, because this can cause the enamel to erode as well. Instead, use a soft-bristled brush and apply to your teeth at a 45 degree angle, moving gently back and forth across each tooth.


You should be flossing at least once daily. While most people don’t regularly floss, this is an important way to protect your teeth. By flossing in between your teeth, you clean deeper down to the gums and ensure debris is removed more thoroughly.


You can use water or your favorite brand of mouthwash. If you opt for mouthwash, look for a type that has antibacterial properties. By rinsing after meals, you can flush food particles and sugars out of your mouth, before they have a chance to cause decay. Continue reading

Lifestyle Changes Can Strengthen Your Teeth

In addition to properly caring for your teeth, there are probably many lifestyle changes you can enact to help keep your teeth strong and healthy. Of course, the most obvious change is to eliminate sugar from your diet, or reduce it to a minimum. There is bacteria in your mouth that thrives on the sugar found in foods and beverages. As the bacteria feeds on the sugar, it releases acids that work at eroding the enamel of your teeth.

Additionally, sodas pose a double threat to tooth strength. While the sugar content is very high and works to soften teeth, soft drinks also contain acids to preserve the flavor and carbonation. Once we drink soda pop, those acids wash over our teeth, eroding enamel and making it more likely that we’ll develop cavities.

Another way people weaken their teeth is by using them as tools. Your teeth should only be used to chew food. If you bite your nails or use your teeth to help open packages, your weakening their strength. As this becomes a habit, you’re more likely to cause serious damage to one or more of your teeth. You should only be using your teeth for eating, as they’re intended.

Swimmers should be wary of spending too much time in chlorinated pools, as well. The chlorine in swimming pools can cause tooth enamel to erode. If you spend a significant amount of time in chlorinated swimming pools, that process will be expedited and you may develop tooth decay, even if you already properly care for your teeth. Check with the swimming pool’s caretakers to make sure chlorine levels are regularly tested. If the levels become too acidic, you’ll be at an increased risk for tooth decay.

Foods That Can Boost Tooth Strength Naturally

There are a number of foods that can help you maintain strong teeth. Most commonly known are foods high in calcium and phosphorous content. The calcium and phosphorous can actually restore tooth enamel. For calcium, eat dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Seafood, almonds, and tofu are also rich with calcium. To add more phosphorous to your diet, try eating more Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds. Other foods with a high content of phosphorous include red meat, eggs, and tofu.

Another way to strengthen teeth is to clean them naturally with crunchy foods, especially those containing high levels of water. Apples, celery, carrots, and cucumbers are best for this, because, as you chew, their abrasive texture will help to clean your teeth. The water in these foods also help by rinsing the mouth and neutralizing the bacteria that’s always present in your mouth.

Vitamins C and D are also vital to maintaining healthy teeth. The vitamin D helps the body to better absorb calcium, so it’s important to ensure you’re getting enough of both nutrients. Meanwhile, vitamin C lowers inflammation in the mouth and promotes stronger blood vessel functioning. This helps to keep the gums healthy, which is also vital to tooth strength and health. Weakened gums open the roots up to infection and can allow for deeper decay.

For adding more vitamin D to your diet, cod liver oil, egg yolk, and fish are excellent sources. Getting more sunlight can also benefit you as your skin absorbs vitamin D directly from the sun, but remember to limit your exposure and wear sunscreen.

For vitamin C, try adding more fruits to your diet, particularly kiwi, oranges, and strawberries. Bell peppers, broccoli, and kale are other excellent sources of vitamin C.

King of Prussia Periodontics & Dental Implants offers oral hygiene therapy in King of Prussia, PA. It is overseen by Dr. Marissa Crandall Cruz, Dr. Mana Nejadi, and Dr. Rimple Sandhu. Together, they are experienced in providing a wide range of dental care procedures from periodontal therapy to treating gum disease. The professionals at King of Prussia Periodontics & Dental Implants utilize the latest technological advances and most innovative dental treatments to help every patient maintain a strong and healthy smile. To learn more about them and the services they offer, you can visit their website at https://www.kopperio.com.


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5 Must Check Websites To Shop For Baby Fashion


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Ever since e-commerce has facilitated online shopping websites… baby shopping has become a cakewalk, for parents…Especially for the mothers who have too many things to do in a very little time.

As parents, we wish to get everything done, in absolutely best way possible to us, for our kids. And I must say Baby & kids shopping has not remained untouched by it.

Nowadays, anything & everything a parent may need to shop for their child is just a click away. There is bountiful variety available, of each & everything on the online shopping websites , hence mothers are spoilt for choice. The online shopping websites offer various payment options, free shipping, easy returning.

Hence, in all we have a convenient & hassle free shopping experience that too from the comforts of our homes. Continue reading

These are the 5 websites you must check to shop for baby fashion.

Amazon India

Amazon is very popular & very widely used e-commerce website all over the world. Amazon has widest range of kids Fashion in India that too on best price. Amazon Prime membership offers you many benefits, which will make shopping enjoyable. Amazon shop now has the settings through which we can change the country from which we wish to buy. Hence we can shop for products all around the world.


Firstcry, is the Asia’s largest online portal for Baby products, toys, breastfeeding, baby furniture, baby care, kids & mother fashion. They have all the top International as well as Indian brands. Firstcry has good offers on shoes, clothes, toys, in all everything like 30% off with 30% cashback, upto 40% off, etc.


Hopscotch is the e- commerce portal, which offers daily findings of baby products as well as top international brands.The products on Hopscotch are priced little bit on higher end, but the designs & quality of the products are unique.Hopscotch is mostly a boutique-based website, where you can easily get high end designer fashion products.


Myntra, is online shopping site for fashion & lifestyle in India. It is best online fashion shopping destination for Men, Women & kids. It also provides lifestyle products.

Baby Couture

It is the online infant clothing boutique. They are makers of elite baby garments. Baby couture is for those parents who want to swaddle their babies in something nonconventional, which makes it among the very few in the marketplace.

As far as I am concerned, I started shopping online for kid’s stuff, right after my first baby was born. That was three years ago. But it was mainly for the baby items, which were in offer online, but were not discounted otherwise. For example diapers, toys etc.

But now being a mother of two little champs, it is rather difficult to go out for shopping especially kids shopping. As the kids grow out of their sizes so fast, kids shopping in our family is like a regular thing.

Recently, I bought my elder son, a pair of new shoes. I have noticed that, all the online websites provide good offers on shoes.

So what I do is, whenever I visit mall or any other shopping center I have a look in kids section. I take note of shoe size of my boys  & all the possible options available.

Then I check online websites for offers on shoes. My personal favourites for kid’s shoes is Bubblegummers, kittens & Cute Walk by Babyhug .

And finally I purchased shoes from the website that provided comparatively good offers on shoes.

So next time when you gals, are off to shopping for kids online, do visit these sites….

Happy Parenting!

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New Technologies in Infertility

By Guest,


Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is the mostly used fertility treatment in busy cities like Mumbai. This busy life and stress especially during the most fertile days of a month has led to infertility issues and thus the increase in fertility centers in Mumbai, especially Malad which is in the northern part of Mumbai city thereby rapidly increasing the number fertility clinic in Mumbai on the whole.

IUI is a method giving a head start for the low mobility sperms and improve pregnancy rate. It facilitates the weak sperms by artificially placing sperm in the uterus for fertilization and helps more sperms to reach the fallopian tube and thereby increasing the chance for fertilization.

IUI is encouraged when there is unexplained infertility or ejaculation dysfunction or in case of any cervical scar due to past procedures may disturb the sperm entering the uterus.

Previously carried out the procedure for IUI is proper medication and drugs for ovulation, followed by careful monitoring of eggs getting matured. Continue reading

The semen preparation for IUI is done to separate the sperm from seminal fluid and then inserted carefully into uterus thereby increasing the possibility of conception.

For a couple to take any infertility treatment cost is one major criteria they think about the united states charge upto $865 for using own partner’s sperm, the charges vary based on the medicines required and if there is a requirement of donated sperm then cost goes even high.

Most of the people prefer IUI treatment nowadays because it is the initial try for any infertility reasons and also the time taken for the entire process will come upto 15 to 20 mins, done in a small clinic. It is also recommended for it requires no pain relievers or medications.

Male fertility problems are best solved by IUI than just timing intercourse. IUI being the less invasive and less expensive than any other assisted reproduction technology, such as IVF makes it more popular among couples.

Even though IUI is an advised and successful treatment, it’s success rates depends on variable reasons like couple’s fertility problem and age. Natural IUI method gives about 4 to 5 percent and in case of drug usage the rate if about 7 to 16 percent.

There may arise lot of questions in a couple taking fertility treatment regarding their wellbeing after the process. It’s absolutely fine for having sexual intercourse at any point after IUI is performed. In some case if the sperm count is low for the partner then having sexual intercourse may increase the sperm count in the uterus thereby improve possibilities for pregnancy. And the female partner can continue with regular work if preferred by them personally.

It’s more important that the mother should also remain healthy after such an artificial pregnancy. Possibilities for reflux is also there for the uterus may contract a bit after insemination which will squeeze the fluid out. In most cases, there will be plenty of sperm that stayed in the uterus to produce a pregnancy.

Negative signs are revealed by getting periods after 2 weeks of IUI. In case if you are using progesterone vaginal suppositories periods may be a bit late but that is not a sign of pregnancy.


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Newborn Photography Tips for Great Baby Photos

By Stephanie Lewis,


Newborn photography can bring you so many surprises! Most mothers get excited to document pictures of their new born babies in best ways possible. Whether you are a professional newborn photographer or someone who is looking to photograph some nice pictures of his/her new born baby. Make sure you have a nice pro camera and other essential accessories for photography before you start capturing images. I’ve compiled some unique and simple tips that will help capturing gorgeous baby photos. Have a look:

Give the Baby a chance to inspire you

Motivation is found everywhere – even at Pinterest. It is always best to prepares poses before starting the photography session. Just like for the wedding photography or landscape photography you let the events reveal their beautiful happenings naturally, for newborn photography, I trust the best pictures are spontaneous! You can take inspiration from the unique features of each baby. No matter if it’s the adorable dimples, enormous lovely eye lashes, full-lips, or incredible curly hair that you want to attempt to highlight in the pictures.

Stay in the moment…


Give the baby a chance to turn, yawn, and get easy. New born babies have magnificent, sweet ways to move and stretch. Don’t worry about capturing the ideal poses every time. Continue reading

Get Mom in the photo frame


Get the mother in the picture. She will love it and so will her new born after some years. One thing to keep in mind here is to keep mama/infant postures simple and with no such exertion required from the mother. There are chances; she’s yet a little awkward and taking her time to recover from a surgery so photographing her with the baby smartly and gently is the key to get good pictures.

Babies Sleeping Time=Babies Best Pictures

Beside trying out different poses and a couple of way of lifestyle shots, one thing “to do” in my tips list is taking close ups of babies while they are sleeping. When I photograph infants, i want to catch close-ups of infant’s toe, tiny hair on their hands, pouted lips, and ears, and so on… The best time to do this is when they are asleep.

These close “detailed” shots are charming as well as they are extraordinary for family photo albums. As you will be focusing using macro lens, the ideal time to shoot such pictures is the point at which the infant is still. (In deep sleep)

Use Props


Use cute props/wraps/covers/headbands to photograph babies. When you have props, it gets easier for you to construct poses in mind and click better photos. You can be inspired by so many ideas you will find online. Make props at home with your family or order some really nice customized ones to use them for your new born baby photography.

Have flexibility and be creative!

I realized when I turned into a parent that enjoying your time with your kids brings out the best in you. Similar strategy is valid for baby photography. On the off chance that the baby wouldn’t like to rest to pose after you’ve have made all arrangements, try some lifestyle shots and continue shooting. Wrap him/her tight and attempt to have eye to eye connection. Get pictures of mother kissing the baby’s forehead, shoot a picture when the baby smiles or when the mother rocks his cradle. You can try out different backgrounds, big blankets, hats, flowers, baskets etc. Be creative and adaptable – the session doesn’t generally go as arranged and that may give you some unique pictures at some point. The absolute best chances frequently originate from surprising moments. Good look!

Author Bio:

Stephanie Lewis is a writer and a new born photographer. She joined Photography Concentrate team in 2017 and since then she has been trying to pursue the best photography and editing practices. Besides photography, she loves having coffee, meeting new people and travelling to exotic places. Read more photography blogs at https://photographyconcentrate.com/



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Kiddy Claw from WittyPants

Hi Moms,


Now that holiday season is nearing I’m sure all of you would be finding ways to keep your kids occupied.

I came across Wittypants a company that makes innovative activity boxes for kids. One such box that I got to review is the Kiddy Claw. The products were good, it takes a while to understand and assemble the toy. It will surely keep your kids glued. It was a fun activity set which can later be used as a toy.


They have different products and subscription modes based on ages. You can check out more on their site here:


Some words about Witty pants from their site: Continue reading

FullSizeRender (3)

Witty Pants is founded with the passion of driving curiosity and enabling self-propelled learning in children. We believe that exposure to a wide variety of fun hands-on challenges helps “create an environment in which children can nurture their natural psychological, social, physical and creative abilities”. 
We want to make it fun, easy, and delightful to spend time creating and exploring. All our products have been developed to be inclusive and encourage parents and kids to spend quality time together to create something useful with just the right balance of fun & learning.

FullSizeRender (4)

We feel privileged to have placed our passions where we inspire the next generation to become the best version of themselves, and we are glad to share our passion with your family through Witty Pants. Happy Exploring! ”


Would I recommend Wittypants?

I surely recommend trying out their products as it is innovative and will enhance new skills in kids. Kids below 4 will surely require assistance.



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Happy Women’s Day to all you Gorgeous Mommies!!

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Save More on Shopping For Your Baby with the Newly Launched Zoutons App


Image Source 

We all love shopping Don’t We???  In today’s fast world shopping has also become very fast. The whole scenario of the marketing world has become very Consumer Friendly. Now we can shop for whatever we want from anywhere in world. All thanks to online shopping!!!

The whole shopping experience has become so pleasurable! Continue reading

Moms like us, love to buy fashionable clothes, comfortable shoes & all other good things for our kids. But carrying kids along with us for shopping every now & then … is totally bad idea (we all know why?)

Hence it is most suitable for us to shop online for kids stuff. But we are worried about the prices. It is a myth that online shopping is very expensive, but in reality it is not so.

Through online shopping we can shop and buy online almost everything. We can shop online for famous brands on various websites, which offers heavy discounts and cash back which could be availed with a help of some special coupon codes.

Don’t stress further!


Zoutons.com, as can be inferred from its tagline The Loot is ON!! Is a coupons and deals aggregation website which provides its users with the latest running coupons & deals, and creates happy customers by helping them get a discount on their online shopping bill?

And the good news is that Zoutons has recently launched their App.

Zouton App


  • The app allows you to filter content according to your preferences, based on the type of users, categories or stores.
  • The offers are based on the past history.
  • It is very user friendly.
  • Available free of cost.
  • It guarantees genuine deals & offers without hassles of ads.
  • Excellent Graphics User Interface. The night mode takes the strains off your eyes during night browsing. Home screen is very attractive.
  • It takes up only 2.7 mb space, which is very less.
  • Tailor-made feeds & notifications of the offers, gives you proper information about the things you want.


Soon my younger son’s First Birthday is approaching. First Birthday is enough reason for big celebrations!!!! With Big celebrations comes endless shopping.

But unlike in the case of my elder son’s First Birthday, this time I did most of the shopping online…. As it is much easier for me to shop online sitting in the comforts of my home than to carry an almost 4 year old & soon to be 1 year old in markets & malls.

For getting information about offers & deals during this kids shopping spree I completely relied on Zoutons.

Once I selected a deal or a coupon, either I could view it, or it redirected me to the merchant website… And the shopping continued.

It was totally a Win Win experience.

You can use zoutons for food delivery, mobile recharge, groceries, train; bus tickets… in short amazing deals for anything & everything!!!

So next time before shopping online for anything especially baby stuff , go ahead & download Zoutons App, check for all the offers & coupon codes available. And then go ahead with your shopping.

Happy Shopping!!

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Emirates Cabin Crew and Pilot Uniform for Kids


Seeing a pilot and air hostess is a fascinating thing for kids, so Emirates has tried to make this fascinating dream come true for your kids. An exclusive range of uniforms are going to be specially curated for your kid to experience and role play. Let imaginations fly with Emirates pilot outfit for kids. They’ll love pretending to be an Emirates captain, flying off to new adventures.

Continue reading

The authentic set contains uniform, cap, and comes packed neatly in a box. The uniform comes in sizes suitable for ages three to eight. The quality is extremely good and they have used velcro to easily remove the costume.

FullSizeRender (1)

Your kids will love it.  The uniforms are available on Emirates official online store.

FullSizeRender (2)


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The Story Of Failure – A Journey Towards Success

haar ko harao

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I remember those days when my little baby boy started hitting his milestones, sitting, crawling, standing & then walking!! He tried to walk … fell, cried for a moment and in a few minutes he tried again…it went on like this until one day he took few steps for the very first time. A very bright smile of achievement could be seen on his little innocent face. Continue reading

My little baby has grown up to become Mumma’s little boy or in his words ‘BIG BOY’.

That day while I went to pick him up from the Preschool, his class teacher informed me about a sports event which was to be conducted in the next 10 days. The teacher requested all the parents to take note of the information displayed on the notice board.

On our way home, as usual me & my son were having a chat about what all things happened in the school. He told me that they were given extra time for sports … did long jumps this & that.

His teacher had told them to try to drive a bicycle without the support wheels….

Yes, it was one of the activities which were to be conducted on sports event, & parents were asked to help the kids with this at home.

I told my son, “Oh Dear, You are so small … you will not be able to do it, you will fall down & get hurt. We will learn it later when you will be a big boy.”

“Oh  Mamma , I want to learn. I will not fall down. See I am a ‘BIG BOY’.’’ He said while standing on his toes!!

The Motherly fear in me tried to explain to him again.

“But Beta, you will fall down & get hurt.  ”

To this he said, “Mamma, if I fall you apply medicine & again I will ride my bicycle… I will learn I am a BIG BOY. BIG BOYS don’t get hurt.”

That day when my husband got home, the first thing he had to do was to remove the support wheels of his bicycle.

Everyday from evening till night the only thing my son did was to try to ride the bicycle on his own. Me, My husband & his grandparents would walk with him holding his cycle. He would say don’t hold, don’t hold I will manage on my own… but we anyway did.

He fell down almost everyday but he continued anyhow. He could ride a bicycle for fraction of second and fall. But he was happy with it & kept trying.

Then came the Big Day!!

In the sport event, almost all the kids participated in all the sports activities. But very few participated in the Bicycle race.  One of those few kids was my son. My kid did not win that race … but he could ride it only for a fraction of minute… & then he fell.

But anyway both of us, me & my husband, cheered for him. He walked to us with sad little face….     “ Sorry Mumma, I could not win. But I will ride the cycle when I get home!!”

This made me realize, that children are born fearless… it is us, the parents & the society who teach them the fear of failure.

We Parents want our kids to have a very bright future & a successful career & there is nothing wrong in it.

But in reality, success only comes to a person with to do attitude. In this journey towards success there may be several moments of failure. But we have to overcome the fear of failure & move forward towards our goal… As it is said, that Winners are not those people who never fail, but people who never quit.

Surf excel, a detergent brand from Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) is taking forward their philosophy of ‘ Daag Ache hain ‘ , with brand new campaign ‘Haar ko harao’.

This campaign is focused on parenting challenge of helping kids cope up with the failure. In India, where failure is unacceptable and everybody wants to win without putting in all the hard work. This video of Surf excel ‘Haar ko harao’  is a must watch for all the parents.

Happy Parenting!!


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