Breastfeeding in Public Places

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All new moms will know how painful it is to breastfeed here in India. I never wanted to go out anywhere just because of this reason. Babies below 6 months are exclusively breastfed and they have very tiny stomachs so they start crying for feed very often.

Last week was world breastfeeding week. I saw big campaigns everywhere. From radio to TV we heard big big words about breastfeeding and that a mother should breastfeed her child. But what support do we have here in India.?

What is the government doing for breastfeeding moms? Where do we breastfeed? Should we be jailed for 6 months? There is no place where you can breastfeed in public places and this is the truth. When my baby used to cry for feeds in the car, I too used to feel like crying. 

With the ban on tinted glasses, anyone can look inside the car. We can say if everyone is good and we don’t have any perverts around. It’s so uncomfortable only a mom will know. People from buses and two wheelers stair inside the car.

One tip here, use pillows to cover the window. Generally use a lot of pillows or take a lot of people with you and sit in the middle of the back seat.

Wear sarees, dupattas, stoles, any amount of cover is still less.

People travelling by auto and two wheelers, I’m very sorry. I have no advice.

Always go to some place close to someone known persons house, so that worse case you can drop by.

Go to big malls. Check if the mall has a mother’s room.

Bangalore central claims to have a mother’s room, but they show you the trial room with a small stool where you can barely balance yourself leave alone the kid.

I remember going to Malabar gold a jeweler store, they had allotted a small dingy room, size of a small table and they were trying to stuff me into that space when another lady was already feeding.

All these large shops have such a small space for mothers, it’s so sad. See their priority.

I somehow hated going out itself even temples, I did not find any allocated place. But when we went to ISKON the people there were very kid to offer me a room to breastfeed.

I hate seeing these big hoarding on breastfeeding, when no one really cares.

I will work with la leche league to address these issues. Please add your inputs it will really help me in starting this campaign.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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7 Responses to Breastfeeding in Public Places

  1. reks says:

    Considering the kind of people we have to face outside, its best we plan before stepping out. Atleast till the baby gets used to solid food, we as mothers need to ensure that they are fed well before leaving home and plan to get back before the next feed. We travelled by train and car to kerala when my baby was 5months old but I managed with my short kurtas and a stole. I see a lot of malls and shops providing a babycare room. But these are more for people who can afford going to those stores. I wonder what the lower middle class people do ??

  2. Varsha says:

    Really a sorry state of affairs! I am 7 months pregnant now, and this question has always bothered me. Some part of me says, let people look, don’t care. But I don’t know if that will work when I actually have to do that! The number of perverts we have in our society is appaling
    And breastfeeding is not something I want to sit in a changing room/public toilet and do :(
    I am seriously considering buying a nursing cloak, the kind you can wear over yourself and baby, and is breathable. And feed using that.

    • admin says:

      Hi Vasha, welcome to mommyswall. Yes a nursing cloak is good enough but your baby has to cooperate. The thing is we dont cover them up at home right, so they will feel suffocated when you put something on them outside. So get your baby used to it from the begining itself. Else you need to stay at home for 6 months :)

  3. Anjjali says:

    I can understand ths frustation….i actually didnt go out much for first 6 months due to this fear tht god knows whn my baby will strt crying due to hunger and how will i feed him then!!!

  4. shreya says:

    Ya thta true…..evn i hate going out…..

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