Baby Ear Piercing and Aftercare

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Hello Mommies, how is your new year going?

Recently we pierced by little ones ear and she looks really cute with her danglers. So here are some tips and gyaan on ear-piercing.

In India its more of a cultural thing and even boys get their ear pierced. I dreaded this event and hence delayed it till my baby was 10 months which was late according to everyone.

When to pierce the ear?

Usually they pierce the ear of the baby when they are 3 months to a year. Earlier the better, as its easy to control the baby and it wont hurt them much as the skin is soft. But they should have completed their first dose of vaccinations.

Types of piercing:

In India, “Gun Shot” is very popular and it can be done at any doctors clinic where they shoot the earring into the ear with a gun. We chose a more traditional method by getting her ears pierced at the goldsmiths shop.

We  went to Krishniah Shetty Bangalore where piercing seems like a fancy affair. We had to purchase a gold thead (aroung 3k) and they applied an anesthetic cream on my baby’s ear and let us wait for 30 mins. It was tasking holding her without letting her touch her ear. They claim that its painless but when it was done she was crying a lot which is normal i guess but i don’t believe the painless stuff. charges 1.2k. Traditional goldsmiths use a hot gold thread which is less painful.

After effects:

She was alright after the piercing, only once the wire got caught to a cloth and there was a little bleeding. Otherwise she did not cry too much

Ear piercing Ceremony

We do not perform any ceremony for ear piercing. But in some Tamil families ear piercing is combined with mundan (shaving babys hair) ceremony on the 11 months of baby’s birth. Also non vegetarian food is served during this function.

After Care:

  • Care should be taken not to pull the earring for 10 days. Make you baby wear clothes loose at the neck or buttoned.
  • Wipe the area daily with alcohol strips (70%) and everytime water touches the area.
  • Apply Fucidin cream 3 times. (consult your doctor)

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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  1. Shalini Kumar says:

    Thanks for sharing. I went for gunshot option for my 4 year old daughter. Good experience at Cloud9, Bangalore . Check this out : . Thanks.

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