Choosing the Perfect CarSeat Restraint for your toddler

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Parents must use a car seat or a restraint for their toddlers as a safety measure when traveling with their babies or toddlers in a car. A car seat or a restraint is particularly important because, the usual car safety belt is not designed using kids in mind.Moreover it doesn’t provide proper fastening of the kid.Many countries across the world have strict rules which say that a child should be approved in a rearward facing seat, whereas children from six months and under four years must be secured either in rear or forward facing seat . Car seats are very vital, because a child fastened securely in a car seat is less likely to suffer from injuries in case of an accident.Rules are so strict in some countries that sometimes you can’t even take your baby home from the hospital unless you have a car seat.

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A car seat is a portable seat for an infant or a small child that attaches to an automobile seat and holds the child safely.

The following things should be kept in mind before buying a car seat:

1.Age – There are different car seats for different age groups.So always consider the age of the baby while buying a car seat.

2.Brand/Warranty – The brand is a key factor which will help you know the quality of the car seat. A tried and tested brand is always the best choice to go with.Double ensure the material of the seat before you take the final call.You should also check if the car seat has required safety standards check in place.

3.Safety Harness- It is best to have a 5-point harness, as it keeps the baby.It provides a better protection than a 3-point harness.

4.Compatibility with the Car – You would definitely dont want to buy a car seat, which is not compatible with your car.Check if the car belt is compatible with the seat and is secured properly in case the car seat does not have LATCH.LATCH(Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) is a standardized system for car seat installation that stabilizes the seat and reduces the potential for head injury. The LATCH system makes using your car seat easier since it allows you to install it without having to use your car’s seat belts.The seat should be set such that it is sturdy .It should not wobble and should be such that the kid  feels it is as good as the car seat, not something external.

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Kinds of Car Seat:

1.BABY OR INFANT CAR SEAT – These are the ones you would be requiring immediately after the child’s birth when you need to take the baby to home.These generally go uptil six months until the baby is old enough to support his/her neck.These should always be rare facing.

2.INFANT TODDLER CAR SEAT -These come into use once the baby turns six months of age.They can continue until three years of age, as is claimed by most car seat manufacturers.These can be front faced, but its good as long as you can keep it rear facing in the car.

3.BOOSTER SEATS -These come handy once the kids turn 4 years of age.These can be strapped with the belt of the car.


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How To Reduce A Fever In Babies – 6 Effective Ways

By, Hang Pham,

A fever is considered a high temperature and in the case of babies, this is usually over 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit). When your baby has a fever, maybe you will be very worried but as you know, it is very common for babies to have fevers. In many cases, this will clear up without using any treatment or medicine. After confirming your baby’s condition with a thermometer, you can take a look at some of the natural treatments to reduce a fever.

1. Cold Compresses

After your baby gets a fever, you should put a cool and wet towel on the forehead of your baby. When the water from this wet towel evaporates from your baby’s skin, it draws the fever out and then the temperature comes down fast.
• Firstly, put cool water in a clean bowl.
• Then, soak a clean towel in the water.
• Next, wring the excessive water out of this towel and then put this wet towel on the forehead of your baby.
• When the cloth warms, take it out and repeat again.
• Repeat this way until the fever has disappeared.
In addition, you may also use this damp towel to sponge some areas such as your baby’s armpits, hands, feet, and groin to lower the temperature.
Note: Avoid using ice water or very cold water because it can cause an increased body temperature.
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2. Drink Right & Eat Right
When your baby has a fever, it is very important for you to give him/her plenty of fluids. Avoid giving him/her too much apple juice and other fruit juices. However, if you want to give fruit juices to your baby, dilute them in the same amount of clean water. In addition, you may also give your child popsicles or gelatin for hydration, especially when your baby is vomiting.
Although your child with a fever may still eat, you should not force him to eat. You should focus on bland foods, which are not very spicy and low in fiber. The best choices are crackers, pasta, and breads that are produced from refined hot cereals and refined white flour.

3. Breast Milk
For children younger than six months old who are having a fever, breast milk may be very important. It provides a balance of nutrients that helps to strengthen the weak immune system of your baby and is tailored to combat a baby’s illness.
In fact, breast milk is easily and fast digested. It will aid in staying a sick baby hydrated properly, which is essential for a quicker recovery.
• Breastfeed your baby frequently. If he/she refuses to nurse when having a fever, try changing different nursing positions. You may keep your baby upright when breastfeeding to make him/her more comfortable during feeding time.
• If he/she regularly refuses nursing, try to pump out your breast milk and then use a spoon or bottle to feed it to him/her.

4. Avoid Bundling Up
Avoid bundling up your baby with extra blankets or clothing when he/she has a fever or even chills. This may prevent the fever from lowering or even worsen it. Instead, you should dress your baby in a layer of lightweight clothing and use only a lightweight blanket in the evening. Also, remember to keep his/her bedroom at a proper temperature and use a fan for hot or stuffy rooms.

5. Foot Massage
One of the effective remedies to calm down your fussy baby is to rub the soles of the baby’s feet with a little warm oil. In addition to relaxation, it will also promote a better sleep, which is very necessary for a quick recovery. Also, foot massage helps to regulate body temperature. However, when talking about foot massage, remember not to practice too much.
• Rub a little warm olive oil on your baby’s feet.
• Apply use your thumb to gently pressure on the soles.
• Finally, massage the whole foot.
• Repeat this process for a few minutes and use it when needed.

6. Bathe Him/Her
This is one of other ways on how to reduce a fever in babies quickly. You may try reducing a fever in your baby by giving him/her a warm bath in a tub. After the water evaporates off his/her skin, it will quickly cool him/her down and then reduce fever. Do not use cold water because it may result in shivering that will worsen the fever. In addition, you should also remember not to use rubbing alcohol because it may cause an alcohol poisoning or temperature spike.
Here are a few of natural ways on how to reduce a fever in babies that you should be aware of!

Guest Post by Hang Pham
Author Bio:

This guest post is by Hang Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience on searching the effective remedies for skin care and health problems.

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Best Winter Moisturiser for Baby and Mom

Hi Moms,

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I know I have not been writing a lot lately. I like to wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

How is the winter going. Mine has been good so far and I owe it to my new skincare. Both my daughter and I have bad eczema which flares up only during winter and I have heard of rose water and glycerin remedy for ages but never trusted that it will work on such severe dry skin. But I have browsed through every skincare cream and see glycerin mentioned on every pack with hell lot of other chemicals. Continue reading

So once winter began, I made this potion of glycerin and rose water in the ratio 1:1 and added it to a spray bottle and used it on both my daughter and myself and its unbelievable that we have no dry and flaky skin this winter. I dont use it on the face.

You can use this on babies too as its totally safe. Make sure you buy good quality glycerin from a medical store and use organic rose water. I use Rose water from fab india and even tried Patanjali one and it worked very well.

Its pretty unbelievable that just a simple remedy can work wonders, even I had my doubts in the beginning if this could replace the greasy creams but it does. Do give it a try and let me know your opinion.

I have been using Patanjali Aloe vera gel which is amazing for the face.

You can use Moisturex Cream too for kids with eczema its made of soft paraffin and liquid paraffin.


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BumChum Hybrid Diapers

By Varda Agrawal,


Cloth diapering is the new trend in parenting. But Cloth Diapering is not everyone’s cup of tea. I mean when you have a baby you already have lots of work in your hands … then extra load of laundry of Cloth Diaper may not always be a desired thing. Hence many mothers still prefer disposable diapers over cloth diapers.
But disposable diapers though are very convenient to use, but are harmful not only on baby’s soft skin but also for nature.
Today am here to introduce you to the BumChum Cloth Diapers, a high quality Hybrid diapers & review the same.


BumChum Diaper is hybrid diaper that is both reusable and disposable.
It consists of a outer cover in which disposable nappy pads are inserted in a nylon pouch provided. Diaper cover are wood pulp based and use non-toxic materials for absorbency that do not cause damage to the baby’s sensitive skin. They are biodegradable and are therefore better for the environment
Disposable inserts are made of bamboo fiber which reduce nappy rash. . The superior gusset design of these inserts helps contain the mess and allow for the reuse of the diaper multiple times in the same day. Continue reading

What is included in a pack?
• Smart Cover
• Ultra-Soft nylon pouch which is waterproof that holds the nappy pad. This attaches inside the cover
• Sold separately is a pack of disposable inserts made to fit in the BumChum pouch. These are nontoxic wood pulp based and anti-bacterial. They are disposable and can be composted (wet ones only)
• Each diaper cover can be paired with a cute matching T-shirt that doesn’t ride up when the baby is carried.

Please click below for the video..


My Experience
• The outer cover is available in cute designs. It does not require pants.
• The cover is made from ultra soft cotton fabric.
• The colour of the cover did not fade away even after several washes.
• The soft nylon pouch which is attached to the cover has soft border, hence it does not cause redness on the baby skin.
• The soft nylon pouch makes it waterproof; hence no extra waterproof layer is needed.
• The material of this hybrid diaper is gentle on skin.
• It allows the flow of the air on baby’s skin hence no rashes are observed.

So mother’s if you are stuck in the situation where , though being aware of the harm the disposable diapers causes to the nature as well as your baby… you can not make your to switch to cloth diapering… these BumChum Hybrid Diapers are complete solution for you!!

This is the chemical free, healthier, affordable way of diapering the baby which makes them look cute and stylish yet keep them comfortable and healthy – all at the same time!

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Getting Started – Our Journey with PediaSure

By Varda Agrawal,


I remember the day my son was born; my doctor placed this little chubby baby in my arms…Oh my little bundle of joy!

Our little angel was growing with each passing day;in weight, length and activity. All friends, colleagues and relatives who visited us to meet this little addition to our family complimented me for taking such good care of him. Yes, I did take a good care of him; like any other mother would, but actually what played the most important role in his growth spurt is breast milk. As the doctors say, breast milk is the complete diet, which provides all the nutrients needed by the baby for its growth.

As my son turned 6 months old, I started introducing him to baby food little by little. Yes, he has always been a fussy, choosy, naughty little eater; making him eat his meals has always been the biggest task of the day for me. We thought it must be because of teething discomforts and that it was just a phase that would pass. It did not!

By the time he turned 18 months, he had lost all his chubbiness; it was very disheartening for us to see our baby lose weight.People offered various ideas, but the doctor simply said that his weight was marginal and there was nothing to worry about as he was quite healthy and active.

But,the time came when he got sick quite regularly with either a cough, cold, flu or stomach ache; his health was affected because of his improper diet. His immunity and strength had reduced. By this time he was 2 years old and a very naughty toddler; we approached our pediatrician for a solution to this problem. It was suggested that we use PediaSure for kids, a scientifically designed formula with 37 Nutrients which provides complete, balanced nutrition. It contains, Prebiotics and Probiotics along with other macro and micro nutrients.

PediaSure powder helps provide nutrients known to support physical growth, immunity and the brain development of a child. It is not suitable for children who are lactose intolerant.

We bought PediaSure that is easily available in all the supermarkets, medical stores etc. For those looking for PediaSure online, it’s available via the company’s website. Continue reading

Available in Flavours:-

PediaSure is available in Vanilla Delight, Premium chocolate and Kesar Badam flavours. We bought the chocolate flavour as we were quite sure our little one would prefer it.

Available Pack Sizes:-

It is available in pack sizes ranging from 1kg to 750gm, 400gm, and 200gm. They also introduced a sachet trial pack available for Rs 20 recently. We bought the 200gm pack or PediaSure powder; we wanted to give it a try, before buying a whole 1kg pack. The powder comes in jars as well as refill packs and sachets.

How to Prepare:-

PediaSure can be prepared in water or milk as per a doctor’s recommendation. If your toddler is a fussy eater and skips meals, prepare PediaSure in milk. You could also experiment with PediaSure recipes to diversify a little.


It surely tastes good, as my fussy little eater seems to love PediaSure. And so it began, #MyPediaSureJourney. Do follow the blog as I cover my #90DaysWithPediaSure journey with my son and show you how his health has progressed.

And although I was approached by Abbot to participate in their #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign, all of the information provided above, based on my experiences and views are my own.


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Importance of Sunshine for Kids

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The winter season is here and the sun has already started playing hide and seek.Sunshine is equally important for kids as much it is for adults.Parents these days generally prefer to let their kids play inside rather than outside, in fear of pollution.That being said, a little amount of sunshine is essential and parents should let their kids bask in the sun.

Given below are some of the health benefits of sunshine:

1.Vitamin D Production – Vitamin D is produced in the human body upon its exposure to sunlight.Vitamin D is essential because it aids in the absorption of calcium and other essential minerals in the body.Calcium, in turn, builds strong teeth and bones.Vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets, a bone-softening disease which continues to affect children maximum the age group of 0-2 years.

2.Better Sleep -A bit of sunshine every day helps to regulate circadian rhythms for a better night’s sleep.Circadian rhythms are our internal clock which determines our sleep/wake cycle.Proper sleep ensures improved behavior among kids.

3.Boosts Immune System- Children often suffer from reduced immunity during the winter season.Let your kids play in the sun at least for a good 30-40 minutes.Sunlight encourages the production of white blood cells, which help to boost your immune system and fight infection.

4.Improved metabolism and fight obesity- Kids these days are spending their maximum time of the day indoors on iPads and phones.This is definitely making them more obese and lethargic.Studies have shown a correlation between sun exposure and an increase in metabolism.

5.Improved eyesight -Along with Vitamins A & C, Vitamin D is also said to aid in better eyesight among kids.Vitamin D results in reduced inflammation of the retina and improved vision.

So parents do not fear the sun. Go out and embrace the sun.Let them soak in its goodness while they have a good time playing and interacting with their surroundings.

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Signs of Balding you Must Know

signs-of-balding-infographic (1)

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Introducing dry fruits to your kids



Winters are in their full swing.With the onset of winters, parents try all sorts of means to protect their little ones from the harsh weather conditions. Introducing dry fruits at this point of the year can be truly beneficial for the little ones.

Winters is a favourable time for introducing dry fruits, nuts and seeds to the kids as they provide the essential warmth to the body and also provide essential oils which help in keeping their skins soft and supple.Dry fruits are an easy source of essential nutrients which are vital for the overall growth and development of kids.They are an abundant source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. These nuts are a powerhouse for nutrition.

Parents are often skeptical in introducing them in kids diet, as they sometimes trigger food allergens among kids.So while starting off, one can start by giving one nut only a day.In case the body is allergic it will produce antibodies against the nut or dry fruit.

Here are some quick tips on how to start giving dry fruits to kids/toddlers:

1.Mixing with Oats/Any whole wheat flour Halwa – This is my trick which I tried at home.It works well for me.When the oats or halwa is just about ready, take 3-4 almonds and grate them using a normal steel grater on top of the food. Mix well and serve. This is a very good method as the fine grating of the nuts does not interfere with regular eating.

2.Granola Bars/Laddoos – Kids are generally fond of sweets and chocolates.What better way of introducing them to home made Granola Bars and Laddoos loaded with the goodness of dry fruits. Continue reading

3.Dry Fruit Powder- Dry fruit powder can be made very easily at home.Just dry roast the nuts on a low flame in a pan for some time.Allow them to cool down and then grind them to a fine powder in a food processor.You can store this powder for as long as you want in an airtight container and especially if you are too lazy of doing the steel grater technique(described in point 1) every day.This powder can be added in multiple ways.You can introduce it in the daily milk intake as well as veggie rice mash.

4.Wet Fruit Paste – Soak the nuts in water overnight and grind it to a paste.Store this paste in a container in the refrigerator and t is good to go for3-4 days. This paste can be added to porridges, dosa and cheela batter, and yogurts. This paste will go well with almost everything which you serve to your kid.

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Weight Loss for Mothers

By Jon Reyes,

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As a mother, especially a new one, I know it is very tough to find the time to exercise and eat healthy. Between going to work, cooking dinner, and tending to the needs of your child, it is rare to find a spare moment to relax, let alone visit the gym! Luckily, you do not need to have a membership at a fancy fitness center or many hours of spare time in your day in order to shed those post-holiday pounds. There are plenty of easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable methods to practice weight control without having to sacrifice time with your children, and this article will show you how.

Don’t Know Where to Start? Click “Play”!

Paying for a gym membership or a personal trainer can be costly and difficult to squeeze into your busy schedule. Many mothers do not have the time or the means to make it to a gym on a regular basis, or just simply do not live near one. Luckily, workout videos do a great job of bringing the fitness class to you for a fraction of the cost, or even for free! There are plenty of workout series videos on YouTube, which can be accessed through a simple search. There is even the option of purchasing a set of motivating workout DVDs if you do not want to spend the time searching for videos online. Continue reading

This method is a great option for many reasons. It is much easier to find the time to squeeze in a workout video in the comfort of your own living room or home gym rather than having to drive or take transit to a fitness center. You could wake up an hour early before your child, or even squeeze it in between putting your child to bed and when you decide to go to sleep. If your child is older, you can give them the option of joining in on your workout to make it a fun family event!

This also eliminates the stress of having to leave your child at home or with a babysitter while you go to the gym. If they need something during your workout, you can easily press pause to tend to them and go back when things are settled.

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Exercise and a healthy diet come hand-in-hand when it comes to weight loss. Fortunately, this lifestyle change is not as hard as you may think! There are many methods you can use depending on what works for your schedule.

Portion control is key for seeing a difference in your figure. Take your favourite snacks around the house – such as crackers, pretzels, and popcorn – and portion them into 100-calorie bags. This way, you can grab your favourite snack and be satisfied without eating endless handfuls not knowing how many calories you are consuming. Drinks like pop or fruit juice should be limited for you and your children due to their high sugar content. If you must buy these, try to stick to purchasing 100-calorie cans or juice boxes.

If you are willing to put in a little more commitment and effort, try meal prepping. A couple of times per week, cook simple meals that you could freeze and then warm up each day. An example would be to cook a large batch of rice, grilled chicken, and vegetables to portion out into Tupperware for an easy office lunch. This can also work well for the whole family, as you would just cook a larger batch of each grain, protein, and vegetable, and portion them out for your significant other or child’s lunch. This method is ideal for a busy mother as it allows you to spend fewer days per week cooking, meaning more time to spend with your children.

If you do not think meal prepping will work for you, simple changes in diet for you and your family will make a huge difference! When getting take-out, try to choose healthier options such as salads and sandwiches rather than pizza or burgers. When cooking, buy lean meat or a vegetarian substitute such as tofu or chickpeas rather than full-fat beef or pork. Limit your purchases of snacks such as potato chips and chocolate – keep those for special occasions!

Weight Loss starts with a Healthy Mindset

Remember that this new lifestyle will take time to adapt to, and you won’t see results right away. That being said, it is possible for every busy mother to live a healthy lifestyle with some patience. The benefits will not only help you be your best self – they will help you raise your children to exercise and eat well. Good luck!

This article was written by Jon Reyes from Clearwells. He has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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Review of mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil for Babies

By- Varda Agrawal

We as parents want the best and the safest products for our babies. But when we are out looking for such safe products, we realise that majority of baby brands available in the Indian markets contain harmful toxins like parabens, phthalates, fragrances, mineral oil etc.

In such scenario, mamaearth has come like a blessing for all the parents!!


mamaearth is the Asia’s first ‘Made Safe’ Certified Brand.


mamaearth is the only “Made Safe” certified toxin free brand in India which is free of all known toxins which are banned in most countries. Continue reading

Made Safe Organisation  is US based not for profit organization, where, multiple experts like Scientists, Pediatricians, Dermatologists etc work on creating strict standards and certifies products to be free of 8 thousands known toxins (harmful chemicals) in the world..

We at Mommyswall had the honor of reviewing the only Toxin Free Made Safe Certified Brand of India.

mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil for Babies

It is the natural blend of pure almond, sesame, jojoba and olive oil with strict NO to toxins in formulations.

Company Claims:-


Cold Pressed Sesame (Til) seed oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil

Does Not Contain:-

Lipids, Parabens, PEG, Sulphate, Pthalates, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Synthetic fragrances or Dyes

Suitable For:- 

0-5 Years

Directions of Use:-

Massage into baby’s skin as often as needed, especially after bathing.

What Makes mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil Different:-

  • It is the Asia’s first Made Safe Certified Brand.
  • It is 100 % natural.
  • It is toxin free.
  • It is free of any harmful chemicals.

My Experience With mamaearth

I have used mamaearth soothing massage oil for my little toddler boy.


Well, he has started going to the school, a playschool… so… his morning massage routine time has reduced. But I make it a point to give him a little massage after bath with oil though not a long one especially because it’s colder & colder outside.

At night, after a long day of naughtiness, playing & running here & there, I soothe him down with a good massage of mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil.

What I liked about mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil

  • It keeps my son’s skin healthy & glowing & not to forget soft even in this winter.
  • It soothes & relaxes him at night after a long day.
  • It has nice packaging.
  • It has all natural ingredients.
  • The mild fragrance of lavender Oil is very soothing.
  • The pump nozzle makes it easy to use.
  •  It spreads well on application & even little quantity is enough.
  • It absorbs well in the skin.
  • The fact that it is toxin free, free of any harmful chemicals & mainly it is Made Safe Certified Brand gives such a relief to the heart of Mother.

So Mothers, mamaearth is the brand, we all had been waiting for … the products which are 100 % natural, toxin free & chemical free.

Mamaearth offers a wide variety of baby products

  • Moisturizing Daily Lotion
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Gentle Cleansing Shampoo
  • Mineral Based Sunscreen
  • Deeply Nourishing Body wash
  • Natural Insect Repellent

Go ahead… use these for your babies, & give them a safe & secure start of life with these toxin free, chemical free products.

You can buy these products on Amazon.


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Best Outfits to Give Your Child’s Wardrobe an Urban Twist

By- Ryan Duffy

Product Circle Hipster Baby Clothes

Image Source 

The urban clothing trend is something which has really taken off over the past few years – the clothing trend has been made popular by a string of celebrities including Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Drake. It is a fashion style which incorporates clothes which ooze in style, and if you want your child to look like a mini celebrity then have a look at some of the following outfit ideas. Continue reading


White Tee and White Sneakers

The white t-shirt has been a classic item for anyone wanting to dress in urban clothing and when it is teamed with a pair of white sneakers this can really be a great urban outfit. If you want this to look great a child you can give them some black jeans and a black snap back too, and as a way to make this look massively cute on a girl you can tie her hair in little pigtails and give her a small backpack to wear.

For the Boy – Camel Coat and Boots

The camel coat has grown in popularity over the past couple of years to really become a necessity when it comes to fall/winter wear and when worn along with a pair of jeans and boots it creates a wonderful urban outfit that a boy can look massively cute in. Similarly to the white t-shirt and sneakers for the girl, it is an outfit which is quite simple. Yet, if you accessorize it with a simple chain or watch, it can give your child’s wardrobe a great urban twist.


Camo T-Shirt

This is a piece of clothing which can be worn by both a boy and a girl. This is because the majority of camo t-shirts are unisex and as they are the main point of an outfit they are brought together by whatever other clothing is worn. So for a girl, think about dressing them in a pair of leggings and hi-top sneakers. Then for the boy, you can give them a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a pair of low canvas trainers. To finish the outfit off for both of them, you can have a look at some unisex bomber jackets that will create a fantastic urban outfit.


For the Girl – Sweater and Skirt

The sweater and skirt combination is a popular choice amongst the vast majority of female urban clothe wearers. Which is mainly down to the simplistic yet fashionable nature of the outfit. In terms of the design, you can choose to go more extravagant by having clothing which is bright and bold – or you can dress the little girl in colors which are more mellow and plain – either way, you will be have an outfit which is urban through-and-through.

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By- Diana Smith

image 6

I am sure that most of you will agree that the most enjoyable and the most inspiring part of decorating your interior is decorating a nursery room. Once a baby comes home we all become obsessed with creating a perfect atmosphere that both we and our new-born will enjoy. However, even though the brainstorming process for the design for a nursery can be super-creative and truly exciting, it can sometimes be a daunting task considering the vast amount of options and wide range of baby gear products that are easily available nowadays. We usually find ourselves spending hours aimlessly wondering through baby shops and leaving home without any purchase. If you want to create a joyful nursery space that will grow with your children it is essential to plan ahead all the details and consider the phases ahead. Here are a few practical tips on how to create a timeless stylish  room for your little one. Continue reading

Provide enough storage

With a new tiny member of your family, things such as clothes and baby gear start piling while the room becomes smaller. Before deciding on decorations, it is essential to embrace the clutter that surrounds you and provide enough functional storage for all the toys, clothing items and other baby necessities. By doing so, you keep your baby’s room clean and tidy while eliminating the risk of tripping over some of the things in the middle of the night. You can even show off your creativity by converting an old piece of furniture such as a low dresser into a lovely chest of drawers with a changing table.

Apply a neutral color palette

While there are numerous ways you can incorporate color into your baby’s room, many people opt for various pastel hues depending on whether it will be a boy’s or a girl’s room. However, there is a wonderful selection of beautiful neutral colors that complement any kind of nursery, regardless of the sex of the baby. While you can easily add personality to a room by choosing bold vibrant color, it is always s advisable to opt for soft variations of pink, green, white, grey colors as these provide an excellent basis for colorful kids’ toys and whimsical artwork.

Choose adjustable furniture

One of the concerns that future parents usually have to face is the amount of free nursery space. All the furniture and the storage solutions necessary for storing baby’s clothes and toys can be rather sizeable and take too much space. However, many furniture manufacturers have come up with a fantastic idea on how make the space more appropriate for a child. They designed convertible furniture such as cribs that can turn into toddle beds or gliders that can be turned into an armchair which can be found in any well-equipped baby boutique. Also, another advantage of this type of furnishing is that is quite cost-effective. As your child grows , you won’t have to invest into something you will need to replace in a few years.

Pick a theme

When it comes to décor, there is such a crazy selection of truly inspiring and unique fun themes that will make your nursery almost magical. Whether you lean toward a more elegant and neat gender-neutral style or you prefer a bold vibrant circus-themed nursery that abounds in playful details, there are plenty of options to choose from and create a dreamlike nursery space for your dearest one. If you are an adventurous spirit you can search for inspiration in your travels and hang world maps on the wall or a globe hanging above the crib. However, if you want to provide a more natural feel and keep your baby in close connection with nature, you can choose neutral earthy colors and add a woodsy vibe to it.

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