Be Alert – Read The Labels

By- Varda Agrawal

I am a mother of an almost 3 year old little Champ & also expecting another little angel soon…

Being a mother adds a whole lot of responsibilities & gives a different perspective towards life.

When you become a mother, you become very conscious about little things happening to your baby. When it comes to buying things for the kids, you chose very cautiously… it may be baby food, clothing, toys, toiletries etc.



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Well, in my case being a Pharmacist by education & profession (till I had baby), I already had the habit of going through labels displayed on the containers of baby food, shampoos, and so on …

Due to this habit of mine, I came to know, that almost all the baby products available in the market, contain some or other ingredients which may prove to be hazardous, to the baby’s health.

And today I list such hazardous ingredients, which are included in the baby products for all you fellow Moms, with the hope to help you get into the habit of checking labels, & choosing the right product for your kids

1.    1,4 Dioxane—

Products with synthetic ethoxylated ingredients, including those with myreth, oleth, laureth, ceteareth, any other “eth,” or PEG, polyethylene, polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene, or oxynol, in their names. May also have traces of formaldehyde, nitrosamines, phthalates and other contaminants

Effect:- Carcinogenic

Included in the baby products:- Bath products

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2.    Parabens—

Effect:- Breast Cancer, Tumours, Reproductive Toxicity, Hormone Disruption and Skin Irritation.

Included in the baby products:- Soaps, Baby Shampoos, Lotion, Baby  wipes

3.    PEG

Effect:- Carcinogenic reduces the skin’s natural moisture, increases the appearance of aging and leaves it vulnerable to bacteria.

Included in the baby products:- Lotion, Creams & Shampoos

4.    Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

Effect:- It is a irritant which can be extremely harsh on the delicate skin of a baby/child. It affects optimal development of the eyes. It can damage the immune system. It also causes separation of skin layers and inflammation of skin.

Included in the Baby Products:- Soaps, Shampoos, Toothpastes

5.    Mineral Oil— By product of petroleum processing

Effect:- It may cause skin irritation.

Included in the baby products:- Baby oils

6.    Fragrance—Mixture of various scent chemicals.

Effect:- Exposure to fragrance leads to asthma. Neurological, skin, respiratory and eye damage.

Included in the Baby Products:- Body powder, baby wash, shampoo, lotion, diapers.

7.    Talc

Effect:- Respiratory toxicity & Cancer.

Included In The Baby Products:- Baby Powder

8.    Phthalates

Effect:- Damage to kidneys/liver, birth defects, decreased sperm count and early breast development in girls.

Included in the Baby Products:- Fragrances often contain Phthalates

9.    Preservatives – Benzoic Acid

Effect:- Carcinogen associated with Leukemia and other blood cancers.

Included in The Baby products:- Baby shampoo and baby lotions.

10.  Octinoxate

Effect:- Endocrine Disruptors , also causes endometriosis and reproductive problems.

Included in the Baby Products:- Sunscreen Lotion / cream

So the next time you look for baby care products look out for these toxins and for certified toxin free products.

This little effort and alertness towards such harmful ingredients in baby products will surely help us in the long run in our journey of parenting.

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MyCute stickons- Labels u’ll love

By- Varda Agrawal



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As parents, we wish that our kids develop a very independent & unique personality. For that we support them in each & every way possible to us… it may be by giving them an independent room in the house, their very own space, specially decorated for them by using wall decals …. Or may be a friendly environment in which they can express their feelings & share their views.

Similarly it is very important, that we make our kids aware of their responsibility towards their belongings. The easiest way to do this is by putting labels on their belongings, & hence making them more recognizable to our kids.

But, such personalized wall decals & labels that will go with the gender, age & overall personality of our kids are very hard to find… is it not so???

I thought so until I came across MyCute stickons!! Continue reading

 MyCute stickons

MyCute stickons  has wide variety of stickon labels, iron on labels, wall decals, wall art available, which can be personalized very easily.

Company claims

Labels are made of vinyl. Labels are waterproof, heat resistant. They don’t wear out in the microwave, sterliser, dishwasher or even freezer.




What I Like about MyCutestickons

  • Wide variety of labels &wall decals are avilable.
  • It can be personalized very easily.
  • High Quality product
  • International shipping is available.
  • Products are shipped within 48 hours.
  • Easy to use. It took us less than 10 minutes to decorate our wall with MyCute Stickons.
  • Instructions for usage are given separately for both labels & Wall decals.

So if you are thinking of gifting your child these cute wall decals & labels, go ahead & explore the wide variety of labels & wall decals available at MyCutestickons … I am sure You will love it.

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5 Ideas for Spending More Quality Time with Your Children

By Diana Smith,

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Going to work, dealing with finances and doing household chores are essential tasks all of us have to deal with every single day. This means there’s not much time to spend with those who we love the most. Still, spending time with your children is of great importance for their happiness and development. That’s why you should always try to come up with some interesting ideas how you can spend more time with your little ones. Here are a couple of suggestions that might just be what you were looking for. Continue reading

Play Board Games

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Board games are always in interesting choice since they guarantee both you and your children to have fun. Not only this, but your children can learn quite a lot from most of the popular board games you can buy today. If they still haven’t learned all about not interrupting others while they are involved in a conversation, board games with taking turns might be a great idea for you. There are also many board games that can help them enhance their math skills and decision making. Games such as Risk, Monopoly and Guess Who? are always a great choice.

Go on Bug Hunts

Kids simply love bug hunts. Not only going on these will help you spend more quality time with your little ones but it will also help them connect to the natural world. All you have to do is get a couple of bug nets for you and your kids as well as some containers and find a perfect place where you are going to look for these little creatures. Just make sure that the containers you choose allow your children to examine bugs close up without the fear of them crawling or flying away.

Build a Secret Fort

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It is no secret that children love spending time in their favorite hidden places. This can also be a great way for you to spend some quality time with your children. If you live in a house, you can build a secret fort right in backyard. Take a look at your attic or garage and chances are you are going to come across something you can use as material for building new special place for your children. You can also get a notebook where you’re going to write down all the plans you and your children make during your regular secret meetings.

Start a Garden Together

Another great way to have fun with your kids is to start a garden together. Children find garden chores fun and are definitely going to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables they have grown themselves. You should try to work out the fun angle of all the garden chores in order to be ensured your children stay interested. Get some garden tools that are safe to use and come up with some things your kids can do themselves. They are also guaranteed to have fun watching you use a boom sprayer or some other pieces of gardening equipment.

Go on Road Trips

Road trips are another great way to spend some more quality time with your children. When taking a road trip with your little ones, you first have to come up with destinations that are going to be fun for your children. Think about zoos, water parks and museums around you that your children would enjoy visiting. Another important thing you will have to do is make sure you have everything young ones might need. You should also think about some fun car games you can play with your children.

No matter how busy your schedule might be, you should always try to find some free time to do some of these fun activities with your children. But make sure you don’t stop there. You should always try to come up with some new interesting things you can do with the youngest members of your family.

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Personalized Towels for Your Little Ones from Perfico


During my younger days, I used to identify most of my belongings based on colors, especially towels. But sadly my sister and I had the same color choice we landed up buying a pink towel and always fought over using each others towels. Nowadays we have the luxury of personalising towels for our little ones. That too with cute colors and designs.

I found Perfico a site that specialises in personalised gifts. So I ordered a towel for my little princess. The designs are just fantastic and you have plenty of options for both boys and girls. We ordered a towel and I was very happy with the purchase and delivery timelines. The towel reached us in 2 days. Continue reading

I should say the towel is super soft and my daughter loved it. And what more than having her name displayed on her towel. Its a perfect gift for your little ones and also great if you have many kids, you can solve the problem of searching every morning.


You can also buy these towels as return gifts. Overall Im happy with the quality its worth the money spent.

Do check out their website and collection.

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5 Things You Should Do Before the Baby Arrives

By Diana Smith,

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Once you’ve entered the second half of your third trimester you’ll probably start to think more about what you need to do prior to the delivery. Organization, cleaning and preparation ‒ three words that perfectly describe what you need to do before you bring your newborn home from the hospital. Organizing the space, cleaning the entire house and preparing the baby supplies are essential things that will make the arrival of your bundle of joy easy and carefree.
Prepare the Essentials
Babies are very demanding, since they’ve just begun their development. Diapers and creams are always going to be on top of your shopping list, so make sure you stock up on those. However, don’t buy too many diapers before you put the one type on your baby, and see if it fits properly. BPA-free bottles, cotton pads, baby soap, nail clippers, a nasal syringe, a rectal digital thermometer, rubbing alcohol, and nipples are just some of the essentials you should stock on as well, before your newborn comes home.
Receiving blankets, sweaters, onesies, T-shirts, and booties should also be on your list of essentials. Make sure you pre wash everything in time, so there’s a vast choice of clothes for the baby to wear. Most of the moms will get plenty of baby clothes on the baby shower, but for those who haven’t had one, online shopping is a bliss. Pick out anything you like and have it delivered to your home. Continue reading

Load up on Food Supplies
Stocking up a pantry on food is the vital thing to do before you go to the hospital. You won’t get too much time to do the grocery shopping for the first couple of weeks, so make sure you are fully loaded with food essentials. Trail mix, quinoa and broths is all you need for a delicious soup. Additionally, healthy sauces, brown rice, canned beans and crackers are the great food choices for the new mom to be.
Furthermore, don’t forget to clean out the refrigerator with all the outdated food. Stock up on nutritious groceries that will be highly beneficial for the breastfeeding period. Salad greens, hummus, vegetables, fruits, and filtered water is all you need to stay healthy and energized. You could order fresh groceries online every day, so don’t worry if you suddenly run out of fruits or veggies.
Do Laundry
It’s important to wash all the pillow shams, duvet cover, towels, throw rugs and guest sheets before the baby arrives. It would be best to use detergent that are dye and fragrance free, and eco-friendly. These are completely safe for your family, and since you don’t know how the newborn may react to heavy detergent formulas, stick to those that are fragrance free. Furthermore, stock up on detergents, because babies need a lot of clothes changed during the day.
Clean the House
Prepare for the ultimate house cleaning and start taking out the trash and everything you don’t need anymore. Wash the windows, vacuum the entire house and wash all the curtains. Additionally, hiring a rubbish collection company would be perfect, because they’ll take away all the trash and help you get rid of the clutter you’ve piled up in your backyard or your garage. Make sure you wash all the floors with chemical-free cleaning solvents, so that you don’t jeopardize yours and the health of a baby.
Arrange Childcare
Some parents have full time jobs and don’t get enough time off to take care of their children. Therefore, hiring a person to take care of your baby while you’re working is the best solution. Search the internet, or ask some of your friends for recommendations and find the person you could trust with your newborn.
Preparing for the arrival of a newborn is both thrilling and demanding. However, it’s important to keep all the previously mentioned things in mind and welcome your bundle of joy properly into a clean and organized home.



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How to help your child in high-stress family situations

By Tracey Clayton,

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Children experience stress in many different ways and some of them you, as an adult, won’t be able to comprehend. Therefore, it is important to know what situations can be extremely stressful for kids and how to behave around them when something that can change their lives happens. It’s not easy to keep your cool when some of these situations deeply influence your own life as well, but kids should always come first and for their benefit, always be there for them to love them, encourage them and support them. If you’re having some troubles at the moment, the following text could help you find the best way to deal with the stress your kids are going through.

Continue reading

Change of school and neighborhood

Change is never easy regardless of your age. But it can be especially traumatic for kids if it involves saying goodbye to their school and friends. In that respect, prepare them for this change in advance so that they have time to properly say goodbye to everything they knew and cherished until the moment of the move comes. Let them know that you too are nervous and sorry about going to a new place and leaving the old one, so that you can help each other cope with this situation. Moreover, put some trust in them – let them choose what they’re going to bring and plan the look of their new room. Fun activities like these can ease the stress of such a big change.

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Money problems

When parents have to struggle to make ends meet each month, children can easily notice their feelings of stress. Instead of keeping your money problems a secret from your kids, tell them everything as it is. If you don’t do that, they won’t understand why you can’t afford to buy them something. On the other hand, if you do the money talk, you can include your kids in your savings plan. Kids love to help their parents and feel useful, and your whole family can benefit from children’s ideas on where to cut costs.
New addition to the family
Some children are overjoyed when they get a sibling, but some experience the feeling of frustration due to their fear of losing the love of their parents. Basically, kids can get jealous if you neglect their needs and feelings in favor of the baby. While undoubtedly you’ll have a lot of work to do involving your newborn child, remember that your older kids still need your full attention and try to comply with their wishes as often as possible. Also, allow them to help you with the baby and household chores in any way they can.
This can definitely turn out to be one of the most stressful situations that any kid has to go through. Parents and their proper behavior are essential in this case, in order to provide the kids with all the love they need. When parents divorce, kids can often blame themselves. Therefore, it’s important to face them straight on and treat them with respect. Tell them everything they want to know. Explain them all the steps of filing for divorce if you think their better knowledge of the situation could help. Most importantly, stop fighting with your partner in front of the kids. You two should act normal in front of them and assure them that your unconditional love is still there to shower them with. Stay true to your usual rules and simply treat your (ex) partner as the other parent of your child, not as your ex-spouse.
Illness or death of a family member
Having someone in your family fall ill, or losing someone is a very serious, sad and difficult thing to go through. With everyone around them suffering, children can really withdraw and become socially and emotionally distant. So don’t treat your kids as if they were completely unable to understand what is going on. Sheltering and protecting them, indulging in their every need is not going to spare them any pain and it definitely won’t make them strong. Allow your kids their right to know what being seriously ill means and to grieve like anybody else if the worst happens.
As you might have already realized from examples above, it’s essential to be open with your kids about everything that’s going on and talk to them freely. They might not be able to understand all your words but they will understand the feelings that you put in these talks. Instead of overprotecting them, there has to be a balance between loving care and trusting in your child’s own abilities to cope.
About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”


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Top Tricks and Hacks to Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Party Successfully

By Diana Smith,

Have you got kids? Well, obviously – since you are on this blog. Well, I’ve got three, and they’re all close in age! Can you just imagine what it’s like to organize their parties and have them be events kids will actually happily remember and not cry about each time a memory of a failed party comes to mind… ah, parenthood, parenthood…

Anyhow, after having failed several times (or mini-failed, let’s not go all harsh on me), I’ve learned my lesson and I’m here to prophet some wisdom to all of you mums and dads who want their kids to have the best birthday experiences in the world.
Here we go.

Talk to your kid
While us parents may think an all-white tea party inspired by Emily Bronte era may be a perfect birthday setting for your daughter, it’s not. The kids love what they love and they easily get distracted by new cartoon heroes, Lego trends, new action heroes and toys; so unless you talk to them, you’ll never know what they are about. Naturally, you are spending as much time as you can with them so you may have even caught a glimpse of their likes, but it’s safer you actually talk about it. For our daughter’s fifth birthday, my husband and I threw a Cinderella theme party (she is her favorite cartoon character) and she hated it! Turns out, that year, she was into Sponge Bob more! Kids are sooooo unpredictable! Continue reading

Send invites in time
You probably know a month or so earlier whether you will or won’t be throwing a birthday bash for your kid, which leaves you with enough time to send out invitations. These days, kids are stretched between school, sports activities, private lessons, music school and other kids’ birthdays, which is why you want to make sure you steal the date first. You don’t want your kid celebrating their birthday with no friends around, right?

Choose proper food
Anything but sandwiches or finger food rarely ever flies; obviously, all the servings should be dry and adapted to the kids’ being able to grab a bite on their way to the crowd… no fancy wining and dining, please. As for drinks, try to have all cups have lids and straws – spills happen more often than you think.
I’d advise you to go for a theme-cake; kids will love the whole vibe of their favorite characters in colors and tastes. The crazier the better!

Make it fun
Once you’ve agreed on the theme you’ll be going for, make sure your kid’s birthday party has an element of surprise, too. Apart from the usual decorations, like balloons, hanging straps and lights, tents and what not, you want to make it super fun for your kid and your kid’s peers. Have a photo booth installed, a water slide (if it’s summer), an indoor trampoline and a balloon tower. You may even hire a professional entertainer to keep the kids happy and occupied. Naturally, if your budget doesn’t allow such extravaganza, opt for just one or two of the entertaining skits; it should be enough.

Have party favors
Again, if you haven’t stretched your budget thin with all the other birthday expenses, leaving some money aside for party favors would be great. These little gifts don’t have to be anything spectacular but rather simple tokens of appreciation for the kids showing up – stickers for school, pouches of marbles, bubbles, temporary tattoos, decks of cards with their favorite cartoon characters on them, affordable books, matching pajamas, crazy socks… you name it.
Well, I hope I was of help and that your kid’s birthday will be a real success!

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By- Heidi Hayes

Donor egg

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In today’s world, people are talking openly about their struggles to have a baby more so than they ever did in the past. In fact, treatments like IVF have become so common that no one bats an eye when they are used. But utilizing donor eggs as a treatment option for infertility is a different story, and one that is still cloaked in stigma. Continue reading

If a couple is thinking about using eggs from a donor as a means of becoming pregnant, it is a path that’s often taken in secrecy and, sometimes, humiliation. After all, adoption has become a mainstream option that’s primarily encouraged, so why then is there such a stigma when it comes to the use of a donor egg?

First of all, people tend to associate the need for donor eggs with older age. Though women of all ages can have fertility problems and use donor eggs to get pregnant, it is often older women who need to use a donor. People can be incredibly judgmental: “shame on you for not getting pregnant at an appropriate age,” is a common criticism.

There is also the religious connotation that says fertilizing another woman’s egg to conceive an embryo destroys the sanctity of marriage. There can be a lot of guilt from couples practicing certain religions as they venture into third-party reproduction.

Finally, donor eggs can be taboo because we as a society tend to think of eggs as future children more than we do with sperm. When we think of sperm donors, we think of them as just that, donors. However, talk with a mother who has used donor eggs to conceive a child and ask her how many times people have referred to her egg donor as “the real mom.”

But these points all have the same underlying theme and perhaps can give one overarching reason why there is such a stigma about egg donation: because society doesn’t understand it.

It’s devastating for a woman to learn she is unable to get pregnant with her own eggs. It’s even worse when she is made to feel that her choice in how she brings a baby into the world is unnatural. So how can couples overcome these complex issues and emotions that come up when the decision is made to use donor eggs?

The first thing couples should understand and embrace is that both of them play an important role in their child’s creation. The father provides his DNA and the mother does the rest, growing and nourishing the baby for the next nine months. It cannot be stressed enough that a woman using donor eggs is one hundred percent the mother. Just saying that sentence out loud can be the initial step toward erasing those feelings of judgment.

The best way to normalize something is to talk about it. It’s understandable in today’s society for a couple to limit the number of people they trust to tell about their infertility struggles. Especially since they wouldn’t want to risk a well-meaning family member or friend spilling the truth about a child’s origin before the parents are able to. But through couples sharing their story with people, and having those conversations, the public can start to move toward the same acceptance in donor eggs as they do with adoptions and surrogacies. Instead of thinking the use of donor eggs is “weird” or “unusual,” people can eventually see it for what it is: giving a couple an excellent opportunity of having the baby they always wanted.

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BabyOodles – Shop For The Little One



BabyOodles is India’s fastest growing online portal for baby products with huge variety & money-saving options. The portal is launched, with the sole intention, to simplify parenting by offering best baby care products with prompt customer services across India. This is an, online store which provides a hassle free and convenient way to shop for every homemaker & working mother. Continue reading

Categories of Baby Products Available

No matter what type of baby product you are looking for, school accessories, diapering accessories or baby room wall clocks, BabyOodles has it all. Presently, BabyOodles has more than 1000 unparalleled baby products including baby comforters, crib set, sturdy 3D school backpacks, multipurpose plush toy baby blankets, bath wraps, plush floor mats, hair clip organizer, fork & spoon, cute baby lamps, bean bags, kids swimwear, bibs, diaper bags, 3D trolley bags, zippy pouches, stationery combo sets, wall clocks and so on at unbeatable prices. is a one-stop online shopping destination for all types of baby utility products.


•    Hassle-free & convenient shopping experience from the comfort of your home.

•    It is an online multi-vendor marketplace where different baby products sellers can sell their own baby products.

•    The baby care products are stylish, playful, colorful, comfortable, durable and multi-purpose.

•    Unsatisfied customers can accept the return of products within 7 working days of the sale date.

•    Offers free shipping on all orders above INR 1000.

•    Cash on delivery (COD), hassle-free return and refund options are also available.

•    Always ready to offer star customer support with speedy 24/7 response.

•    Served over 500 happy and satisfied customers till now.

•    Parents can buy baby products online —anytime and from anywhere in India, and get it at their doorstep within a day.

 Some of the Incredibly Cute & Useful Baby Products You Love

 Fun & Colorful School Accessories

BabyOodles has a variety of school accessories from zippy pouches, sturdy 3D trolley bags, colorful ladybug backpacks, stationary combo set, notebooks, and planners. These school products come in different color options, styles, patterns, animal shapes and cartoon characters to offer your kid a pleasurable school life experience.


 Multi-Purpose Baby Blankets

Again something incredibly unique is the multi-purpose baby product collection i.e., more than 2 products in one! These products are not only money saving, but also space-saving. These products mainly cover convertible baby blankets such as plush toy animal cum blanket, toffee pillow cum quilt, animal-shaped backpack cum blanket, pillow cum blanket and neck support pillow cum blanket. For example, a plush toy animal cum blanket can be used as a plush toy for playing and when it’s zipped out it turns into a comfy blanket.

plush-toy-700 (1)

Convenient & Affordable Diaper Bags

There is a wide range of baby diaper bags available at BabyOodles. These bags have all the features to make it convenient for mothers to carry their baby’s belongings like diapers, clothes, cream, and napkins etc.


So what are you waiting for? Plan ahead girls (soon to be mothers) & mothers (house makers or working mothers) and save your time & money by shopping a wide variety of baby products with money-saving options – available on BabyOodles.Com.

Shop Now

Wishing you a happy and incredible shopping experience… And a great parenting experience!

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Top 11 Types Of Medication You Need To Avoid During Pregnancy

By- Hang Pham


 Image source

You’re possibly confused about which types of medication to stay away from during pregnancy if you’re expecting a baby. During the first eight weeks of pregnancy, you need to avoid all OTC medications, because the heart, lungs, and brain of the baby are formed during that time. So, what are the medications that need to be refrained as you are pregnant, particularly in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy? Don’t worry because I have put a total list of drugs to avoid during pregnancy. Let’s check them! Continue reading

1. Herbs

Basically, during pregnancy, herbal medicines could be good and safe but there are some certain herbs that you strictly need to avoid. Some herbs such as aloe vera, yarrow, licorice, rosemary, ephedra, ginseng, pennyroyal, cinnamon, and wormwood that you need to avoid during pregnancy.

2. Antifungal Medication

During your gestation phase, when you experience yeast infection, you need to consult a gynecologist instead of taking an anti-fungal medication. The medications can damage your unborn fetus growth rate. In addition, the medications have the active ingredients that can easily penetrate via the placental barrier and move into the fetal cord blood, too.

3. Antihistamines

You also should avoid antihistamines during pregnancy if you’re allergic to the active elements. Antihistamines can prevent certain side effects such as dry mouth, drowsiness and dizziness during pregnancy. You should try making a few simple lifestyle changes such as keeping your house clean, running the air conditioner or putting your dirty shoes outside to overcome asthmatic attacks and other allergens. You also try non-drug interventions, including exercising, nasal strips, yoga, as well as salt-water nasal sprays.

4. Aspirin

As you know, for migraine headaches, doctors often prescribe aspirin. However, during pregnancy, intake of aspirin will increase the chance of several other complexities. Especially, taking aspirin increases the chance of miscarriage as well as placental abruption during the early phase of pregnancy.

5. Nasal Decongestants

Typically, nasal decongestants help you deal with the symptoms of the itchy and stuffy nose, and watery eyes as well. But taking nasal decongestants is not recommended by doctors during pregnancy because they induce some certain side effects such as insomnia, a headache or vomiting. Instead of using nasal decongestants, you can inhale the steam to overcome nasal congestion. You can use warm showers or humidifiers that help to expand your airways.

6. Painkillers

It’s best to avoid using painkillers if you suffer a mild pain or a headache during pregnancy. Instead, you can overcome these problems by indulging in alternative treatments such as massage, reflexology or yoga. Doctors may recommend you to avoid using painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, at least for the 1st trimester.

7. Tranquilizers

Tranquilizers, such as Valium and Librium need to avoid during pregnancy. During pregnancy, addiction to tranquilizers increases the risk of facing withdrawal symptoms of your baby.

8. Acne Medications

The hormonal imbalance in the body during pregnancy makes you face skin acne. You need to avoid using acne medication like Retin-A and Accutane because they aren’t safe during pregnancy. A few of the common birth defects related to acne medicines include heart defects, facial abnormalities, and brain malformations as well. You can regain the skin glow naturally as the level of hormone becomes normal again.

9. Anticonvulsants

During pregnancy, intake of anticonvulsants also increases the chances of preterm delivery as well as miscarriages. During pregnancy, you need to avoid anticonvulsants like Diazepam or Clonazepam.

10. MAO Inhibitors

You also should avoid using antidepressants consisting of MAO inhibitors like Phenelzine or Isocarboxazid. It is advisable to try to perform the relaxation techniques when you experience severe depression.

11. Illegal Drugs

During pregnancy, intake of amphetamines increases the risk of heart deformities of your baby. They promote placental problems and risk of preterm birth and miscarriage as taken during pregnancy. During pregnancy, taking cocaine also causes contraction of the uterine wall, which may result in severe bleeding and miscarriage as well. Marijuana also increases the chance of impairing the fetus growth. A few of the other complexities consist of low birth weight, developmental delays, and preterm birth.

I hope my post will be useful for all of you. If you know any drug that needs to be avoided, please share with me and other readers.

 Guest Post by Hang Pham

Author Bio:

This guest post is by Hang Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience on searching the best natural home remedies for problems related to health and skin care.


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By- Varda Agrawal

clothes declutter


Image Source

Our kids are in their fastest growing phase, especially when they are babies & toddlers. Their wardrobe needs an update almost every month or two in the beginning. No wonder baby’s clothes are available in sizes according to the months New Born, 1 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months… etc.

All the Mother’s to be are gifted with whole lot of baby stuff in baby shower (God Bharai), & most of them are clothes. Parent’s To Be also buy things for their baby… toys, baby gear, baby toiletries & not to forget baby clothes.

I mean, when you see all those cute little clothes in the shops, it’s hard to resist yourself! & more if the SALE is going on. Gifts are also poured in by the guests & relatives who visit post baby’s birth.

Also there are variety of things which go along with the clothes like burp clothes, bibs, receiving blanket, swaddling clothes, caps & mittens, wash clothes, towels… so much to manage!! Is it not so????

In the beginning it’s very easy to manage baby clothes, as you have to keep only one size in the wardrobe & you know what size it is… Pick up the New Born clothes & hang them or fold & stack them. All the things very easy … as you have lots of time to manage things but after having baby the tasks are endless & you have very less amount of time in your hand. At least it seems so!! Continue reading

I will share with you the things which worked for me.

Sort out all the baby cloth stuff you have in the beginning every month & later as & when needed, in following categories

  • Worn & Torn Out
  • Very badly stained
  • Stretched & deshaped
  • Good but undersize
  • Clothes in very good quality eg. Party wear

For the worn out & torn out clothes, you can just throw them away. If you are in mood of recycling & reusing these clothes… use these clothes as rags for deep cleaning you house & throw them after that.

For very badly stained & deshaped & stretched clothes, ask your maids if they are willing to use those for their kids. They get these clothes altered & corrected according to their needs.

For clothes which are good in quality but are undersized, wash & dry them properly, & store in some luggage, with naphthalene balls… they may be useful in future, if you plan a another baby.

For party wear clothes, you can approach your drycleaner, for getting them cleaned. Yes it sounds little weird, but, drycleaners do wash small clothes too. Store them well for future use.

If you do this sorting & purging every now & then, your child’s closet will always be decluttered & updated, having only good, wearable clothes of right size.

Happy Parenting!

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Easy & Delicious Recipe of Zucchini for Babies Roasted Zucchini Smash

By- Hang Pham

Here is another one my friends!!

4. Roasted Zucchini Smash


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Zucchini, especially its skin, can cause some digestive upset for a few people, thus wait until your kid is about eight months, to serve zucchini.

Make sure to peel the zucchini prior to cooking it if your child is vulnerable to digestive upset.


  • 3 medium zucchini
  • Olive oil
  • 1 small onion
  • Smoked paprika

Cooking Time: 60 Min


  • Peel & cut the zucchini into cubes.
  • Cut the onion.
  • Arrange them on a baking tray.
  • You can sprinkle a little smoked paprika over the top and drizzle a little olive oil.
  • Roast it in your oven at 400 degree Fahrenheit for 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Leave it to cool down.
  •  Shift everything to the food processor and now blend until the mixture becomes smooth.

Is not the recipe very easy… so go ahead & give it a try… am sure your kid will like it!

All these zucchini recipes are nutritious and healthy for your baby. If you know any recipe with zucchini, then share with me and other readers by leaving in the comments box below.

Happy cooking!!

Author Bio:

This guest post is by Hang Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience on searching the most effective remedies for beauty and health issues.


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