By Beth Martel,

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Acne is the most common problem among all ladies out there. Dealing with acne can be tough but waiting for the acne scars to vanish often becomes frustrating. They almost take a lifetime to completely disappear if not catered to. Therefore, do not just wait for them to magically disappear. Do not just keep buying concealers to hide them wherever you go. For a temporary solution, it sounds cool. But it will only make you feel ashamed of your own skin in the long run. You will eventually stop embracing your skin completely. You wouldn’t want that to happen, now would you?
Here are a few DIY masks that are easy on your pocket and your time too. These masks have been used and carried forward for ages for their effective results and zero side-effects.

1. Aloe And Lemon Mask:
Aloe vera is known for its infinite benefits for skin. It consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help reduce the redness and swelling of the scars and help in the development of new skin cells. It also has the ability to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Lemon consists of bleaching properties that are best for fading blemishes and making the skin clear and even-toned. It can be used as a toner itself.
Take pure aloe vera gel (from a plant in your garden) and half cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Blend them for 30 seconds and apply the mask on your clean face. Let the mask dry and then wash it off. Apply a little moisturizer in the end to prevent dry patches. Use this mask twice every week for best results.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey Mask:

It is the most famous mask for removing can scars. You will need apple cider vinegar, honey, green tea and brown sugar for making this mask. The alpha hydroxyl acids present in the vinegar unclog the skin pores and help in removing the bacteria and dirt. It also helps to reduce the sebum that causes acne. Honey consists of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which make honey become a brilliant remedy for acne scars as well. Moreover, antioxidants in green tea can assist you to fight acne. Lastly, sugar consists of glycolic acid that helps in revamping the skin entirely.
Take a bowl and add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon green tea, three to four teaspoons sugar and 1 tablespoon honey. Mix all the ingredients vigorously. Apply this mask and massage it gently on your skin. Take it off using rose water after 10 to 15 minutes. Continue reading

3. Egg Mask:
This is the easiest remedy of all times. Egg whites consist of vitamins and protein that help in revamping the skin completely. It helps to remove acne and makes the skin firm and youthful.
Separate two egg whites from yolk. Add them to a blender and blend the eggs until it becomes frothy. Take it out and apply a double coat of it on the face. Let the mask get completely dried up. Wash your face and apply some face cream or moisturizer to erase the smell.

4. Orange Mask:
Oranges appeal the taste buds as well as the skin. Orange peel can be used as a scrub and mask both. The astringent properties and vitamin C present in it help revamp the skin completely and bring out the natural glow.
Take one to two orange peels and half cup of milk. Grind the milk and orange peels together. Apply the mixture on the face and scrub it off gently after 15 minutes. Rinse your face and apply some moisturizer in the end.

Author Bio:
This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at HealthyRecharge.com. Check out the three best face bandages that can help you get rid of sudden breakouts overnight.

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We are living in a fast paced world, where in everything is changing by the second.Technology is advancing at an even faster rate .In this era of booming science and technology kids aren’t farther.Gone are the days when the kids would just sit at one place and read about the world just through their books.Schools these days organize trips, conduct simple experiments which makes learning more enjoyable.The monotony in studies has broken off lately with the booming of digital era.Kids these days spend a larger part of their day either on phones or by learning through actually seeing or feeling the things.Virtual Reality is the new thing in this arena these days.


Kompanions which had launched ‘KUBE” is an educational gaming box, which aims to promote learning among kids , by exploring things through augmented reality .The whole idea of KUBE is to make learning more fun and innovative.They break the monotony of reading and studying from books by sitting at just one place.KUBE develops 6 facets of growth and exploration.These are :
2.Holistic Growth
3.Think New
4.Logical Thinkig
5.Language Proficiency

KUBE is an educational gamebox that redesigns and shapes child’s thinking through brain training.

The KUBE BOX consists of virtual reality glasses, which take you into a new world altogether, and makes learning and reading more enjoyable.It is almost like animals or other objects come alive as soon as you wear those glasses.The box also consists of a book which consists of all the planets.When you see these planets through the app , the planets come alive and your child would definitely feel that he is in a space odyssey.This also enables the kid to take a 360 degree tour of whatsoever he is learning.


The above image shows a planet in 3-Dimensional view through V scan , by means of an App installed on the phone.You can see , other wise how the planet looks like in the book below.

WHAT’S IN SOLAR SYSTEM KUBE BOX?The Mommyswall Team got the ‘Solar System’ KUBE.
It consists of the following:
1.50 Pages of Limiltless Exploration Book- This book consists of pictorial images of the 9 planets and also gives descriptive information about them.When the app is held on these images, the planets come alive, making learning sessions fun.
2.TRIVIA BOOKLET – Just as the name suggest the book contains information about major inventions, scientists and some amazing facts as far as the space and solar system is concerned.
3.ACTIVITY SHEETS- KUBE not only offers visual treat, it also provides some activity sheets to help kids retain whatsoever they have learnt through VR learning sessions.These activity sheets help in building the vocabulary of your little ones.
4.KNOWLEDGE BOARD BOX- Learning often becomes fun for kids , if  a game is introduced with it.The ‘KNOWLEDGE BOARD ‘ box exactly does the same.This box consists of a board game, which kids can play in there spare time,and also learn more about the solar system.The game is quite similar to the popular game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ ,except that there are not snakes , but different planets as the target places to hop onto.Parents can play this game with their kids and have a lovely sunday.This box also has a deck of cards which have questions written with four choices.This will enable the kids to learn more about the Solar system.
5.CREATIVE ILLUSTRATION BOX-This box contains a full scale chart showcasing the Solar system.This particular chart can be pasted on the wall in the kids room.This will enable him to learn about it and the Comet anatomy.
6.STATIONARY KIT- This kit consists of sketch pens , a pair of scissors , fevicol and the playing tokens.By far my kid loved this one.


FINAL REVIEW:The Kube educational gamebox is a revolutionary method to teach kids about various topics.The little ones just cannot get bored with this if they have this tutor at their home.If you are bored of board games, cards and but of course want your kids to get off TV ,and also want studies to be entertaining then the KUBE should  definitely be on your top picks.One more thing we would like to highlight is to make it a little more kids friendly.It takes some time to actually start it off and finally get the hold of things.All in all ,Mommyswall would definitely recommend KUBE educational box to all parents.

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Mistakes to avoid if you are pregnant

Pregnancy, a beautiful experience:

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Carrying and nurturing a baby in the womb isn’t a joke. It is truly an amazing experience that every woman wants to enjoy at least once in her lifetime. Pregnancy is nothing less than a miracle as it creates a new human being from just one cell. It is one such glorious journey for the whole family that is needed to be enjoyed and celebrated.

Common mistakes of a pregnant woman:
Pregnancy comes with its share of joy and excitement, but sadly around 15% to 20% pregnancies in India end with miscarriages. Giving birth to a new life is not an easy task. Even though you try to be cautious and careful at every step of your pregnancy and take all the advice seriously, still you might make some mistakes, especially if it is your first pregnancy.

Here are a few of the common mistakes every pregnant woman makes:
#1 Eating for two:
Most of the pregnant women believe that as there is one more life growing inside their body, they should eat for two people. But, it isn’t true. You only need 300 calories more than your present intake for the growth of your baby.
The excess weight gained during pregnancy can lead to various other health issues, like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. For a healthy pregnancy, eat only nutrient enriched foods that include fruits, vegetable, cereals, lentils, nuts, etc. and try to avoid unhealthy food items as much as possible. Continue reading

#2 No exercise:
Pregnancy should not be an excuse for not exercising. Rather, exercising during pregnancy is important for a good hormonal balance, combatting stress, proper blood circulation, and preparing the body for labour pain. To start with even a 30 minutes’ walk will be a good workout option. You can slowly graduate to prenatal yoga, swimming, or other workout options. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before going ahead with any of your workout plan.

#3 Self-medication:
Pregnancy makes your body highly sensitive and allergic to various things. So, when you are pregnant, you should avoid as much medicine as possible. Self-medicating yourself can be injurious to your health as well as that of your baby and may even cause deformities in your unborn child in some cases. If you experience any uneasiness or health issue during the pregnancy, it is always better to consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

#4 Not getting enough sleep:
On an average, a person needs 6 to 7 hours of sleep to give proper rest to the body and revive the energy. And, during pregnancy due to hormonal and physical changes, the body needs more rest to avoid pregnancy-related fatigue. Usually, a sleep of 8 to 9 hours is recommended during pregnancy. You need to take proper rest to get your body prepared to face the grueling stress of labour and delivery.

#5 Not talking to your baby bump:
Being busy in daily life, maintaining work-life balance as well as tiredness and exhaustion due to pregnancy, you tend to forget about your baby bump unless your baby starts kicking. But, it is important that your bond with your bump starts even before the birth of a child. Just place your hand on your bump and talk all things good. It is a beautiful way to bond with your little one. The one, who is dearest to you, is a part of you

Having a kid is a life changing event:
Having a child is a big decision to take. Before, you plan for a baby you need to make sure that you are financially ready to welcome a new bundle of joy in your life. If you are a working couple, check your company’s maternity benefits, including paid leaves. Nowadays, various health insurance companies in India offer maternity coverage as well. Besides, covering maternity related expenses, these policies also cover prenatal expenses. However, these policies come with a waiting period of say, 3 or 4 years. It means, if your family planning is a few years away, you should buy a maternity insurance policy now so that you can get the coverage when you plan for it. The policy will give a sufficient coverage for maternity and childbirth-related expenses.

Healthy moms raise healthy kids!
Being pregnant is a happy and exciting time for you and your family. Just make sure to cherish each moment of this blissful journey with your partner and take a good care of yourself so that you have a happy and healthy kid

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Baby Stuff That Makes You Want To Say ‘I Want That Momma’


I Want That Momma” is not a usual name for an online baby store. But when you take a look at the site, you realize in a few seconds that there isn’t another name more apt for it. They bring to you new, unique and interesting baby products that any parent would like to splurge in. It is not a site where you find the usual baby clothes, rattles, feeding bottles and diapers. Rather you find things like pacifier thermometer, talking medicine dispenser, formula saver feeding bottles, baby bean bags and so on.

The founder Parvathy Pothan says that the site was created with an intention of entertaining the visitors with amusing baby products. A number of visitors to the site have remarked that they never knew such products even existed. While there are a number of practical and useful products for parents like injection pain blocker, baby sleeping bags, portable booster chairs and such, there are some absolutely ridiculous and funny baby products too like ipotty(a potty chair with iPad holder), crib dribbler feeding system, moustache pacifier and so on.
With beautiful product pictures that give a clear idea about the product’s application and product description that is often funny and sarcastic, the site is sure to get you hooked on.
All the products featured on the site are curated from different sellers. Visitors who want to buy the products are directed to the seller’s site from where they can buy it.
They welcome mompreneurs too by listing unique baby products that would be of interest to the site’s audience. Many a times, it is done without any monetary consideration. But they have a strong vetting process that emphasizes on listing on products with wow factor as well as catchy photos. Their blog also has a section called Inspiring Moms, which features interviews of successful mommy bloggers and women entrepreneurs.
Price wise, some of the products are on the higher side because many are imported. But when it comes to uniqueness, I Want That Momma is the place to go to.
You can visit the website at I Want That Momma and follow their Facebook page here.

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Cute Valentines Gifts for your Little Loves

By Beth Pembrook,

Who said Valentines Day is just for the love between couples? Or just for grown ups? Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love in all it’s forms! Whether that’s spousal, parental or platonic! I love treating my little ones on Valentines Day – and making sure they know just how much they are loved. Here are are a few of the adorable little gifts and trinkets you could treat your little loves to this Valentines Day…

A Charm Bracelet

This is a wonderful idea but they are the gift that literally keeps on giving! You can buy a charm bracelet for them this year for example, then make a tradition of buying them a new charm for it every year! This adorable charm from Thomas Sabo is ideal and sure to be a winner with your little princess!


A Fresh Pajama Set

Give your little sleepyhead a cute new pair of PJ’s! A new sleep set doesn’t have to only be a Christmas Eve tradition! For a girl, these heart-print pajamas from GAP are sure make her to rise and shine on the right side of the bed.

heart pj

Continue reading

For a boy, these cute and funny doughnut pj’s from next are sure to put a smile on his face! They’re super cosy as well.

doughnut pj

Unicorn Cup

What child doesn’t love unicorns? Combine unicorns with their name on it and well, you’re onto a winner! This personalised unicorn cup is adorable and thoughtful and sure to be loved by your little ones.


Valentines Day Bib

If this your little love’s first Valentines Day? They they need this adorable bib! I can’t deal with how cute they’ll look already..


Heart Shaped Cookies

If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen – particularly the baking department – then this could be perfect for you! Children love cookies, and these heart shaped ones are the ultimate valentines gift. You could even personalise them with their names or initials.

heart cookie

I hope you like these ideas! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make someone feel special, I’m sure even a lovingly written card would be appreciated by your little ones. What other ideas do you have? Share them with me below, I’d love the hear about them!

Images from: Google

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Choosing the Best Trainers for Your Child

By Ryan Duffy,

Image Source

Choosing the Best Trainers for Your Child
When it comes to getting footwear for our children, many of us look towards the most convenient and cheapest option. This certainly makes a lot of sense, seen as though the child is constantly growing and they will probably need new footwear every 6 months. However, scientific studies have now shown that the complex bone structure in the human foot doesn’t fully develop until children are around 18 years old – meaning that it is extremely important that the children have enough space to move and grow naturally. It is therefore very important that children are given the best footwear so that their feet are kept in a good state, and they look fashionable too!

Nike Roshe Runs
There is no doubt Nike are one of the, if not the, biggest footwear brands in the world, and their Roshe Runs are traditionally meant to be used in the gym. However, the comfort they offer, teamed with the fashionable design, has made them a great choice for a lot of people to wear in their every-day lives. They have a deep and comfortable insole meaning your child will be in no discomfort, and the outer surface is made from a mesh-type material so your child’s toes will be given free movement when they’re in the all-important growth period!

Android Homme Omega
When you want to try and choose trainers for your child that are fashionable and trendy, then are certainly fewer choices which are better than Android Homme Omega. Not only will you be giving your child a great pair of trainers that they will look good in, but the wide surface will mean that your child will be given the foot space needed for the correct growth. Continue reading

If you aren’t overly concerned with you child looking that fashionable, then there is no better choice than getting them a pair of Crocs! When you get your child a pair of Crocs you will be guaranteeing that their feet will have optimal comfort and will be given the adequate space they need to grow properly and in the correct form.

Converse trainers are arguably the most popular trainers available in the world, and for very good reason – they are cost-friendly, comfortable and fashionable! They tick all the boxes you need when getting your child a pair of trainers and you will be able to dress your child so they look good, as well as having the peace of mind that their feet will develop properly.

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Spring Summer Fashion for Kids – Boys & Girls

The Kids Fashion industry is another section in the fashion land, which is competitive and flourishing at the same pace as the adult fashion sector is. With the Kardashian kids raising the bar for kids fashion, the industry has been earnestly offered a good and disciplined kids fashion range.Let’s have a look at the latest trends in the kid’s fashion world.

1.Dungarees -Comfortable and chic, the cute dungarees made its way back for the tiny tots. Browse Shoppers Stop online to check their latest kids fashion wear.


2.Green and Light -Pantone declared, Greenery the color of the year, so let your little one’s wardrobe reflect some breezy and fresh greens this spring!

greenery-kids-1 greenery-girl-1 greenery-boy-23.Plaid Prints- Kids in plaid, define uber cuteness.Plain tunics, jackets or dresses, everything plaid would do.


4.The Color Bordeaux – Apart from being such a rich and bold deep shade, the color reflects elegance and simplicity. The colour pairs well with neutrals, your little one needs one Bordeaux outfit this season.










5.Light Sneakers – Sneakers are here to stay for a good long time, and with them, the lights made a comeback. Light sneakers are a trending footwear, let your kids embrace the light power!



So ,get your hands on the trendiest range of kid’s fashion wear only at Shoppers Stop.

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How to get Rid of Unwanted Hair in Kids

Hi Moms,

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I know a lot of you will be worried about unwanted facial and body hair in kids. For most kids all the hair will fall off within a year but some kids do retain it due to heriditery factors. If you want to get rid of it whne they are young you can try the kuppaimeni Powder.

Kasturi turmeric also is a great remedy when mixed with honey and applied. Honey add to teh moisture. But somehow my kid was allergic to kasturi turmeric.

So my aunt suggested kuppaimeni leaves. I hunted far an dwild but never found it. Finally we got it sourced from an aurvedic shop in Chennai. Please look through all Ayurvedic shops you will surely find it. These leaves are also used to treat astama and bronchitis when consumed. But I have no expereince with that. Continue reading

For hair removal, mix this powder with a little wanter and apply on the face and body daily and wash off. If you apply over night its even better. It smells like mehendi leaves.

According to wiki:


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Dressing For A Wedding, For Mother and Child

By Ryan Duffy,

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With wedding season just around the corner, many parents will be starting to think about their outfit choices for the big day. Although weddings can be quite boring for children, many modern couples will make a lot of effort to ensure their wedding is child friendly, either by hiring an entertainer or by creating a children’s creche area. While you may have once gone straight to your babysitter for childcare on an important occasion like a wedding, you can now think about taking your children along. This means you’ll have to plan not one but two outfits! Follow this simple guide for choosing an outfit for your next wedding or special occasion.

Focus on being comfortable

We all know that weddings are special occasions and you need to make a bit of extra effort, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort. Choose an outfit for yourself that is comfortable and that you’ll be happy to wear all day. This includes the shoes, because there’s nothing worse than still wearing high heels at the end of the day when you have to carry a sleepy child around.
Continue reading

Don’t forget a change of clothes
This is for your child, not you! Young babies and toddlers are notorious for ruining their clothes when there isn’t a fresh outfit to hand. By bringing a complete change of clothes in addition to all of their baby essentials, you should be able to handle any mess that your child manages to make.

Dress baby up, too
A lot of parents think that babies are exempt from wedding dress codes because they are so young, but dressing your baby in their usual clothes can be a faux pas. Don’t forget that your child will probably feature in a lot of wedding pictures, and the bride and groom will be paying a lot for that photographer. You don’t want to ruin the picture by dressing your baby in their usual play clothes. There are plenty of formal clothing options available for even the youngest child.

Dress with minimalism

Your own outfit should be simple and unfussy, a simple dress or a skirt and top combo. Some summer dresses even come with large pockets which will be invaluable to keeping track of Keep accessories to a minimum as you will have enough to keep track of without worrying about necklaces, clutch bags or sunglasses. A simple pair of loose diamond stud earrings will make any outfit look instantly chic.

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Choosing the Perfect CarSeat Restraint for your toddler

car seat2

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Parents must use a car seat or a restraint for their toddlers as a safety measure when traveling with their babies or toddlers in a car. A car seat or a restraint is particularly important because, the usual car safety belt is not designed using kids in mind.Moreover it doesn’t provide proper fastening of the kid.Many countries across the world have strict rules which say that a child should be approved in a rearward facing seat, whereas children from six months and under four years must be secured either in rear or forward facing seat . Car seats are very vital, because a child fastened securely in a car seat is less likely to suffer from injuries in case of an accident.Rules are so strict in some countries that sometimes you can’t even take your baby home from the hospital unless you have a car seat.

car seat3

Image Source

Continue reading

A car seat is a portable seat for an infant or a small child that attaches to an automobile seat and holds the child safely.

The following things should be kept in mind before buying a car seat:

1.Age – There are different car seats for different age groups.So always consider the age of the baby while buying a car seat.

2.Brand/Warranty – The brand is a key factor which will help you know the quality of the car seat. A tried and tested brand is always the best choice to go with.Double ensure the material of the seat before you take the final call.You should also check if the car seat has required safety standards check in place.

3.Safety Harness- It is best to have a 5-point harness, as it keeps the baby.It provides a better protection than a 3-point harness.

4.Compatibility with the Car – You would definitely dont want to buy a car seat, which is not compatible with your car.Check if the car belt is compatible with the seat and is secured properly in case the car seat does not have LATCH.LATCH(Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) is a standardized system for car seat installation that stabilizes the seat and reduces the potential for head injury. The LATCH system makes using your car seat easier since it allows you to install it without having to use your car’s seat belts.The seat should be set such that it is sturdy .It should not wobble and should be such that the kid  feels it is as good as the car seat, not something external.

car seat4

Image Source


Kinds of Car Seat:

1.BABY OR INFANT CAR SEAT – These are the ones you would be requiring immediately after the child’s birth when you need to take the baby to home.These generally go uptil six months until the baby is old enough to support his/her neck.These should always be rare facing.

2.INFANT TODDLER CAR SEAT -These come into use once the baby turns six months of age.They can continue until three years of age, as is claimed by most car seat manufacturers.These can be front faced, but its good as long as you can keep it rear facing in the car.

3.BOOSTER SEATS -These come handy once the kids turn 4 years of age.These can be strapped with the belt of the car.


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How To Reduce A Fever In Babies – 6 Effective Ways

By, Hang Pham,

A fever is considered a high temperature and in the case of babies, this is usually over 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit). When your baby has a fever, maybe you will be very worried but as you know, it is very common for babies to have fevers. In many cases, this will clear up without using any treatment or medicine. After confirming your baby’s condition with a thermometer, you can take a look at some of the natural treatments to reduce a fever.

1. Cold Compresses

After your baby gets a fever, you should put a cool and wet towel on the forehead of your baby. When the water from this wet towel evaporates from your baby’s skin, it draws the fever out and then the temperature comes down fast.
• Firstly, put cool water in a clean bowl.
• Then, soak a clean towel in the water.
• Next, wring the excessive water out of this towel and then put this wet towel on the forehead of your baby.
• When the cloth warms, take it out and repeat again.
• Repeat this way until the fever has disappeared.
In addition, you may also use this damp towel to sponge some areas such as your baby’s armpits, hands, feet, and groin to lower the temperature.
Note: Avoid using ice water or very cold water because it can cause an increased body temperature.
Continue reading

2. Drink Right & Eat Right
When your baby has a fever, it is very important for you to give him/her plenty of fluids. Avoid giving him/her too much apple juice and other fruit juices. However, if you want to give fruit juices to your baby, dilute them in the same amount of clean water. In addition, you may also give your child popsicles or gelatin for hydration, especially when your baby is vomiting.
Although your child with a fever may still eat, you should not force him to eat. You should focus on bland foods, which are not very spicy and low in fiber. The best choices are crackers, pasta, and breads that are produced from refined hot cereals and refined white flour.

3. Breast Milk
For children younger than six months old who are having a fever, breast milk may be very important. It provides a balance of nutrients that helps to strengthen the weak immune system of your baby and is tailored to combat a baby’s illness.
In fact, breast milk is easily and fast digested. It will aid in staying a sick baby hydrated properly, which is essential for a quicker recovery.
• Breastfeed your baby frequently. If he/she refuses to nurse when having a fever, try changing different nursing positions. You may keep your baby upright when breastfeeding to make him/her more comfortable during feeding time.
• If he/she regularly refuses nursing, try to pump out your breast milk and then use a spoon or bottle to feed it to him/her.

4. Avoid Bundling Up
Avoid bundling up your baby with extra blankets or clothing when he/she has a fever or even chills. This may prevent the fever from lowering or even worsen it. Instead, you should dress your baby in a layer of lightweight clothing and use only a lightweight blanket in the evening. Also, remember to keep his/her bedroom at a proper temperature and use a fan for hot or stuffy rooms.

5. Foot Massage
One of the effective remedies to calm down your fussy baby is to rub the soles of the baby’s feet with a little warm oil. In addition to relaxation, it will also promote a better sleep, which is very necessary for a quick recovery. Also, foot massage helps to regulate body temperature. However, when talking about foot massage, remember not to practice too much.
• Rub a little warm olive oil on your baby’s feet.
• Apply use your thumb to gently pressure on the soles.
• Finally, massage the whole foot.
• Repeat this process for a few minutes and use it when needed.

6. Bathe Him/Her
This is one of other ways on how to reduce a fever in babies quickly. You may try reducing a fever in your baby by giving him/her a warm bath in a tub. After the water evaporates off his/her skin, it will quickly cool him/her down and then reduce fever. Do not use cold water because it may result in shivering that will worsen the fever. In addition, you should also remember not to use rubbing alcohol because it may cause an alcohol poisoning or temperature spike.
Here are a few of natural ways on how to reduce a fever in babies that you should be aware of!

Guest Post by Hang Pham
Author Bio:

This guest post is by Hang Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience on searching the effective remedies for skin care and health problems.

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Best Winter Moisturiser for Baby and Mom

Hi Moms,

Image Source

I know I have not been writing a lot lately. I like to wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

How is the winter going. Mine has been good so far and I owe it to my new skincare. Both my daughter and I have bad eczema which flares up only during winter and I have heard of rose water and glycerin remedy for ages but never trusted that it will work on such severe dry skin. But I have browsed through every skincare cream and see glycerin mentioned on every pack with hell lot of other chemicals. Continue reading

So once winter began, I made this potion of glycerin and rose water in the ratio 1:1 and added it to a spray bottle and used it on both my daughter and myself and its unbelievable that we have no dry and flaky skin this winter. I dont use it on the face.

You can use this on babies too as its totally safe. Make sure you buy good quality glycerin from a medical store and use organic rose water. I use Rose water from fab india and even tried Patanjali one and it worked very well.

Its pretty unbelievable that just a simple remedy can work wonders, even I had my doubts in the beginning if this could replace the greasy creams but it does. Do give it a try and let me know your opinion.

I have been using Patanjali Aloe vera gel which is amazing for the face.

You can use Moisturex Cream too for kids with eczema its made of soft paraffin and liquid paraffin.


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