Baby First Soap & Powder -Product Review


As mothers we take utmost care of our babies.Motherhood makes us extra cautious, when it comes to using products on their skin. A baby’s skin is extremely soft and often extra sensitive which makes it more prone to allergies and sometimes eczema as well.While selecting grooming skin care products for your baby, you should keep in mind the ingredients which make up the product.Also look out for any additives or preservatives which might harm the baby due to which he might even develop an allergic reaction.As a mother, I am not very keen on experimenting with new products.So when we at Mommyswall Team were contacted by Healthfitz Team, and told about their range of 100% FDA approved baby care products, we thought that this was definitely not worth missing.


1. I first try it on my skin for a couple of days. I think this is a tried and tested formula which many moms across the world would swear by.This is because , as a mom it would be better if in a worst case scenario, allergies landed on my skin rather than the baby itself.
2.I always read the ingredients which make up the products.This helps me in identifying the potential benefits of the ingredients used, and  look out for any additives(if any).
3.I also try to do a patch test as and when possible.


So Healthfitz Team sent us a packet which consisted of the following:
1.Baby Soap
2.Baby Powder


Baby Soap – The baby soap consists of 72% total fatty matter and is made of 100 % vegetable oil.Vegetable oil is said to give conditioning and nourishing properties to the soap.

Baby Powder – The main component of this baby powder is Vitamin E and aloe vera extracts.Apart from keeping your immune system up, Vitamin E also helps in moisturization of your skin.Aloe is used in households across the world.We all know it also has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties.


So far  we have good experience with both the soap and the powder.The soap lathers well and keeps my daughter’s skin moisturized and hydrated at the same time.The soap’s main ingredient is vegetable oil which provide the suppleness to the skin.It is Ph neutral, thus completely safe to be used on baby’s skin.It also protects against extreme dry skin- a condition many new born babies face.The entire baby care range is FDA approved.The baby powder also has mild fragrance , and is perfectly well suited for the upcoming summers

WHERE CAN YOU BUY IT?The entire bay care range of ‘Baby First ‘ brand can be purchased from and also have their own site at :

The two products which were sent to us are decently priced :The soap was 50gms and is priced at I.N.R 29.The baby powder also comes at an economical price of I.N.R 45 for 100 gms.

We would give it a 4/5 .The only thing on which they can improve is to make the packaging more attractive.We all know the famous saying ‘Never judge a book by its Cover’, but just making the packet more visually appealing, is surely going to add to its brand value more.

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Veg Lasagna Recipe


Here is a mouthwatering recipe of veg lasagna. Its both healthy as well as delicious. You can customise as you like. I definitely added an Indian twist to it.

What you will need

  • Lasagna Sheets- 7-8
  • Tomato Puree (blanch tomatoes in hot water, remove the skin and blend) – 4
  • Onion- 1
  • Spinach- half cup finely chopped
  • Veggies of your choice ( I used all colours of bell pepper, mushrooms, zucchini)
  • Garlic – 4-5 cloves finely chopped
  • Pizza/Pasta seasoning
  • Pepper, red chilli powder
  • For the White Sauce- Half cup milk, 1 TBSP butter, 1 tsp maida
  • Grated Mozzarella Cheese and grated processed cheese (I used Amul) Continue reading

What do I do Next?


Cook Lasagna sheets in salted water and keep aside. It should turn translucent and still remain stiff.


In a pan heat oil, add chopped onion, garlic and once brown, add chopped spinach and mix till spinach turns soft. Add chopped veggies to the pan and fry till veggies turn soft.

Add tomato puree to the mix and top it with salt, chilli powder and pasta seasoning and cook till you get your desired consistency.

White sauce

On low heat add 1 TBSP butter and fry 1 tsp maida in it, to this add milk salt and pepper and stir still you have a smooth paste. Turn off the flame.

Now for the Assembly


Preheat the oven to 170 degree

Grease an oven proof dish. Place pasta sheets in a row. Add your veggie mix on the sheet and top it with white sauce and cheese. Add another layer of the same.


Put this in the oven for 40 mins and your tasty lasagna is ready. You dont have to go to some high end Italian restaurant for this :)

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How to Save Money by Avoiding Beauty Salons

Hi Moms,

Image Source

How are all of you? I know its been ages since I wrote an article on mommyswall and I have been getting requests to start writing. So keeping up to my promise, I am planning to write more often. As some of you know I am a working mother now and I hardly get time to visit the salon. And I have found new tricks to save time and money by avoiding the salon totally.

So let me get to history, I used to regularly visit the salon for facials, waxing, hairspas, manicure, pedicure, haircuts, threading etc etc (Im guessing that I used to spend around 5K per month) So once I started working I saw the mad rush at salons during weekends and sadly that was my free time too. So I decided to bring the salon home. Continue reading

I still visit the salon for eyebrow threading and haircuts only… And now I may even stop eyebrows as Veet has a promising eyebrow shaper. So here are some ways you can totally avoid the salon and use your money wisely.


I use an epilator by Braun. And it does not hurt the way it has been portrayed online. It works perfectly and you can use it as often as you can.


Buy a kit and keep it handy in a pouch and use it every alternate Sundays. There is no better person who can clean your feet that yourself. You can even add scrubs and body packs to this kit.


Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner, I use the Loreal professional shampoo. It is much better than spending so much at the salon. Oil your hair before a bath and use good serums to remove frizz. Also rinse your hair with Apple cider vinegar after bath to make your hair smooth and shiny.


You can use a good massage cream followed by steam, a scrub and pack. All these things are easily available and best part is that you can change your product as and when you like. It works out to be much cheaper than facials. Its even better if you use natural ingredients from your kitchen.

Ensure that you dont use soap on your face. Use a good facewash, I currently use the tea tree cleanser from Bodyshop. Use a night cream before sleep, Im a big fan of Patanjali Aleo vera gel and I think its better than any moisturizer in the world.

What are your tips and tricks to avoid the salon. Please share in the comments section.

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Photojaanic PhotoBook- Review


We are living in an era of modern technology, where everything is on our hands and available just off the counter.In the blink of an eye, things are changing and vanishing as well.Like everything technology too comes with its cons.Having everything on the cloud storage is not possible all the time so, the Photojaanic Book from Photojaanic India is something we at Mommyswall would recommend to our readers.The Photojaanic team was kind enough to send us a printed photo book for us to review.


The Photojaanic Photo Book, as the name specifies is a printed photo book which can be helpful in preserving memories for a lifetime.In this modern age, where we are endlessly clicking photographs of people, landscape, food, animals among others from our phone and constantly transferring them to cloud storage or our hard disks.I as a mom to a toddler girl, also click her endless pictures throughout the day, all thanks to high camera quality in our smartphones. The Photojaanic book simply solves my purpose by getting albums personalized according to my is an online store that helps you share and preserve your pictures with products that you can use every day or with beautiful prints. This is a super photo store that will save you a visit to a nearby photo studio and also lets you do personalization on greeting cards, mobile covers with your stuff with pictures.


They have the following products on their online store:
1.Photobooks(which includes both soft as well as hard cover books)
3.Photo Prints
4.Photo Canvas
5.Greeting Cards
6.Playing Cards
7.Mouse Pad
9.Mobile Covers


As a toddler mom, whenever I get time I never fail to capture my daughter’s activities throughout the day when I am not working.In spite of having a 16GB phone memory, it always runs out of storage, because I am always on a clicking spree.I generally transfer the phone contents on a regular basis either to the laptop or the hard disk.But at the same time, I also keep getting nightmares, that what if the hard disk crashes some day.This is because my child’s entire journey right from birth till date is stored on those hard disk storage(laptop, external drive).The Photojaanic kidsphoto book just comes in time to rescue me from those nightmares and helps to create personalized memories.This one is especially good if you are lazy like me and don’t want to get photos printed and then re-insert them in an album.The best part about Photojaanic is that, you can create your own account, insert photos accordingly as per your wish(Choose whatever layout ) you like.Also, you can save your projects and return after some time or few days as you like.This was particularly helpful for me, as digging out the best photos from the last two years of my daughter’s life proved to be a tiring task for me, and after 1-2 pages, I just used to save the project and come back to it after a few days(Trust me , I am so lazy, I nearly took 1.5 weeks to complete this photo album online). You can even add personalized text or stickers on the page.all in all , this product is a great hit for preserving your sweet little memories , and taking personalization to a new level with key-chains and playing cards.Customizing according to your own needs and wishes is the best part which will keep pulling me to Photojaanic. I am also very happy with the paper quality and it looks beautiful.I am also planning to do some more purchases for gifting options.

You can purchase the Photojaanic Book from here:

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Quilling -The newest and easiest hobby (HobbyIdeas)

Quilling Earrings_1

Hello peeps! So we are already in March. My New Year’s resolution of creating something different and path breaking is going great. Made some Mixed Media projects and received some great feedback from family and friends alike. I will share some of them with you in the upcoming blogs.

At the moment my foremost worry is that the vacations are approaching and the new generation being 10X times faster than us, would not be content in doing the same old finger painting and origami boats.  So one needs to think of newer ideas to keep them engaged. Thought I will do some paper quilling projects this time over with the kiddos.

Quilling art or paper filigree has become a rage and is popular amongst adults and children alike. They are mighty easy to make, it just requires a bit of imagination to create something really grand with paper quilling. Quilling projects looks delicate and intricate at the same time.  Kids like cute things and colours, so I decided to make cute little quilling earrings. The earrings are sturdy and weightless till the time the kids decide to have a bath wearing them.

So here is a simple project that I had been working on yesterday.

What we need for this project is 7, 5mm quilling strips of two contrasting colours or two strips of the same colour in gradation of 6 inches length ( I have used green strips in two colour gradation), Fevicol, slotted quilling tool, Mod Podge and hooks.

Glue the two contrasting strips of paper together. To begin insert the end of quilling paper into the slot of the tool and start turning.

Quilling Earrings_2

Hold the paper gently between the thumb and fingers while rolling. Carefully remove the scroll from the tool and let it open to the size you desire and then glue the ends.

Quilling Earrings_4


Pinch one end of the rolls to make a tear drop shape. Glue together six petals together with the points inside and a  small scroll in the centre. Coat them with a sealant like Mod Podge.Quilling Earrings_6

Make two such flowers and at the end attach a hook each to the flower from behind. Our earrings are ready!Quilling Earrings_8


Aren’t they just cute? Girls and boys both can do this project for their mummas and make them so much happier. There are endless projects that one can do with a bit of quilling like decorating frames, making boxes or greeting cards, tiaras and jewellery and even mixed media canvases. There are endless possibilities. So get yourself a quilling tool and start creating.

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PediaSure – Continuing Our Journey – Month 2


It has already been a month of using PediaSure nutrition. I hopped onto this journey of PediaSure for kids because we were having recurring mealtime battles with our toddler. PediaSure also came to the rescue because my son was losing weight and falling sick quite frequently. So, after a month’s usage, I can see a slight increase in my toddler’s weight and immunity. In my opinion, winter was the best time to try this product because my son’s immunity levels are at an all-time low during this period. He would often catch a cold, cough and get the flu during the colder months. But lately, I have seen an increased resistance to cold. The changes aren’t drastic, of course; I believe it will still take some time for the actual results to show.The initial results are, however, very good and I am optimistic about the future as well with PediaSure usage.


My Pediasure Usage

I gave my child PediaSure powder with milk (it can also be mixed with water). I personally believe milk is a better option, because with milk, I am also adding a little calcium to my son’s diet along with the nutritional content of PediaSure. Just remember one thing, that the milk shouldn’t be extremely hot, precisely speaking, no more than 35 degrees Celsius. This is because any temperatures higher than this can kill the probiotic contents in PediaSure.


Pediasure recipes

My little one is very fond of Suji halwa. I generally prepare it as a power breakfast because it provides the desired nutrition from wheat and is also pleasing to his taste buds. It also keeps my son full for at least 2 hours. As part of my PediaSure Journey, I decided to introduce PediaSure powder into my recipe for Suji halwa. My son savoured the halwa with absolute delight and I heaved a sigh of relief. At last, I can relax knowing he is getting the desired nutrients necessary for growth and brain development. You can also try other PediaSure recipes from the PediaSure site as well.



As i mentioned before, I have observed a slight increase in my son’s weight over the past one month.I will continue my PediaSure journey as I am quite upbeat about this and I see good results with PediaSure already. I can also see a developed resistance in my son’s immunity to cold and viral infections. Earlier, with the onset of winter, he would fall ill, butthis winter, things have changed; my son doesn’t havea runny nose anymore! This was a frequent occurrence before the introduction of PediaSure into his diet.


Experiment with Other Flavours

I am continuing the Premium Chocolate flavour. Frankly speaking, my son loves it and because PediaSure has already started showing results, I don’t believe I’ll be changing flavours, at least for the time being. But I’m sure I’ll give the other flavours – Kesar Badam and Vanilla – a try a little later on just to add variety to his oral nutrition.


Picky Eater Issues

Because mealtimes were always a struggle between me and my son, I used to worry about his potentially falling nutrition intake. Now, I can be assured that he is getting the desired 37 nutrients that PediaSure powder comes loaded with. PediaSure for kids has solved the mealtime squabbles with my son.

PediaSure powder can be purchased from your local chemist or from


Disclaimer: I should mention that although PediaSure approached me to review their product as part of their #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign, all views and opinions expressed in my writing are my own. So follow me on #MyPediaSureJourney as I show you just how the supplement has worked out for my child over the next few weeks.


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Oh! My Name- Book Review

Oh! My Name” is a personalized children’s picture book. It is personalized using the letters of the child’s name. E.g. If the name is Varanya, the book will have stories relevant for letters V,A,R,A,N ,Y and A. If the name is Zayn, the book will have stories relevant for letters Z,A,Y and N. In a nutshell, it is unique book for every name.The book is actually a storybook, which is most suitable for children of age group 2- 8 years.It is a collection of short rhyming stories with relevant illustrations.


The story telling is done in the third narration.This is done because the main motive of the book is to read out the story to the kids.The book takes you into a day into the life of a girl or a boy(personalized according to your choice- Well that is the best part), wherein she has lost the alphabets of her name , and starts them by first searching for  them in her house and then following different trails which leads her to new places.


The plot of the book is very interesting and revolves around the girl finding the lost alphabets.This exploration leads her to different places and interacts with different animals.The location of the story is set in different places like a forest and town among others.In this she quest of her name she is helped by ‘DABI’. Dabi is a dino puppet which is her friend in this journey.DABI  is a finger puppet which comes with the edition of the book is definitely the main attraction of the entire story telling process.In fact what we loved about the entire ‘Oh My Name’ experience was DABI only.Parents can use DABI, which will make bedtime stories more interesting and enjoyable.


The central theme of the book goes like “A child’s name has gone missing. The child, along with his / her new friend “DABI”, goes on a journey to find his / her missing name”.Apart from the usual story telling, we can say the overall theme of the book is basically to get kids acquainted with their names as well as its spelling.That is the reason why the target age group is 2-8 years.These are the initial years of school wherein a child learns how to spell and pronounce his name.The ‘Oh My Name’ book does just that.This is an innovative and interesting way to accomplish that purpose as well.Apart from that, the main selling point of the book is, that it is personalized.The very sight of seeing your kids name printed on a book captures the gleam in every parent’s eye.The book also comes with a personalized message as part of the introduction.This feature definitely caught my eye and is sure to grab the market attention of new and would be parents.

The ‘Oh My Name’ book can be categorized as a ‘Fiction’ book.Since it is personalized story book for the kids, categorizing it as hardcore fiction is not something we would do.Thus we can put this in ‘Children’s Fiction ‘ category.The story of finding the alphabets has been beautifully weaved which is sure to keep the kids hooked onto the book till the last page.


‘Oh, My Name’ book has been written, Nikhil Mittal. Nikhil is a 1st-time author. When he is not writing, he is busy reading (either to himself or to his little one). In his own words, “I always thought reading is the most rewarding exercise, until I discovered the joy of writing.”


The ‘Oh My Name’ book wins hands down as a very nice book for both kids as well as parents who can read the stories to their little ones.’DABI’ the puppet breaks the monotony of just reading aloud the story.This is because along with reading the story to your kids, you can introduce ‘DABI’ to them and make reading aloud more enjoyable.In these modern times, where everything right from beddings, towels, key chains, mugs are becoming personalized, the ‘Oh My Name’ is an addition to this arena.If everything can be personalized, then why not books, and the ‘Oh My Name’ book does just that.This book can serve as the perfect gifting options, in today’s world when we parents aren’t left with many gifting options.I am sure kids will definitely get excited when they see their names imprinted on the book.One sentence which definitely went down in my heart was a line at the end of the book which stated ‘SPECIALLY MADE FOR VARANYA’. Another feature which we liked is that this book is ‘Made In India’ and we are in full support of it.We would definitely recommend this book to parents and kids as we loved the illustrations and the representation of the story.

You can buy the Oh My Name Book here :

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Postpartum Hair Loss: Effective Prevention and Treatment

By Tracey Cayton,

Image Source

Becoming a mother is an incredible blessing but the body goes through severe changes that may be a lot to handle. In addition to hormonal imbalance and weight problems – most women experience significant hair loss. This usually occurs during the period of 2-4 months after giving birth. While you’re pregnant, increased levels of estrogen give you envy-worthy thick hair as they disrupt the natural cycle of hair growth by completely preventing the hairs from falling out. After the labor, estrogen levels suddenly drop which causes excessive hair loss. However, it’s important to keep in mind this is just a temporary phase. Here’s how you can handle it.

Mind the products you use
It’s advisable to switch to a shampoo and conditioner that add volume and are enriched with natural ingredients. Gradually, they will help you achieve a fuller look for your hair and heal its structure. Don’t use conditioning shampoos as they typically contain silicone that tends to pile up and weigh your hair down. Use lighter formulas specifically designed for fine hair. You can also turn to volumizing mousses. Make sure you nourish your hair: at least once a week, treat it with a deep-conditioning mask. You can even turn to home remedies and make your own mixture. Although your hair needs to go through the full cycle and the hair loss cannot be avoided, you can do your best to reduce it to a minimum.

Take supplements to help your hair recover
Treat your hair with helpful vitamins and minerals to support the recovery process and make your hair healthier. After the period of breastfeeding, your body might experience a lack of spirulina and hyaluronic acid – both responsible for mineralization and hydration of your hair. Vitamins B, C, and E are also advisable, as well as zinc and biotin. Try out Hairfinity hair vitamins: they are rich in B12 vitamin which regulates cell reproduction and enhances the hair growth. In addition, it has other health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, boosting your metabolism and memory, and it helps with regulating mood. It also supports weight loss: good news if you’re trying to tone up a bit after pregnancy. Continue reading

Consider a new haircut
In the context of postpartum hair loss, many women see cutting their hair as a sign of giving up but it doesn’t have to be this way. Changing your hairstyle might freshen you up if you perceive it as a fun makeover instead of a necessity. It might even have incredibly positive psychological effects. A shorter style or a layered cut can help you carry out this period better while encouraging you to try something new. You can even color it to give it more volume and texture: consult with a hairdresser about spicing up your style with a few highlights that will add more depth. Consider using natural hair colors without ammoniac to prevent hair damage.

Stay away from heating tools
When you go through the hair loss experience, it’s tempting to try and give it a bit of glamour through styling. Fight the urge to stress your hair this way: no curling or flattening irons or drying out your hair with long blowouts. Give your hair a chance to recover by letting it air dry. Be careful about tying it too tight in a ponytail or being too rough when rubbing it with a towel. In addition to external stress, manage the one you feel. Don’t let this hair loss period get to you. If you stress about it, you might fall into a vicious circle: it is well known that stress is one the main reasons for hair falling out.

It will take a maximum of one year for your hair to go back to its normal state. Try your best to shorten this period by helping your hair with right care and nutrients: maintain a healthy diet and mind your water intake, and protect your hair from stress caused by heating style tools.

About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. She’s also passionate about fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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5 Ways to Beat Spring Allergies

By Emma Lawson,


We’re all looking forward to sunny March, warm breeze, and fresh grass after many months of fog, snow, and frost. Sadly, there are many people who are dreading the upcoming season because of the downsides that spring brings: allergies. There isn’t a person who enjoys struggling with sore throats, itchy eyes and sneezes, and people want to take a relaxing walk in the park rather than stay inside all day. We offer you five simple and effective ways to beat spring allergies so you can enjoy spending time outside at last.

Clear your sinuses
Sometimes you may feel like your head is going to explode. Congestion, sneezing and teary-eyes may not be too dangerous but they can certainly make you miserable. The bad side of nasal allergies is that they can lead up to sinus problems later on. To make it easier for yourself to breathe, clear up your nasal passages with some salty water. The process is called nasal irrigation. This liquid will wash out all the mucus, as well as allergens causing it from your nasal cavity. Continue reading


Stay inside longer
If you are allergic to pollen you might want to skip early morning walks. You don’t have to spend the entire day barricaded in your home, but if it’s windy outside the wind will carry pollen grains and if you breathe them in, they will trigger an allergic reaction. When you go out, wear sunglasses to keep the pollen out of your eyes, and if you have to work in the garden – always wear a filter mask. Also, if possible, avoid going out early in the morning because that’s when pollen concentration in the air is the highest.

Keep your windows closed


It may be difficult to resist the urge to open up your windows and let the spring in, but as lovely as the idea may be it will trigger your allergies. Also, don’t open your windows for a bit of fresh air if you’re travelling. Instead, turn on air conditioning because it will clean and cool the air. Also, you can get an Oransi air purifier and filter for your home which will clear out all the dust and allergens from the air.

Get cleaned up
Different allergens (pollen especially) can stick to your hair and clothes. This is why you should change your clothes the moment you get back home, and take a shower as well. Wash your hair because allergens can stay in your hair for a long time and end up on fresh clothes you’ve just put on. If you can’t take a shower, wash your face and hands thoroughly and tie up your hair in a ponytail or a bun.


Change your diet
Different teas and some foods can help you cope better with allergy symptoms, and you don’t need a prescription to get them. Butterbur is a lovely plant whose extracts are used to treat nasal allergies, fever, and headaches, and it can be bought in form of tablets or tea. You can also try diluting apple cider vinegar with some water or lemon juice and sip it from time to time – it will help break the mucus in your body and allow you to breathe again.
Some allergy symptoms may not be as dangerous as others, but they can make it difficult for you to enjoy spring. You will not be able to appreciate the smell of cherry trees, roses, and freshly mowed grass with those irritating symptoms, but there are ways to win the war on spring allergies.

Image Sources: google

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By Beth Martel,

Image Source

Acne is the most common problem among all ladies out there. Dealing with acne can be tough but waiting for the acne scars to vanish often becomes frustrating. They almost take a lifetime to completely disappear if not catered to. Therefore, do not just wait for them to magically disappear. Do not just keep buying concealers to hide them wherever you go. For a temporary solution, it sounds cool. But it will only make you feel ashamed of your own skin in the long run. You will eventually stop embracing your skin completely. You wouldn’t want that to happen, now would you?
Here are a few DIY masks that are easy on your pocket and your time too. These masks have been used and carried forward for ages for their effective results and zero side-effects.

1. Aloe And Lemon Mask:
Aloe vera is known for its infinite benefits for skin. It consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help reduce the redness and swelling of the scars and help in the development of new skin cells. It also has the ability to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Lemon consists of bleaching properties that are best for fading blemishes and making the skin clear and even-toned. It can be used as a toner itself.
Take pure aloe vera gel (from a plant in your garden) and half cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Blend them for 30 seconds and apply the mask on your clean face. Let the mask dry and then wash it off. Apply a little moisturizer in the end to prevent dry patches. Use this mask twice every week for best results.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey Mask:

It is the most famous mask for removing can scars. You will need apple cider vinegar, honey, green tea and brown sugar for making this mask. The alpha hydroxyl acids present in the vinegar unclog the skin pores and help in removing the bacteria and dirt. It also helps to reduce the sebum that causes acne. Honey consists of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which make honey become a brilliant remedy for acne scars as well. Moreover, antioxidants in green tea can assist you to fight acne. Lastly, sugar consists of glycolic acid that helps in revamping the skin entirely.
Take a bowl and add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon green tea, three to four teaspoons sugar and 1 tablespoon honey. Mix all the ingredients vigorously. Apply this mask and massage it gently on your skin. Take it off using rose water after 10 to 15 minutes. Continue reading

3. Egg Mask:
This is the easiest remedy of all times. Egg whites consist of vitamins and protein that help in revamping the skin completely. It helps to remove acne and makes the skin firm and youthful.
Separate two egg whites from yolk. Add them to a blender and blend the eggs until it becomes frothy. Take it out and apply a double coat of it on the face. Let the mask get completely dried up. Wash your face and apply some face cream or moisturizer to erase the smell.

4. Orange Mask:
Oranges appeal the taste buds as well as the skin. Orange peel can be used as a scrub and mask both. The astringent properties and vitamin C present in it help revamp the skin completely and bring out the natural glow.
Take one to two orange peels and half cup of milk. Grind the milk and orange peels together. Apply the mixture on the face and scrub it off gently after 15 minutes. Rinse your face and apply some moisturizer in the end.

Author Bio:
This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at Check out the three best face bandages that can help you get rid of sudden breakouts overnight.

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We are living in a fast paced world, where in everything is changing by the second.Technology is advancing at an even faster rate .In this era of booming science and technology kids aren’t farther.Gone are the days when the kids would just sit at one place and read about the world just through their books.Schools these days organize trips, conduct simple experiments which makes learning more enjoyable.The monotony in studies has broken off lately with the booming of digital era.Kids these days spend a larger part of their day either on phones or by learning through actually seeing or feeling the things.Virtual Reality is the new thing in this arena these days.


Kompanions which had launched ‘KUBE” is an educational gaming box, which aims to promote learning among kids , by exploring things through augmented reality .The whole idea of KUBE is to make learning more fun and innovative.They break the monotony of reading and studying from books by sitting at just one place.KUBE develops 6 facets of growth and exploration.These are :
2.Holistic Growth
3.Think New
4.Logical Thinkig
5.Language Proficiency

KUBE is an educational gamebox that redesigns and shapes child’s thinking through brain training.

The KUBE BOX consists of virtual reality glasses, which take you into a new world altogether, and makes learning and reading more enjoyable.It is almost like animals or other objects come alive as soon as you wear those glasses.The box also consists of a book which consists of all the planets.When you see these planets through the app , the planets come alive and your child would definitely feel that he is in a space odyssey.This also enables the kid to take a 360 degree tour of whatsoever he is learning.


The above image shows a planet in 3-Dimensional view through V scan , by means of an App installed on the phone.You can see , other wise how the planet looks like in the book below.

WHAT’S IN SOLAR SYSTEM KUBE BOX?The Mommyswall Team got the ‘Solar System’ KUBE.
It consists of the following:
1.50 Pages of Limiltless Exploration Book- This book consists of pictorial images of the 9 planets and also gives descriptive information about them.When the app is held on these images, the planets come alive, making learning sessions fun.
2.TRIVIA BOOKLET – Just as the name suggest the book contains information about major inventions, scientists and some amazing facts as far as the space and solar system is concerned.
3.ACTIVITY SHEETS- KUBE not only offers visual treat, it also provides some activity sheets to help kids retain whatsoever they have learnt through VR learning sessions.These activity sheets help in building the vocabulary of your little ones.
4.KNOWLEDGE BOARD BOX- Learning often becomes fun for kids , if  a game is introduced with it.The ‘KNOWLEDGE BOARD ‘ box exactly does the same.This box consists of a board game, which kids can play in there spare time,and also learn more about the solar system.The game is quite similar to the popular game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ ,except that there are not snakes , but different planets as the target places to hop onto.Parents can play this game with their kids and have a lovely sunday.This box also has a deck of cards which have questions written with four choices.This will enable the kids to learn more about the Solar system.
5.CREATIVE ILLUSTRATION BOX-This box contains a full scale chart showcasing the Solar system.This particular chart can be pasted on the wall in the kids room.This will enable him to learn about it and the Comet anatomy.
6.STATIONARY KIT- This kit consists of sketch pens , a pair of scissors , fevicol and the playing tokens.By far my kid loved this one.


FINAL REVIEW:The Kube educational gamebox is a revolutionary method to teach kids about various topics.The little ones just cannot get bored with this if they have this tutor at their home.If you are bored of board games, cards and but of course want your kids to get off TV ,and also want studies to be entertaining then the KUBE should  definitely be on your top picks.One more thing we would like to highlight is to make it a little more kids friendly.It takes some time to actually start it off and finally get the hold of things.All in all ,Mommyswall would definitely recommend KUBE educational box to all parents.

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Mistakes to avoid if you are pregnant

Pregnancy, a beautiful experience:

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Carrying and nurturing a baby in the womb isn’t a joke. It is truly an amazing experience that every woman wants to enjoy at least once in her lifetime. Pregnancy is nothing less than a miracle as it creates a new human being from just one cell. It is one such glorious journey for the whole family that is needed to be enjoyed and celebrated.

Common mistakes of a pregnant woman:
Pregnancy comes with its share of joy and excitement, but sadly around 15% to 20% pregnancies in India end with miscarriages. Giving birth to a new life is not an easy task. Even though you try to be cautious and careful at every step of your pregnancy and take all the advice seriously, still you might make some mistakes, especially if it is your first pregnancy.

Here are a few of the common mistakes every pregnant woman makes:
#1 Eating for two:
Most of the pregnant women believe that as there is one more life growing inside their body, they should eat for two people. But, it isn’t true. You only need 300 calories more than your present intake for the growth of your baby.
The excess weight gained during pregnancy can lead to various other health issues, like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. For a healthy pregnancy, eat only nutrient enriched foods that include fruits, vegetable, cereals, lentils, nuts, etc. and try to avoid unhealthy food items as much as possible. Continue reading

#2 No exercise:
Pregnancy should not be an excuse for not exercising. Rather, exercising during pregnancy is important for a good hormonal balance, combatting stress, proper blood circulation, and preparing the body for labour pain. To start with even a 30 minutes’ walk will be a good workout option. You can slowly graduate to prenatal yoga, swimming, or other workout options. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before going ahead with any of your workout plan.

#3 Self-medication:
Pregnancy makes your body highly sensitive and allergic to various things. So, when you are pregnant, you should avoid as much medicine as possible. Self-medicating yourself can be injurious to your health as well as that of your baby and may even cause deformities in your unborn child in some cases. If you experience any uneasiness or health issue during the pregnancy, it is always better to consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

#4 Not getting enough sleep:
On an average, a person needs 6 to 7 hours of sleep to give proper rest to the body and revive the energy. And, during pregnancy due to hormonal and physical changes, the body needs more rest to avoid pregnancy-related fatigue. Usually, a sleep of 8 to 9 hours is recommended during pregnancy. You need to take proper rest to get your body prepared to face the grueling stress of labour and delivery.

#5 Not talking to your baby bump:
Being busy in daily life, maintaining work-life balance as well as tiredness and exhaustion due to pregnancy, you tend to forget about your baby bump unless your baby starts kicking. But, it is important that your bond with your bump starts even before the birth of a child. Just place your hand on your bump and talk all things good. It is a beautiful way to bond with your little one. The one, who is dearest to you, is a part of you

Having a kid is a life changing event:
Having a child is a big decision to take. Before, you plan for a baby you need to make sure that you are financially ready to welcome a new bundle of joy in your life. If you are a working couple, check your company’s maternity benefits, including paid leaves. Nowadays, various health insurance companies in India offer maternity coverage as well. Besides, covering maternity related expenses, these policies also cover prenatal expenses. However, these policies come with a waiting period of say, 3 or 4 years. It means, if your family planning is a few years away, you should buy a maternity insurance policy now so that you can get the coverage when you plan for it. The policy will give a sufficient coverage for maternity and childbirth-related expenses.

Healthy moms raise healthy kids!
Being pregnant is a happy and exciting time for you and your family. Just make sure to cherish each moment of this blissful journey with your partner and take a good care of yourself so that you have a happy and healthy kid

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