One Unique Way to Challenge Yourself as a Mom


By Samantha Giermek,

We all know being a mom is a tough, thankless job. Constantly cleaning, child-rearing, caring for, babying children as well as the husband can be stressful and even depressing. It’s not that we don’t enjoy being mothers, in fact, we think it’s the greatest gift a human being can offer another. But what do we do when all of the work of being a mom just simply isn’t enough? When it seems like we need a little more purpose- a little more challenge?


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Of course, motherhood is challenging in and of itself. Recently my 4-year-old has been sick every 2 weeks- for a week at a time. We thought this trend might stop after practically the entire half of the year went by (the first time this started) at age 3. Well, it’s back again. Time to go to the store, pick the right vitamins, pick up all of your usual cough or flu medicine, along with all of the other essentials for a good night’s sleep, such as a humidifier…you hope stemming the tide of the monsoon of sickness. When it passes, we all rejoice! Only to find the nagging cough coming on again in another 2 weeks. This has been going on for over 4 months.

It’s challenges like these that made me question a few years ago if I was doing enough in the world. Am I doing enough just taking care of my kids, raising them to be decent human beings and fussing about the house? I thought I was missing something.

I decided I would look inward at myself, examine my strengths and see if there was an opportunity that would allow me to give as much as I was giving at home but to the outer world. I thought about doing some crafts at home and selling them at the local farmers market. But I’m not much of a craft person. I watch a lot of home renovation shows on HGTV- but I wasn’t able to afford to buy rentals and fix them up. And that’s when I stumbled on the opportunity to become a surrogate.

There was one thing I knew about myself, and it was that I had good pregnancies. All of my pregnancies with my children were “easy” and my children were born with no C-sections. I didn’t even have an epidural for my second child he came so easy! To become a surrogate, I needed to have healthy pregnancies already, be a US citizen, and also live in a surrogate friendly state. There are other qualifications to becoming a surrogate, but these are some of the main ones.

And the more I looked for opportunities to challenge myself, the more I found that infertility is a real thing for a lot of people- according to RESOLVE (the national infertility association) 1 out of 8 couples struggle with infertility of some form or another.

Becoming a surrogate that year led me to a journey I never thought possible. I love being a Mom, and it is deeply satisfying. However, when you become a surrogate for another family in need- your life changes as a result. It is challenging becoming a surrogate, and there can be many steps to the process, but it is so worth it!

Knowing you don’t take this child home with you, but you provided the chance for this child to go home with his/her parents when they otherwise would not have existed- it’s the most unique opportunity for a mother that I hope many others have the ability to experience. It was this cause that ultimately led me to not only have a surrogate child, but to help others have children through surrogates as well.

Written by: Samantha Giermek, business owner and surrogate coordinator for


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Marking your presence with personality development classes in Pune


By admin

It is very evident that each individual would have different characteristics and distinguished ways of behaving. This is because all of us have certain ways of perceiving things and reacting to them. We all see the world very differently from one another and this is what gets reflected in our personality. Personality is basically an amalgamation of all the memories and incidents that have occurred in our lifetime and it gets reflected through the ways we behave. There are various factors that might affect your personality, starting from the environment that you live in, to your family background, your financial condition etc. Even your childhood and the way you grew up contribute a lot to the ultimate outcome of your personality. Personality is a very important component in today’s competitive and what can be better than developing it perfectly. In this article, we would discuss the various aspects of personality development which in turn would help you to polish your overall charisma. But before that let us understand what personality development is all about.

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What is personality development?

As the name suggests, personality development classes in Pune or anywhere else helps in nourishing and polishing the overall traits of a human so that they can gain more confidence and get higher self-esteem to present themselves before anyone. It has a great impact even on communication skills and the classes make them more positive in the way they see the world. Development of a positive attitude is something that you can expect out of a personality development class.

Importance of the classes

Before you think about going to a personality development class, you should know its importance and how it can positively affect your life. Listed below are some points,

  • Through personality development classes, you would be able to groom yourself which in turn would help you to make a mark of your own. You would not need to copy others and you would have your own strong personality which would help you to face the world with a smile.

  • You would be able to notice that, within a few weeks of talking personality development classes, your stress and conflicts about different problems of life would reduce. You would be able to see the world with a much more positive note.

  • You would be able to cope up more with the challenges of the world without taking much stress. And your enhanced personality would also help you to go through all the problems that might have surrounded you.

  • Your communication skills would also improve after going for the personality development courses and it would, in turn, help you to communicate more with your surroundings.

There is much more to the personality development classes. You would be able to see a totally different you, one with more confidence and getting all the appreciations, once you have pursued this.

Some tips

Now that you know, why personality development classes are good for you, it the time to know some common tips which would add more to enhance your overall charm.

  • Thinking positive is the key to develop a pleasing personality. When you think positive, challenges appear easier and you would get the confidence to conquer them. Always motivate yourself so that you can go that extra mile to achieve everything that you want.

  • The sensible dressing is another factor which adds to the overall personality. People would get their first impression about you as soon as they see you and dressing with the correct clothes and accessories would help your audience to grow a positive image for you.

  • Being soft-spoken and leaving your ego behind is another thing that you should consider in order to enhance your personality.

  • Avoid backbiting, help others, be a patient listener and always be confident about what you do.

Where to go?

It is now the time for you to search for some good personality development classes in Pune. Before you choose the class, be sure that they offer constant support and all-around classes to develop your personality. A good personality development course should help you to practice and make you much more confident. Before you make the final decision do your research, read the reviews and see if their offerings and your requirements are on the same page or not. You can go for the course at, the best thing here is that you would get teachers who have experience in this field for years and hence are capable of providing you with the best quality teachings. You can contact them and try to understand how they can prove to be helpful for you. Try and understand, if they can provide you with the correct fuel to enhance your personality and become the best.

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By admin,

Every parents want their kid to be prepared for a happy, successful and productive life. But, in today’s busy and hectic schedule it becomes extremely difficult to provide proper care and guidance to our child. This is where preschool comes into the picture. Admitting your child to a preschool has numerous benefits. A preschool is the child’s first experience away from the comfort and security of their home and family. A preschool is the first place where your child interacts with other children as well as teachers. These experience that your child gather in his early childhood days goes a long way in paving as path for their bright future.

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Enrolling your kid in top preschools in bangalore can ease the process of their growth and development.

  • Preschool is an opportunity for growth

             A child can get an opportunity to learn, share and follow various instructions which can create a foundation for learning in future when they attend elementary school.

  • Preschool prepares your child for kindergarten

            The learning methods of a kindergarten are more academic, making a preschool very essential to help them be accustomed to schools. While selecting a preschool, parents do not need to choose between a child’s playtime and their academic needs. A high quality preschool offers your child both simultaneously.

  • Preschool promote social as well as emotional development

            Good preschools with experienced teachers nurture warm relationships between the children, parents and teachers. The teachers in top preschools in Bangalore build a close connection and provide social attention to every child. Parents receive daily reports of their child’s activity and teachers work hard to understand the child and their parent’s values and ethics. The young kids are able to learn social skills by interacting with various kids of different backgrounds. The teachers of a preschool have a well-honed sense of understanding about when they need to stop to between a child’s fight and little issues.

  • Preschool provides a structured environment

            The structured environment of a playschool helps the kids to learn, make friends and above all helps in his interaction not only with other kids of his age but also with different kinds of teachers and various helping staff. He learns how to respect his elders.

  • Children get to make choices

            The children at top preschool in Bangalore get various options and choices of the toys and games they want to play and the kids he wants to play with. A child who is wandering aimlessly and cannot decide about what he should do, is helped by a teacher to make a choice. The teachers even help reluctant and introvert children to mix up with other kids and help them in joining a group of kids who are engaged in some activity.

  • The children learn to take care of themselves as well as their friends

           A child’s self worth and confidence grows as he learns to do small things himself and take care of his belongings himself. Children learn to wash their hands before eating anything, to share his toys with others and put away the toys and games before moving on to another one. Most of the child’s learning takes place with his peers where the teachers often ask one kid who is good at something to help another kid, which increases the self confidence of the child and motivates him to be even more better.

  • Preschool promotes language and cognitive skills

             The best nursery school in Bangalore nurture the child in a language rich environment. The cognitive ability of a child grows as he engages in various activities which involves the child in watching closely and making observations along with helping them to learn how to question something they do not understand.

            Preschools plays a vital role in molding a child’s behavior, growth and social abilities. It has been seen that children who have attended preschools tend to be more attentive and better in catching the various instructions given to them later on while in kindergarten. ProEves has become famous among many cities of India for providing accurate information and details about playschool, daycare and different pre schools. We provide information from the point of view of a parent about what they might need to know before making a decision for their child.  Visit here know more about 7 Ways in which playgroup can benefit your child then

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9 Clever Baby Hacks and Pieces of Advice for New Parents

Happy parents with their baby in living room

By admin

Did you know that 3,855,500 babies were born in the United States in 2017? If you’re preparing to have a baby, it’s great to know that you’re definitely not going it alone.

Many new parents have come before you, and they know the struggle is real. They’ve managed through sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and improbable messes, too. What’s more, they’ve come away with some pretty nifty tips.

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Ready to get your hands on their collective advice for new parents? Read on for nine essential hacks that’ll save you time, money, and precious energy.

Tips for First-Time Parents

First-time parents, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Bringing home baby will change your life forever. And while it comes with its own set of unique challenges, raising a child represents the most rewarding experience that you will ever have.

You may already have tons of baby gear. And you’ve probably already taken the time to prepare your home for your infant’s new arrival. But you’ll still need a list of surefire tips when the going gets tough.

Whether changing diapers, putting your baby down for a nap, or learning the ins and outs of cleaning a high chair, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve organized this new parent advice by theme to make tips easier to find in a pinch. Like, say, when you’ve got an inconsolable baby in your arms at 3 am. Fortunately, these hacks will help you with that, too.

1. “Mess-Free” Diaper Changes

Let’s just get this out of the way up front. “Mess-free” diaper changes are an oxymoron. That said, a little advice from the pros can help you minimize the damages.

If you have a newborn baby boy, always have a washcloth or small towel handy to cover their penis during diaper changes. Cold air can stimulate little boys to urinate, and it’s better done on an absorbent towel than in your face or on your clothes.

As for diaper cream, it’s a necessary, messy evil. In fact, its moisture resistance makes it nearly impossible to wash off.

What to do? Use a baby wipe to immediately wipe the goop from your fingers by wrapping it tightly around each digit.

Or, better yet, get a soft plastic diaper cream applicator so that you can keep your hands cream-free in the first place.

 2. Diaper Bag Must-Haves

As babies get older, they sometimes rebel against diaper changes. Or, they prove such wiggle worms that you can’t get them to hold still long enough to get a clean diaper on them.

So, keep change-time only toys nearby to capture their attention. Don’t forget to stash a few in your diaper bag, too.

Always keep empty ziplock bags in your diaper bag. You never know when a serious mess could occur. And, believe me, babies are capable of some doozies.

Besides plastic bags, throw in an extra shirt for you as well as a onesie or change of clothing for your baby. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. A Little Warmth Goes a Long Way

After having a baby, expect some serious sleep deprivation. There’s no way around it.

Fortunately, baby sleep hacks abound. One of our favorites? Heat up the baby’s bed before you transfer them from your arms into it.

Do this with a microwave heat bag. Just make sure to remove the bag before you add the baby.

And don’t let the area where you’re going to lay them down get too hot either. You simply want to dull the sensation of going from warm arms to a cold bed.

4. White Noise Machines Rock

A white noise machine will prove a sleep-saver for you and baby.

Why? Before birth, infants sleep despite a sea of noises all around them, from the sound of your heartbeat to your voice and more.

It can be difficult for them to go from these sounds to silence. Fortunately, this machine surrounds them with the comforting noises from their prenatal experience, giving you a chance to catch up on some much needed shut eye.

5. Red Lights Instead of Red Eyes

Now here’s a weird hack that works surprisingly well.

Change out the light bulb in your baby’s room from a white light to a red one. Yes, it’ll look a bit odd to say the least.

But wait until you’re trying to find something or get around your baby’s room in the middle of the night. Then, you’ll see what we mean.

Why? Red light gives off a dimmer type of light and is far less likely to wake up baby in the middle of the night. Yet, you’ll still see well enough to avoid fumbling around or making noise in the dark.

6. Mastering Baby Messes

Yes, babies are adorable. But they also represent fine-tuned mess-making machines. So, get ready for lots of stain removal.

Always keep these three items on hand:

  1. Dawn dish soap
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
  3. Baking soda

This triple threat will remove just about any stain without harsh chemicals. What’s more, you probably already have all three of these items under your kitchen or bathroom sink.

7. Tackling High Chair Disasters

As for items that babies use every day, think simple and easy to clean. High chairs prove a notoriously difficult item to sanitize. Yet, they get truly disgusting.

So, get one that can be hosed down in the backyard or washed in the shower. You may also be able to dismantle and wash portions of your high chair in the dishwasher.

While we’re on the topic of high chairs, here’s a super handy hack for bibs. Purchase an adhesive hook from the store and stick it to the back of your high chair. That way, you’ll always have a spot to hang fresh bibs.

8. Dealing with Baby Clothes

 When you embark on the journey into parenthood, you also embark on the journey into keeping paired socks together and accounted for.

Any experienced parent will tell you that keeping matching socks on your baby’s feet proves nigh on to impossible.

Don’t make this task even more difficult by tempting your dryer to “eat” teeny-tiny baby socks. Instead, invest in a mesh laundry bag.

As for dealing with baby clothes, instead of trying to fold them, roll them. Once you’ve rolled them into neat little piles, stack similar items in small storage boxes. Or, use drawer organizers to keep them neat and easy to find.

9. Invest in the Best Device EVER Created for Babies

Right now, a pack and play might not sound like a big deal to you. But once your baby arrives, you’ll immediately start to see the utility of this device. In fact, we believe pack and plays are among the best baby inventions in history.

They prove highly transportable and can go nearly anywhere. (Some models can even be carried on your back.) Find out more about the best pack and plays by reading this blog.

They allow your infant to have a safe place to play and nap no matter where you travel.

Finally, they’ll keep mischief-makers out of trouble while also corralling messes in one easy-to-clean location.

Golden Advice for New Parents

 The journey into parenthood comes with its road bumps as well as plenty of advice for new parents. But not all advice is created equal.

You need to stick with what works for you and your baby. That said, simple, effective, cheap hacks like the ones above will make your life easier.

Ready to learn more about what to expect when your baby comes home? Check out this post on seven must-haves before your baby’s arrival.

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Simple Ways To Improve Your Family’s Finances

By- Alishba Irfan 


Image Source :- Pixabay

It can be difficult to make ends meet today. If you have children and loved ones dependent on your paycheck, then it can be even harder for you to make your money stretch. Fortunately, there are ways that you can improve your family’s finances. Continue reading

Create a Budget

The first step in improving your finances is to set a budget. You will not be able to improve your financial situation until you know where your money is going and how much you need to bring in to make ends meet. You should get your family to help you put together a budget.

Ask everyone to write down what they are spending money on. You should also keep track of your own purchases. After everyone has kept track of their purchases for a month, you can set a budget.

Be Prepared to Make Sacrifices

If you want to get your finances in order, then you will have to make some sacrifices. Most people are spending money unnecessarily. It can hurt to make sacrifices, but you may be able to free up hundreds of dollars per month by making a few change sin your life.

There are several ways that you can cut down on your expenses. For example, if you have an expensive cable package, then you can replace it with Netflix or Hulu. You can also get rid of vices such as smoking and drinking. Additionally, you can prepare your meals at home instead of buying them.

Do Not Make Impulse Purchases

Many people buy something just because it catches their eye. However, you do not want to make impulse purchases. It is best to remove yourself from the temptation. For example, if you know that you are tempted to buy something every time that you go to certain stores, then you will need to avoid going to it.

It is also a good idea to use the 30-day rule before making a purchase that you do not need. You should wait 30 days and decide whether you really want the item. You may find that you do not want the item after a month. You should also encourage everyone in your household to follow the 30-day rule.

Find New Ways to Bring in More Money

Many people take out title loans or use a credit card when they are not bringing in enough money to pay their bills. However, you may not have to take out a loan if you can find ways to increase your monthly income. There are endless ways that you can make money nowadays.

If you have extra time, then you can get a part-time job. However, there are ways that you can make money without a second job. For example, you can take surveys in your spare time. You will not get rich doing this, but you will have extra money to spend.

You can also become a product reviewer. Babysitting, dog walking and tutoring are some of the ways that you can make money in your spare time.


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How to Teach Kids About Why Contracts and Laws Are Important

By Will Bail

gavel-2492011_1920Image Source

When it comes to parental responsibility, keeping our children safe is of paramount importance. And when they are old enough to understand right from wrong and are given some freedom to go out and do things on their own, they should know about laws and contracts. The earlier that they learn about what is expected by the community as safe and proper behavior, the better prepared they will be to integrate into society as responsible young adults without facing legal troubles in their teenage years. The Marsh Blom Lawyers are always heartbroken when they see children who exercised bad judgment and fell in with the wrong crowd at a young age. Continue reading

How Do You Help Your Child Understand Laws? 

When it comes to law, it is important to ask your child what they think about laws and rules. If you were to create a law that your child had to brush their teeth every morning and every night before bedtime, how would that be perceived by them? Would this be an invasion of their free will to do as they please or accepted as part of keeping up oral health and protecting them from injury?

Depending on the maturity level of your child, it may be difficult to get a straightforward answer. However, if you are able to help them understand the point, you can start building them life lessons and a mind that is respectful of safety principles over personal desire.

Ultimately, your child should come to understand that obeying the laws are what they ultimately desire themselves in any regard. This is because the law is wisdom that is designed to protect the public and not something that is meant to injure them.

However, children should learn about consequences. If they do something wrong and break your rules, they should know that any serious dissent to your authority results in negative consequences. These consequences may be no video games for the day or a curfew for bed at 8 pm if they refuse to get up for school because they are tired.

Children who are punished too harshly to the point of an emotional meltdown may come to resent authority figures. Although your child can’t always have their way, tormenting them on an emotional level should never be the punishment for violating arbitrary rules unless they are failing to take a serious matter very seriously.

How Do You Help Your Child Understand Contracts?

A contract is essentially an agreement of any type. A contract can be implied, expressly stated in writing, or a basic oral agreement. You can teach your children about contracts by bringing up the term anytime that you enter into an agreement with them. If you honor the terms and penalize them when they fail to keep up their end of the bargain, they will be able to understand contracts better.

You should keep your contracts as basic as possible. Have them sign a typed-up agreement that you will pay them a small sum for following your instructions every day. If they clean up their room, wash the dishes, take out the rubbish, and fulfill other obligations, you can fulfill your end of the bargain by putting the money into a savings account and helping them put the money towards a new bike, video game, doll, or outfit.


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How to Strengthen Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

By Will Bail

feedback-3239758_1920Image Source

In the 21st century, local communities abound with professional tutoring establishments; gifted and talented programs; and language immersion curricula. Parents put a premium on fostering the intellects of their children. Much is riding on it: academic success, college admissions and career advancement, to name a few. Yet happiness and prosperity as an adult are undermined, nevertheless, when emotions confuse and frustrate children in their formative years. Dysfunctions and maladjustment impair an otherwise promising future no matter how high a child’s IQ. Understanding the importance of healthy and durable emotional intelligence, on the other hand, helps parents to help their children. Continue reading

The ability to recognise, distinguish and manage emotions is commonly known as emotional intelligence (EI) or, alternatively, an emotional quotient (EQ). It stands to reason, then, that the higher the EQ, the better an individual exercises self-control, social mindfulness and clear thinking. Of course, EI looks different depending on the context. Home, school, recreational settings and the workplace each call for distinct expressions of EI. Defending turf on the playing field requires single-minded aggressiveness. Yet such an emotional state should well be regulated in the framework of home and family. The capacity to make such shifts is best developed in childhood.

Dr. Marc Brackett of the Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence offers the RULER acronym as a basis on which to nurture EI in young people:

R — Recognising emotions in oneself and other people

U — Understanding the genesis and the effects of such emotions

L — Labeling emotions with precision and accuracy

E — Expressing those feelings in a manner that suits the situation

R — Regulating emotions for the best outcome

What actions can parents undertake to meet these EI benchmarks? One way to do this is to establish a discipline of mindfulness. Many parents and school districts offer yoga to children but other, less formal, practices are equally efficacious. Nature awalks, prayers, one-on-one conversations and limiting screen time all help children pay attention to their inner lives.

Speaking of conversation, parents can remember the importance of allowing a child to speak and to listen to them closely. These are moments when the parent can walk through a problem with the son or daughter, helping the child to learn problem-solving, forbearance and values. Sometimes, however, the feelings run deep, and are hard to express. On such occasions, parents must learn non-verbal cues like body language and facial expressions. Only spending adequate time with the children can instill this knowledge.

As a child grows to adulthood — and begins making his or her way in the world — the EQ becomes more evident to family, friends and co-workers. Still, it is not too late to boost the emotional quotient score. Increasingly, employers are seeing value in EI among the workforce. Utilizing services from EI experts like Genos International, they have provided training, education and skills to their people in order to cultivate engaging, resilient and mindful personnel.



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mothers day

By Admin,

WishYoo and NO MORE have partnered this year to celebrate Mother’s Day, with a collaborative Thank-You card where everyone can hand-write their personal message to that special person, who sacrifices so many wants and needs for us. The Global Mother’s Day Card is a charity year-round event, which supports NO MORE’s continuous dedication to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault worldwide.

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Today, most countries and communities have a place in their calendars for this important day, which honors the challenging and beautiful experience of having or raising a child. This campaign will be launched in the U.K. during the last weeks of March, with the help of some of the top parenting bloggers of this nation. Right after, the card will be announced in the U.S., Asia and most countries in Latin America, which celebrate Mother’s Day in the month of May. The card will end its path in Argentina at the end of October.

The organizers of this campaign are hoping to surpass the World Guinness Record for the largest collaborative greeting card, and for that they need to gather more than 40,000 signatures and dedications throughout the world. This global event is also a reminder of the way technology can be used to preserve the environment and our forests, while at the same time preserving the beautiful memories of those closest to us.

WishYoo’s patented platform is a proud part of this evolution. The landing site of this event can be seen here, and the Mother’s Day Card can be accessed directly through this link .


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Trendy lunch boxes for your kids

Smily-Dual-Slot-Lunch-Bag6-2-400x400 (1)

By Admin,

Are you done with your preparations for the new session? Is his/her school bag ready? Have you purchased the stationary? If yes, are you forgetting the most important thing, the lunch box? Don’t worry; we have a guide ready for you to select the best boxes available in the market. As per your child’s food preferences, you can select the perfect one.

‘A lunch box tells a lot about the health of a kid’

Below mentioned things can be taken cared of while buying a new box

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Sturdy Ones

You don’t want your kids to feel embarrassed while the oil gets spilled from their boxes, right? Make sure that the boxes they use are sturdy, air-tight and easy to use for kids. Try one from Smily Kiddos; they have a wide range of boxes to choose from. They are so colorful, trendy and will definitely attract your champ. Plus, they have soft edges, air-tight lids, and the most important they are safe for kids.

The number of compartments

As per your kids’ choice and preference, you can select a box. It is important to have the right number of compartments for stuff like green veggies, lentils, bread, snacks, and pickles. Also, you don’t want these things to get mixed in the box. You can either go for a 2-part box or a double decker box, the choice is yours..!

Colour combination

He loves blue, she loves pink or they both love black? If you are also tasseled with your kids’ choices, we have a solution for you. Smily Kiddos has a wide range of lunch boxes that come in various colors. I am sure your little angels won’t say a no to these baby pink, ice blue, and black boxes. They have stylish prints which attract every kid. Brighten their day with bright, colourful box, and let them flaunt some style amongst their peer group with their lunch box.

Material used

Is the material of the current lunch box safe for your kid? Is it made up of cheap plastic causing harm to their health? Or is it too fragile that it can get broken very easily? If the answer to the above question is yes, you should head straight to and select a quality box. Be a mom who is taking care of the kid in her absence too.

Size of the box

Nor too big, nor too small is the right size of the box. For kids, you need to be extra cautious while selecting a lunch box. If the box is too large, it is heavy for them and will be difficult for them to carry and if it’s too small it will mess up the food inside it. So don’t just jump on to the good looking box, but analyze it properly. And, of course, the box should have some space for spoons and fork, just the way Smily Kiddos provide.

If you cook absolutely healthy food for the baby, if you take care of his dietary needs, and if you make sure that your kid is eating freshly prepared food, how can you not ensure the box is right or not? Now that you know the checklist, think twice before buying a box because it’s not just a box, it’s the way you take of his/her nutrition, it’s the way his/her health is ensured and it’s how you take care of your younger one.


Image source :


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The Dog Who Saved The World by Ross Welford


the dog who saved the world

By Admin,

Ross Welford’s new novel his fourth, The Dog Who Saved the World.I simply loved this book because it is very well written & fun to read as it is like a science fiction and involved dogs !!

Even though the story is set slightly in the future that the characters were easy to relate to, and that one of the main ones is a dog! I liked the story of Georgie and Ramzy who meet an eccentric scientist and are manipulated into visiting her at her top secret laboratory. There, they get to try out her new 3D virtual reality game – and so the adventure begins.

I recommend this book to anybody who likes time traveling stories and if you liked this one read time traveling with a hamster

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Tips To Help You Parent Your Children With Clashing Personalities


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Every child is unique. The way they interact with the world, the way the view events or situations and even their eating habits can differ. In fact, no two children are the same even in the same family. Having siblings with completely different personalities is actually quite common; the New York Times estimates that siblings are similar 20 percent of the time. For parents of multiple kids, this means that one parenting style or approach can elicit different responses from each child. Traditional Indian parenting styles center around attachment parenting and emphasis on developing moral and educational values. However, in many cases, a preset approach may not be suited to every child. For these parents, a question that is often asked is: How do I parent children with different personalities? As a parent, you want to encourage the development of your child’s personalities, but it can also present some challenges. Well, there is a way to do that, and it all begins with understanding your child’s personality.

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View And Appreciate The Individuality

The best start to successfully parenting of different personalities is to understand the differences and commonalities between your kids. To do this, take the time to understand each child as an individual and their views. There are many tools and parenting resources widely available online that may help you categorize your child’s traits. His/Her everyday actions, reactions, and motivations will be key in helping you here.

According to Hippocrates, there are four temperaments; Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine and Phlegmatic. Each of these has defining characteristics which will help you make the categorization. Only when you have identified your child’s temperament will you be able to successfully build a suitable approach to connect with them. This is also the way you can identify any character traits that could signal temperament conditions and get suitable help. A norm witnessed in India is the dismissal of problematic signs by parents, with the hope that the child will grow out of it, or that it could be remedied using strict enforcement of rules and punishments. This is not always the best way forward, and a consultation with a professional can be incredibly useful in constructing an individual plan.

Cater Your Approach To Your Child

You may find that one child that is happy, quite social and enjoys receiving attention, while another is more strong-willed and outspoken. For these two individuals, one approach would rarely be suitable. In a typical Indian household, mealtimes are preset, academic achievements are revered, and strict rules on playtime are enforced, but not every child will thrive in this environment. This is where you use can benefit from using differing techniques. Keep in mind that this does not mean preferential or inconsistent parenting, but instead refers to using tools and approaches that will appeal to the individual child. For those that enjoy the attention, spending a few extra minutes explaining a task may be the trick that builds your connection, and also gets them to listen. Strong-willed kids prefer to retain some aspect of control, and like to be heard. Including them in key decisions can address this.

 See Beyond The Parent Role – Get Inventive

It can also help to sometimes remove yourself from the parent point of view and attempt to see things from your child’s view. Think of what would motivate each child. While one child may be motivated by the results of excelling in school, others may find their joy in being outdoors or in vocational areas. One great way to get children with different food preferences to eat the same is to use different or fun food presentations or make a game out of it. While it may be difficult at first, the key to achieving it is all about balance. If one child prefers to be outdoors while the other prefers books and crafts, mix activities and get them to take turns. Each time they can alternate activities, with one child choosing the activities each day. Not only does this allow them some form of control, but it also teaches patience, the art of compromise and cohabiting. In short, it allows children to become well-rounded individuals, no matter what their personality type.

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Celebrate World Sleep Day with Beddy Nest Mattress


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Sleep is so important for overall health and Beddy mattress will help you find a great reason to put your young ones to go to bed. The specialized mattress offers a sanitized environment, free of harmful substances protecting the sensitive skin of the infant. Beddy mattress is made from high quality materials, are firm, durable, breathable & have waterproof cover.

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Beddy comes in 3 varieties – Beddy Nest – The Natural, Premium Mattress; Beddy Blossom – For Optimal Support and Beddy Guard- The Multipurpose Mattress. Waterproof accessories like Beddy Protect- The Waterproof zipped cover and Beddy Shield – Water proof Protector are also available for the consumers. Though the mattresses come in 4 standard sizes of 120 x 60 x 10 cm, 85 x 46 X 5 cm, 111 x 65 x 10 cm and 140 x 70x 10cm



.Beddy Nest is made of natural core materials that are certified by Oeko-Tex- and independent testing German laboratory. Natural Latex foam and Rubberised Coir are natural, resilient and breathable materials, that are widely considered the best materials for children mattresses world over. Keeping the child’s needs in mind,the mattress comes with 2 covers, with the outer zipped cover being waterproof and washable. Beddy Nest package includes Beddy Protect – a premium waterproof zipped cover for free




The mattress looks very appealing , very innovative idea that’s waterproof from all sides and washable which i find it very handy .

Pack in Play mattress  is portable baby station that allows you to give your baby a place to play or nap while you are travelling away from home. 

On this world sleep day rediscover the power of sleep with Beddy mattress , high quality mattresses specially designed to suit the growing needs of infants and children .


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