My Little Pony Birthday Party Planner



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What Do I Need For the Party?

  • My Little Pony Caps
  • My Little Pony Tissue papers
  • My Little Pony candles
  • Pinata
  • My Little Pony Table cover
  • My Little Pony Party Popper
  • My Little Pony return gift bags
  • My Little Pony Swirls
  • My Little Pony Blowouts

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What return gifts do i need ? 


You can buy My little Pony Birthday Party decoration package on our store .


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Philips Food Processor Review


Foor Processor

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A good value, simple and easy to use machine. It has neat storage of attachments inside the main bowl.

Helps yo make your dough in less than a minute .


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whippingMaximum Variety of Recipes The perfect tool for whipping, whisking or  emulsifying eggs or whipped cream. For best volume increase and fluffiness, use the low speed setting. Creating delicious desserts or mayonnaise has never been easier!

sharp bladeSharp and Strong Stainless Steel S Blade for Chopping The sharp and strong stainless steel S blade chops vegetables such as onions in no time. It can also be used for other ingredients such as nuts, meats or even to make doughs for pie crusts


Stainless stell DiscHigh Performance Stainless Steel Disc Inserts Simply select the right stainless steel disc insert to prepare your favorite ingredient and click it onto the disc holder. Performance has been tested extensively to provide the best slicing and shredding results

powerchopPowerChop technology is a combination of blade shape, cutting angle and inner bowl that provides a superior chopping result in both soft and hard ingredients. It is also perfect for making purées and mixing your cake batters!

What i like :

  • Chopping is very quick and efficient.
  • The controls are very responsive.
  • Produces smooth results pureeing soup.
  • All the attachments are easy to fit and remove.
  • All the attachments have a number written on them to indicate which speed to use

What i don’t like

  • At times the grating is poor and is hard to push the food through and the motor struggles
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By Cindy,


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How To Secure The Apartment To Prevent Your Child’s Injuries


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Kids like to roam around the house with a flair for mischief and notorious pranks. Although you as a parent might not have taught your kid(s) any of the mischiefs, they are bound to acknowledge on their own. Well, self-learning is one of the most important aspects of growth. Mischiefs are never a problem; the worry is about them hurting themselves in a moment of joyful innocence. Sometimes, these joyful moments leave a scar on your kid’s body for life; even worse, end up in a severe injury like stunted growth, a broken bone or even worse, underdeveloped mental growth. Kids often tend to fear a phenomenon or an activity if they have had a bad experience in their early childhood, yes, it is difficult for them to remember it, but it builds up in their subconscious mind.

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So, to avoid the sense of fear and more importantly the agony of the wound, baby proofing is the best option. There are lots of child safety equipment available in the market. Child safety doesn’t guarantee that your child shall be safe and sound, however, an apartment which is baby proofed ensures minimal impact on the kid’s body. Here’s a list of child safety equipment that is convenient to purchase and handy to install.

1.       Corner Guards: Corner guards are nothing more but a cap for the corners. Sharp and heavy corners are one of the dangerous edges in the house. The edges are pointed, heavy and kids often tend to lean on the edges while playing around. Corner guards help in avoiding these sorts of mishaps. Corner guards are usually made from foam or PVC. Both the materials are light, delicate and have the tendency to absorb severe shocks.

Hence, corner guards are required to secure the apartment and ensure child safety.

2.       Electric Plug Protectors: Kids have an immense curiosity for exploration. The thing that interests them the most is seeking answers for unreasonable questions and elements which we adults are least bothered about. One such element is a kid’s curiosity to explore the electrical plugs. We know that the plugs have a continuous current of 220V running through them, however, it seems unreasonable to explain the concept of ‘electricity & power’ to a 3-year-old. As such, this curiosity is not a problem, but kids tend to insert their fingers in the plug, a high risk of electrocution ensues. To prevent this possible fatal act, plug protectors can be used. Plug protectors are fancily shaped dump plugs that hide the electric output plugs.

Electric plug protectors are generally plastic made or some other material that acts as an insulator.

3.       Foam Tapes: Foam tapes are very similar to corner guards. The specific reason for foam tapes is to cover the edges of sharp and heavy furniture like the dining table, coffee table etc. with a mushy foam. The foam absorbs the shock, resulting in a slight jerk.

Foam tapes are supposed to be stuck on the edges firmly.

4.       Door Stopper: Kids often crush their fingers in between the door and its frame. Door stoppers are required to hold the door in its place so that a sudden blow of the wind cannot shut the door and risk the safety of your baby. Door stoppers are one of the most popular child safeties in the market. People have installed door stoppers in the homes for a long period now. A door stopper can be fastened on the wall or can be inserted at the bottom of the door. The only job of a door stopper is to create a force that resists the swinging motion of the door.

Door stoppers are usually made of wood, plastic, stainless steel and silicon.

5.       Cabinet Locks: Well, this child safety is more of a shield for kids from parents. Cabinet locks are quite simple to operate for adults, but kids, they take a lot of time to understand its working. Cabinet locks ensure the safety of your precious cutlery, china and glassware along with some important documents and designer clothes, footwear and accessories. Cabinet locks keep the children out of the drawer and keep your precious things intact.

Cabinet locks also prevents the kid’s fingers from getting pinched in between the door hinges or the trolley slider.

Well, these are a few methods for you to secure the apartment to create a secure, healthy and cherishable environment that allows your kid to enjoy his joyful innocent moment and you can relish those moments for life without any worry!

Author Bio: EZ Life offers a variety of baby accessories and kids’ products to the Indian market which are curated from various international sources that match the European standards. When comes to baby accessories, the forte of this Mumbai-based start-up is baby safety.

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Desi Toys review – Play Indian Games


All products Pic

By Varda

The other day while sipping a hot cup of coffee, we had a discussion that almost all the modern parents have at some point of their journey of parenthood .We were lost in nostalgia… remembering the most joyous moments of our childhood!

Our childhood was full of life playing all the wonderful games like lagori, gilli danda, marbles, kitchen sets. Although we had limited exposure to screens of any sort or gadgets we never felt lack of it in our childhood. In fact our life was much better without it.Today’s tech savvy children are glued to the screens all the time. They never seem to have had enough of it. It wont be wrong to say that these kids are on the verge of getting addicted to the gadgets.

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We felt it is time now that we spell the magic of our Indian desi toys and games(added s) on our children.The prolonged use of gadgets not only causes health issues but also affects children’s skill development and physical movement. But one doesn’t get to see such toys in good quality sold in cities today.

So we decided to look onto online shopping portals like amazon, firstcry for our favorite toys from childhood like marble solitaire!! And to our surprise it was available. Without making any further delays we ordered Desi toys Marble solitaire.

We went ahead and ordered few of the other toys from ‘Desi Toys’ some of them are

  • Wolves and Pigs is a ‘Do it Yourself’ game with the famous ‘Three Little pigs and Wolf’ story theme

Wolves and Pigs is a ‘Do it Yourself’ game with the famous ‘Three Little pigs and Wolf’ story theme                     where you can create your own board game and play with it. It is a 2 player ancient game inspired by                 the ‘Goats and Tigers/ Bagh Bakri’ strategy game. In this game there are 16 pigs and 3 wolves. The                   wolves have the ability to capture pigs and eliminate them from the board whereas the pigs try to lock                 the wolf’s move.Skills enhanced through this game are Strategy building, Logic Building and Social                     Skills. It is a fun activity DIY game ideal for 6 years plus age.

  • Tic Tac Toe is a ‘Do it Yourself’ game with the famous ‘Tortoise and Rabbit’ story theme

Tic Tac Toe is a ‘Do it Yourself’ game with the famous ‘Tortoise and Rabbit’ story theme where you                      can create your own board game and play with it. It is an ancient game where 2 players take turns                     marking their spaces in 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing his/her 3 respective marks                         vertically, horizontally or diagonally first, wins the game. Skill set enhanced by this game are                      ‘Strategy building, Logic building and Social Skills’. It is a fun activity DIY game ideal for 4 years plus age.

  •  The Jungle Memory Game, a card game with ‘Incredible India’ theme of birds and animals.

The Jungle Memory Game is a card game with ‘Incredible India’ theme of birds and animals. It is a                     wonderful family game for kids above 3 years to sharpen memory, increase concentration and                      improve visual recognition. Just flip, memorize and match. Player with maximum matches is the winner.

  •  Bhulbhulaiya, that requires hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

                     Handcrafted in Shesham wood, this is a fun, challenging game enjoyed by everyone.Deep                                 grooves have been carved into the surface of the 6″diameter  disc and the entire game has a                            smooth finish with no sharp edges. Three small steel balls have been placed inside of the grooves                      and will not come out even when tipped upsided down. When the toy is rattled, jostled, tipped and                       shaken, the balls move about inside of the maze track. To win the game, kids must get all three                            balls into the middle of the puzzle. Game play requires hand eye coordination, fine motor skills                          and problem solving skills and will aid in children’s growth and development in a fun way!

Desi Toys is a creation of SwapnaWagh. Desi toys are traditional Indian toys and games with a touch of Indian art.Her childhood love for traditional toys and passion for exposing today’s children to the desi toys, which have stood the test of the time, led her to the creation of DESI TOYS…

What I Like About Desi Toys

  •  Traditional Indian toys and games which are fun, engaging and skill enhancing with
  • Superior quality
  • Safe for child
  • Nostalgic factor is alive in each of the product.
  • All products are made by talented artisans of India.

Will I Recommend Desi Toys

We relived the moments of our childhood days by playing with our little ones…telling them stories of how we enjoyed playing with these toys.Along with that it will also make a very awesome gift

Visit- for more!

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A Mother’s Guide to Baby Food

baby food


By admin,

A shout out to the new moms who are ready to take on the responsibility of a newborn soon. While there’s no doubt that you are happy and eager to hold your little one in arms, your mind is also bothering with the questions of baby care.

What to feed the child? Is the food appropriate or shall I add something else? When should I introduce solid food? — and the questions go on and on until you find appropriate answers.

This article aims to solve all your doubts about baby food and help in maintaining a nutritious diet for your baby. We have given a month-wise guide, just read it thoroughly and you’ll be ready in no time!

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0-4 Months

It’s the breast milk that is considered the best baby food for infants up to 4 months of age. Mothers also use infant formula to feed the baby.

You will need to feed 8-10 times a day depending on your choice of meal – whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding. In case you are using the latter, the baby has to be fed every 3-4 hours.

4 to 6 Months

When the baby crosses the milestone of 4 months, the time for solid food slowly begins. One of the most common signs that the baby is ready for solid food is their ability to sit with support and move their head side to side. For most of the toddles, it’s the sixth month when they are ready to eat solid food. The transition to solid food should be steady, and you can decrease the breast milk or formula to 4-5 times a day.

Oatmeal is a great choice for first-time feeding. You can mix it with breast milk or formula to feed the baby. Over the time, add more dry cereal and thicken the mixture. Slowly, introduce other fruits and vegetables in the diet depending on how the baby reacts to the new food. However, do not overdo and go slow with the solid foods.

6 to 8 Months

By the time your child turns six months, you can start introducing a variety of solid foods. Pureed vegetables and fruits are the best choices that also support your baby’s growing needs. You can also move to soft cooked foods along with simple cereals.

Over the time, increase the servings but don’t tick off breastfeeding and formula from the food plan. Try to strike a balance between them to help your child get the required nutrition.

8 to 10 months

The infant feeding reaches next level by the eight months, and you can start including solid foods without making a puree. Fresh juice made of apples, grapes and pears can also enter your baby’s diet in small amounts.

Some other food items that you can introduce to your child are cooked pasta, teething crackers, eggs and cheese. However, try to keep the quantity small and let the baby eat it all slowly. One thing to remember is that your baby won’t like the taste of every meal in the beginning. Thus, try to repeat the food after a few days to help them acquire the taste.

10 to 12 months

Though last in the guide, this is one of the crucial stages of your child’s growth. During these months, you’ll notice how faster your kid grows and develops new skills. From walking to talking, your kid learns it all to be the rockstar of your life.

With more teeth, they can also chew better and thus are able to eat varied food items. However, try to make small pieces of everything that you feed, to avoid choking. You can also introduce meat or chicken in your baby’s diet to ensure they get proper nutrition for growth and development.

The Bottom Line

Keeping a tab on the food chart of a newborn is a tough task. It becomes even more challenging when you are a first-time mother. However, if you get the right advice and follow your ‘motherly-instinct’, you can easily take care of your baby’s diet. To know more about newborn baby’s feeding tips and healthy recipes for toddlers, you can visit digital platforms like Momspresso. All the best!

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Banish cockroaches with NoRoach


By admin,

Pest control has become a necessity for most Indian households.Pests like cockroaches, ants, rats and so on that can contaminate food and seriously affect health . More often than not, people use traps and/or various forms of chemical pest repellents (sprays, gels, poison etc.) that cause a mess, are as much of a health hazard as the pests themselves, along with being bad for the environment. I remember product like Laxman Rekha a white colored chalk like lipstick used to draw lines in kitchen to kill cockroaches. Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do to get rid of cockroach was plug in a little device? No setting traps, dealing with poison . That is the allure of using an ultrasonic pest control device.

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Banish cockroaches with NoRoach, a non-toxic pest repellent that will help drive away cockroaches without killing them and make your house a Roach Free Zone. NoRoach Electronic Repellent is an Ultrasonic pest control device that guarantees safety and efficiency. With absolutely no chemicals, no odor, no fumes, this electronic ultrasonic pest repellent is the safest way to keep your premises Cockroaches free.

Most ultrasonic repellents are safe for household pets such as dogs and cats which aren’t affected by the ultrasonic sounds that the device emits.

Pros :

1. NoRoach is relatively inexpensive with devices costing less than 1000 rupees and consuming very little electricity.

2. It works for many different types of pests which makes it almost a one-size-fits-all pest controller as opposed to other methods that only tackle one pest at a time

Cons :

Ultrasonic a short-range. Usually, they can work in one room but won’t cover a complete house. Therefore, depending on the areas where pests may be present, the user may need more than one of these devices.


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Newborn Checklist: Things You Need to Get Before the Baby Arrives

baby 1

By Jasmine

So, your family will soon be welcoming a new member – congratulations! While your child will provide you with many happy moments, you should keep in mind that the first couple of months after the baby arrives will be hectic. That means that you will probably have no time to go shopping for some of the essentials, which is why you should do it now while you still have the chance. We came up with a list of things you should get before your newborn comes home.

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Breast pump

One of the essentials you should get is definitely a breast pump. If you decide to breastfeed, investing in this device is a great way to make sure your baby will have milk even if you’re not there to feed them. This way, your partner can feed the newborn during the night or when you are away. While you can get an expensive electric pump, a manual one will also do the job. Look for one that is small and portable as then you can take it with you and use it when your body feels the need to nurse.

Baby bottles

If you intend to nurse and use bottles, you should wait four to six weeks before introducing the bottle. However, that does not mean that you should not get them before the baby arrives. The variety of bottles may catch you off guard but don’t worry – it’s not difficult to get the hang of it. Bottle nipples come in various sizes, and you will probably go through a few sizes until you find the one that fits best. Also, as the baby gets bigger, they will need a bigger nipple.


Okay, this is the one thing you will not forget to buy beforehand but there are still some things you should keep in mind. For example, bassinets are quite cute but babies outgrow them super quickly. It’s perfectly fine for your newborn to use a crib immediately, just make sure to reduce the risk of SIDS, by following some rules.

Car seat

You need to check with your hospital whether they require you to have an infant seat in your car before they discharge you. If they do, getting one is a no-brainer. However, in case you are worried your baby will quickly be too big for it, the good news is that most baby car seats can be adjusted so that they fit newborns as well as bigger children.


Getting a pram is another thing you should think about on time. There are various models and you need to do some research to see which one will fit your needs. For example, if you often use your car, you should look for something that is easy to fold and lift into the vehicle. You also need to take into consideration the storage space it offers.

Video monitor

This small device is amazing for giving you peace of mind. If you need to go take a shower or go to the kitchen to make some food, this is the easiest way to make sure the baby is sleeping. Even if they are not asleep, it’s good to see what they are doing and whether they are safe.

Swaddle blankets

Trying to wrap the baby in a swaddle can cause you some troubles. There is no need to get frustrated about something so trivial, as you can purchase a blanket that is made specifically for swaddling a newborn.


You definitely want plenty of diapers waiting for you at home, as you will probably have no free time to go to the store to get some. Don’t get a lot of newborn-sized ones, seeing as how the baby will outgrow them in no time.

Ice packs and maxi pads

Feeling sore and swollen is normal after giving birth and having ice packs around can help you deal with the pain. Moreover, make sure you stock up on maxi pads, seeing as how the bleeding and discharge can last from two to six weeks following the delivery.

Regardless of how much you prepare, you can always expect a surprise when dealing with a newborn. Having some help is always welcome, so rely on your friends and family as they will probably be glad to help in any way they can. Cherish this time as it will pass by before you know it



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Health Benefits Of Whey Protein

whey protein

By admin,

Whey protein is an excellent supplement in the world and that too for a good reason. It has high nutritional value and studied have proved that it is effective. It is commonly used by athletes, high-intensity trainers, people struggling with obesity and type 2 diabetes. Its helps build muscles while protecting extra burning when the stubborn belly fat is the target. There are many healthbenefits and that is the reason the product has maintained the high popularity and sale in the health market. All experts and trainers suggest the use for effective body building and maintenance. There are many websites that deliver the same product to your doorstep. When you are ordering it is best to check the healthkart coupons to enjoy the discounts. If you are contemplating the use for self and are not sure then here are some of the benefits that will help you make the decision.

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1) It is an excellent source of high-quality protein: When you are consuming the whey protein then you should know that you are consuming a high amount of protein. There are all required amino acids. These are highly digestible form of proteins which are something that the gut will thank you for as compared to any other form of the same. These are some of the qualities which makes it one of the preferred supplement for protein. There are three types of protein powder- concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate in which concentrate is the most common type and also most affordable.

2) Helps Muscle growth: As the body ages the muscle mass declines as a natural process. This is the reason why many people gain fat and there is also increased risk for chronic disease. This is something which is natural but it can be slowed or even be prevented with a good combination of proper diet and training. This amazing combination has been able to even reverse the process for many. The most effective part is the high-quality protein source which is whey which is effective in branched-chain amino acid known as leucine. Leucine promotes growth of anabolic which is known to prevent age related problems which happens with muscle loss.

3) It helps lower the Blood Pressure: It is very common that people heart diseases due to the high-blood pressure situation which goes unnoticed. There are many studies which show the consumption of right dairy products to the reduction of blood pressure. The whey proteins have ACE-inhibitors known as lactokinins which have shown a positive impact on the blood pressure situation. The effect is shown in cases where there is slight high blood pressure. It is, however, not a substitute to medicines and precautions which are otherwise suggested. It is also noted that lower consumption of whey protein also did not lead to any effect on lowering the blood pressure.

4) It helps treat Type 2 Diabetes: When the insulin function in the body decreases and the body has been dealing with chronic high blood sugar then it leads to diabetic condition. Insulin is a hormone which has a job to keep the amount of sugar that goes in the cells moderated. The consumption of whey protein has shown that it is effective in keeping the update of blood sugar into the cells at healthy level. This is not suggested as a primary source of treatment of the diabetic condition but has shown improvement. Combining the intake of whey protein with a high-carb diet is known to moderate the blood sugar level in healthy and type 2 diabetic patients.

5) It help reduce Inflammation: The body response to damage by inflammation which is acceptable but something which cannot be ignored is chronic inflammation. This situation can be harmful and could also be a reason for future diseases. The use of whey protein supplements reduces the c-reactive protein which is a marker of inflammation in the human body.

6) It helps reduce inflammatory bowel disease: When the digestive tract has inflammation in the digestive tract then the inflammation bowel disease is common. If there is someone who is suffering from such a condition then the intake of whey protein. There are many users who have supported the claim but the number of research is not enough. You should try this with other suggestions to get better results. Inflammatory bowel movement can be a condition which is troublesome and can be something that effects life in long term.

7) It increases the antioxidant defenses: These are substances which cuts down the oxidation process in e body also reduce the stress level. This if left unattended then can lead to chronic diseases. The antioxidants which are highly important in human body are received from diet but there are a few which the body produces on their own. For the natural production of few of these antioxidants the body needs amino acids which are made available to it in the form o whey protein. Talking about the benefits this might not be the main reason why people take whey protein but in most individual it is one of the most popular way of taking amino acids.

8) Helps control cholesterol level: There is a risk factor for heart diseases with high cholesterol level in the human body. There are supportive research which shows that about regular intake of whey protein for about 3 weeks can lead to a significant reduction in  the total amount of bad cholesterol. This is a great way to start with the maintenance of a healthy body but should not be treated as a substitute of any medicine one is prescribed.

It is actually important that when you are focusing on maintaining your body then you get to a good start. Talking about the diet and the amount of whey protein you should take talk to an expert as they will give you a proper amount analyzing the amount of exercise you are doing. Whey protein is a good way to give your body enough protein to keep it healthy. You can gradually increase the intake if that is how you wish to proceed once you see the benefits on it.

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DinoLingo Language Learning Programs For Kids Review


By Admin

Have you all heard of Dino Lingo ?  It’s the world largest language learning program for children.
I was excited when Dino Lingo contacted me and provided a free French access to try out and review.

DinoLingo is a fun new way to teach your children a new language. From video lessons to children’s songs, from interactive games to bed-time stories to digital books and audiobooks, there are hundreds of fun and easy ways for kids to learn French at DinoLingo. It helps to harness the unlimited power of your child’s imagination their programs entertain as they teach. Children learn as they play and learn as they speak.

The information has been laid out in a very comprehendible fashion. They definitely make child friendly. I’m truly impressed by how much my daughter has learned, and how much she is enjoying it. It’s been more effective than I expected it to be. DinoLingo should be your first step towards introducing your little one to their language of choice. Kids have the ability to learn multiple languages and it helps greatly in brain development. They will become confident individuals with great linguistic skills.

I would absolutely suggest this product for kids as it interactive and filled with animated cartoons that makes children to enjoy watching .

Try a free session here

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9 Essential Things You Need When Kitting Out Your Newborn’s Nursery

By Sarah Jones,


Getting everything ready for the arrival of your new baby can be fun and exciting. But sometimes there can be so many things to think about that you might feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. When it comes to preparing your baby’s nursery the secret is to focus on the essentials. As long as you have all the basic pieces of equipment in place time for your baby arrives, you will be ready to enjoy your first few months together. Keep it simple and minimize stress. You can add lots of bits and pieces later as you get know your baby and also find out what gifts friends and relatives bring.

Below are nine essential items you might want to think about:

Moses basket

Everyone wants to make sure their baby gets a good night’s sleep so one of the first things you will need to consider is the sleeping arrangements. For the first few months, a small wicker crib, also known as a Moses basket, might be all that is required. Although old fashioned, these have become popular again. They offer a simple and portable bed that is smaller and more snug and cozy than a full-size cot. A Moses basket is particularly useful in the early days, especially if you decide to have your baby sleeping in your bedroom or just want to keep the baby nearby during the day.

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As your baby grows you will soon want to make the move from their basket to a full-size cot. There are plenty to choose from whether you decide to visit the local high street or prefer the convenience of internet shopping. Online shops, such as this website, often offer a wider choice and the convenience of home delivery

Look for one with the slide downsides as that makes it easier to lift baby in an out.  Always make sure that the cot you buy complies with up to date safety standards. For example, make that the bars are spaced to ensure that the baby’s head won’t get stuck between them.  Also, if there are any moving parts they should be designed so that small fingers won’t get jammed.

There are plenty of different styles to choose from ranging from the simple and functional to fanciful fairy-tale designs.


Your choice of mattress will be based on many things including your budget and how much wear you expect it to get. If you think the mattress will be used by future brothers and sisters it might be worth investing a little bit more for one that will last longer.

A flat firm mattress is best. It should fit snugly into the cot or Moses basket and have a waterproof cover to deal with those unexpected leaks and accidents. Again make sure it complies with all the relevant safety standards.


Soft cotton blankets are best and they are available in many colors and patterns as well as traditional white. If you are crafty you might want to make or knit something special. Or perhaps you have a friend or relative who can. If not, there are still plenty of beautiful commercially made blankets to choose from.  No pillow should be used until your baby is older.


Room thermometers are useful for making sure that the nursey is not too hot or too cold. This will lead to a better night’s sleep for you both. You should also keep a baby thermometer handy so that you can keep an eye on things if you are worried that your baby might be a bit feverish.

Baby Bath

Bath time should be fun for both you and your baby. Use a gentle cleanser designed for your baby’s delicate skin and throw in a couple of simple brightly colored or textured toys to add some extra fun and stimulation.

Changing Table & Mat

A changing table might not seem like an essential at first.  Many parents are quite happy to put the mat on the floor or use another table or the couch to change their baby’s nappy. But you will be changing your baby’s nappies several times a day and sometimes during the night too. All that bending can put a strain on your back. Using a changing table at the correct height will be more comfortable and will reduce the risk of back pain.

Baby monitor

In the early days you will probably want to keep your baby close by but as he or she grows a little older and starts sleep in their cot in the nursery you might want to buy a baby monitor. These have become increasingly popular as they give you some extra peace of mind when your baby is out of sight.  There are many different types on the market offering both audio and video options and a variety of different ranges within which they can be used. Some also give you additional extras such as monitoring the room temperature of your baby’s nursery.


Your baby may be too young to play, but even from birth young babies can still enjoy some carefully chosen toys. Simple brightly colored or musical toys are always popular as are mobiles to hang above the cot. Some include chimes which jingle in a gentle breeze or mirrors which will fascinate you, baby, once his or her eyes begin to focus. A simple squeaky animal toy can be the perfect way to get those first smiles.



Kitting out your baby’s nursery should be fun and stress-free. It doesn’t have to be perfect. And it doesn’t need to look like something out of a lifestyle magazine. It should be based on you and your baby’s needs and reflect your own ideas of what matters. As long as the nursery is safe and comfortable with a few of those little personal touches,  you and your baby will be happy and ready to enjoy the beginning of your exciting new life together.

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Simple Things Moms Can Do To Keep Family Stronger


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Family is so foundational in life. Here at Newcastle Law Firm, we see that moms need to be intentional with strengthening their families. Moms can keep their families strong by paying attention to a few simple life habits.

 1. Encourage communication. Communication is key to keeping a family together. Moms can keep the lines of communication open among the family by listening and lovingly responding. Listening involves really hearing and understanding what the children are saying. Spouses can model this for their children as they communicate with each other. Once you understand the real need being presented, you can then lovingly respond in an appropriate way.

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 Too often, lines of communication get broken down when the family is too busy. Active listening and a thoughtful response will help the family understand and love each other. Families that are strong, listen to each other and know they are valued within the family. Children want to tell their parents about life and their activities when they know their parents really care, really listen and will help them navigate through life.

 2. Family time together is important. Families that spend time together know each other. The mom is essential in helping the family accept and encourage each other. Time spent with the family should be a safe place where everyone can be themselves. Within the family there should not be judgement or discouragement. Moms can help the family grow closer by planning activities that help the family bond. The more time you spend with someone, the easier it is to keep spending time with them.

 Family service projects can encourage a healthy, serving atmosphere. Family Fun Times are also important to a families health. Playing a game or going on a fun outing can create comradery and a team atmosphere. When family members see each other on the same team, they begin to work together to help everyone succeed. This makes a strong family.

 Maybe the most important thing a mom can do is be present in her children’s lives. Know where your children are. Have their friends over to your house and care about their needs. Just be available for conversation.

 3. Be committed to parenting with your spouse. Parents need to make decisions together and stick to these family resolutions together. Children feel more secure in the home when they know that the parents are cemented together. The children may dislike the rules that are in place, but if both parents uphold the rules and stick together, the children will feel the stability. Not to say the children won’t test the boundaries. However, the children need to see from the parent’s example how teams work and how secure it feels to be in a loving relationship. The parents set the example for the family as a whole by being a strong team.

 Through encouraging communication, spending time together, and being committed to the family, moms can set the stage for a strong family.

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