Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion- Product Review

As mothers we all take perfect care of our baby’s skin. In fact for new mothers it is an all new experience of testing new waters. That is because a New Born’s skin is extremely soft and sensitive , as a result it might not adapt to all the baby products available in the market. We try do all kinds of stuff to keep the baby’s skin soft, moisturized and supple.

Aveeno Baby Lotion

I personally have tried a lot of home remedies for my baby’s skin when she was just a few days old. Call me old fashioned, but I loved picking things from my kitchen and tried including them in my daughter’s bathing regime. I would like to highlight here, that by no means I am preaching about home remedies, and just letting the readers know something which worked for us. One such product is oatmeal , which is great for baby’s skin


When we got Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion in our mail, I was pretty impressed with its main ingredients- Any guesses-Well it is oatmeal. Oat protects the baby’s skin by leaving a protective covering on the skin which in turn prevents moisture loss.

this is the first time , I have been suing Aveeno Moisturizing lotion on my daughter . I had heard about it a couple of times from friends who had relatives there, but never got  chance to use it. Well , now that I have it , I know why people always vouched for it. Two weeks down into the usage of product and I am in completely love with the texture and its results on my toddler’s skin. The lotion contains colloidal oatmeal which provides ample nourishment to my toddler’s skin and keeps it hydrated for quite a long duration. Colloidal oatmeal combined with shea butter is found to provide relief from itchy skin.

The Aveeno Baby lotion contains Water, glycerine,Avena Sativa(Oat) Kernel Flour,Cetyl Alcohol , Distearyldimonium Chloride , Petrolatum,Sodium Chloride, Alantoin, Isopropyly Palmitate

1. It seems greasy in the beginning , but it left me amazed because it got absorbed in the skin in almost like less than even ten seconds. What makes the product’s quality even more commendable is the fact that , the skin feels light and doesn’t look as of something has been applied on it.
2.The packaging is pretty decent and there are hardly any chances of leaks or spillage.
3.It leaves the skin moisturized and hydrated for 24 hours .
4.Fragrance Free- This quality is one thing which will make me buy more Aveeno products in future.Personally speaking, I am not a big fan of fragrant products for kids. That is because stronger the fragrance in any product , higher are the chances of additive in it. Therefore I either prefer minimum or zero fragrance in a baby product.

1.It is a great product and frankly I don’t see any major cons in it. The only thing which I can point out is the price. But as a person who has been on the journey of motherhood for a little over two years now, I personally feel that quality always comes at a price. And if that quality ensures my baby’s skin remains supple and soft ,I am in for such kind of products.I also feel, that just a drop of the lotion covers major part of the skin where its applied, so a 227 gm pack will last me at least a good 2 months.

We would give it a 4.5/5 . Half a mark deduction only for the pricing. But all in all, it is a good product which contains oatmeal and is great for itchy skin.

Avail an exclusive discount of INR 100/-by using AVEENOBABYMJ code on the purchase of the product from this link. Click here

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Care for pregnant moms- protection against mosquitoes

Two pink lines! Congrats Mamma!


Welcome to the most beautiful phase of a women’s life – Pregnancy.
As women we hardly take care of our own selves. Most of the times we are either running for those perfect jobs whilst trying our best to take care of our family. But life takes a complete 360 degrees turn when we discover that we are pregnant. Yes, with a life growing inside us, we become extra cautious and start taking good care of our body! How thoughtful, right! The life which is yet to enter this world, makes us a better person and makes us believe in ourselves.

So, families, friends and work peers usually go out of their way in providing us that extra care when we are pregnant. And why not? We do deserve a little care, protection and love during that time.

Happy and young pregnant woman in park in summer

But as an expecting mom, you need to take special care of yourself in this weather. The rains may have brought with them a much-needed relief from the heat, but this does not come without a host of diseases. This humid and muddy weather along with mosquitoes which breed in stagnant water can prove to be a dangerous combination for pregnant women.

While most of us take extra care to keep our house clean and ensure that it is does not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, a dirty neighbourhood can still harbour these disease-causing vectors. Pregnant women are more susceptible to mosquito bites because of a warmer body temperature and an increased release of carbon dioxide while exhaling. Moms, this means that you need to go the extra mile and ensure that you are well protected from these dreaded mosquitoes and the various diseases they may carry.

So taking care of one’s own self during pregnancy goes up one step further during this time of the year – the dramatic change in weather during and post-monsoon results in a range of health concerns. Let’s take a closer look at some of the diseases which are spread by a mosquito bite:



Dengue is one of the most common illnesses which is caused by a mosquito bite (that of the Aedes aegypti mosquito). Off lately, dengue cases have been on the rise in the Asian sub-continent. This behavior can be attributed to longer spells of summer, as mosquitoes thrive well in hot and humid climate. If you contract dengue while you are pregnant, then you need to check with your doctor as dengue often results in low platelet count and a suppressed immune system. While there aren’t a hundred percent cases, most indicate that the baby is at risk only when you are in a later stage of pregnancy.



Malaria is also caused by the bite of an infected mosquito which carries the dangerous parasite, namely the Anopheles mosquito.  Malaria is one of the most significant health problems worldwide[D1]  and is often said to cause low weight babies.

Research has suggested that mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women more than anyone else. As discussed earlier, the prime reason for this is that women generally exhale a higher amount of carbon dioxide in their later stages of pregnancy and this carbon dioxides is one of the most attractive fragrances for a mosquito.

Presenting some easy tips for expecting women to easily prevent the occurrence of these illness:


Try to remain inside:
We all know, as pregnant women, it is just impossible to sit inside sometimes because of nausea. But try remaining inside during sunrise and sunset as this is the time when mosquitoes are most active. And remember to use mosquito repellents whilst you are indoors, especially during the day as dengue mosquitoes mostly come during that time. Good Knight Activ+ is of great help in this respect and ensures complete indoor protection – it comes with Dual Mode advantage which allows you to switch between Activ and Normal mode, depending on the number of mosquitoes.

Apply a repellent:
Yes, before you get surprised, the best way to beat a mosquito bite is by using a repellent. Repellents are particularly helpful if you are traveling or are spending your day outside. Just make sure that the product is Deet free. Deet is one of the major ingredients which is found in effective repellents. However, over the years it has been found that Deet can do more harm to your body than protect it. With recent advancement, more and more companies are coming up with effective Deet-free repellents.


Good knight Fabric Roll-On is currently the best personal repellent available today. Just apply 4 dots of Fabric Roll-On on your clothes (it is non-staining!) and you will be shielded from mosquitoes for up to 8 hours. Don’t worry, this product is pediatrician certified and completely safe to use – it is 100% natural, made of citronella and eucalyptus oil. For babies younger than 2 months, it is advised to apply Good knight Fabric Roll-On on their cots, prams and cradles.

Making this simple habit of applying just 4 dots on clothes before stepping out a part of your everyday care routine can go a long way in protecting yourself and your family from mosquito-borne diseases.



Wear appropriate clothing:
Try to wear full sleeved clothes whenever you are out. Since most couples go for a babymoon, you don’t have to be covered for the entire part of your holiday. Just make sure that you have applied repellent for protection and are properly covered during sunset and sunrise if you are outside.

So expecting moms there is a lot for you as far as protection from these mosquitoes is concerned. Don’t let the weather get you down – stay safe, stay protected!

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How to Help Your Child Concentrate and Focus

By Diana Smith,

image 1 (5)

Sometimes it’s hard for grown-ups to concentrate and focus, let alone a child who would rather talk about their dog, a cartoon or even a nail on the wall than do their homework or some kind of a house chore. It’s a simple fact that children can get easily distracted, and for some, it’s even harder to focus on the task they’re doing. Nowadays, it’s even more difficult for kids to concentrate due to all the technology that surrounds them and this is quite unfortunate considering the fact that children today get more and more homework at school. Thankfully, there are some ways parents can help their children focus and finish their tasks.

image 2 (5)

Use up the extra energy

It’s a simple fact that the brain works better if the body is moving. It’s also a simple fact that children can get super restless, so this is why it’s important that you make sure your youngster has a chance to run, play some sports or even walk every day before starting homework. This way, they won’t be restless and full of extra energy once it’s time to sit and do homework. Continue reading

image 3 (5)

Make a to-do list and divide big tasks into small ones

To-do lists make everyone’s lives easier and this is especially true when it comes to children. They can help your child organize better as they probably won’t memorize all the chores they have. Once a task is done, the child can simply cross it off the list; this will even give them a sense of accomplishment. You should also be aware that if a task seems too difficult to your child, it can overwhelm them. This is why it’s better to split that task into several easier ones. As each part of the task is completed, your child will be able to see their progress and feel closer to the finish line.

image 4 (5)

Set tasks according to your child’s age

One of the factors that might affect concentration is the task’s difficulty. While it can be very difficult to do something that is boring, it’s important to teach children that sometimes we have to do things which are tedious and uninteresting. However, it’s recommended that a child works on an activity which is age-appropriate as well as suitable for their skill level. This way, the child will not feel overwhelmed with the task, nor will they finish it in a matter of minutes.

image 5 (4)

Minimize the distractions

Unlike most adults, it’s much harder for children to concentrate if there is something interesting going on around them, so it’s recommended to find a quiet place for your child to do homework. Also, make sure there are no cell phones or TVs close to the child. Even if there is a TV in the next room, keep the tone down so it won’t distract the child. While it’s recommended that you eliminate these kinds of distractions, it’s not a bad idea to play some soothing music while the child is working on an activity as this will help them calm down and focus. If necessary, you can even give them headphones, like the ones AKG in Australia offers, so they’ll only hear the music playing and not the other sounds coming from outside.

Take breaks

You can’t expect a child to work for an entire hour, so it’s recommended that they take a break every ten or twenty minutes (depending on their age). During a break, let the child drink some water, eat a snack or simply walk around so that they can relax; but don’t let them start playing games because it will be difficult for them to get back to the task that is waiting for them.

It’s quite common for kids to have a problem with concentration and focus. However, if you’re patient and consistent, you’ll make things easier for them and eventually, your child will learn how to concentrate and finish the task at hand.




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6 Benefits of Prenatal and Post Natal Massage Therapy

By Sara,

Image source

Pregnant women have to go through a lot in their prenatal and postnatal days and we believe that they deserve a break from all that pain and those mood swings and loosen up for a while and what better way to do that than with a relaxing, therapeutic massage.

If you have proximity issues or you cannot find time to go out of your house to receive massage therapy, you can simply pick up a good massage chair online and have it delivered to your doorstep and we can assure you they will have the same benefits.

Promotes Regulation of Hormones

Hormonal imbalance is the bane of every pregnant woman’s existence so much so that they don’t come under full control even after pregnancy. You still have mood swings and your body is still not under control. Massages stimulate the nerves in ways that improve milk production in new mothers; they even help in reducing hormones that are associated with postpartum depression like dopamine. Continue reading

Helps Your Body Reduce Swelling Naturally

Trying to go back to your original size after delivering a baby is not an easy job. It takes many months to restore yourself to your original size even after careful diet and exercise. Even though this is not a magic trick, getting regular massages is a great way to make it easier to reduce the swelling in your body.

Relieves the Body of Pains and Aches

Pregnant women and new mothers often experience pains in their back, migraines, and cramps. A great, natural way to get rid of these pains in the body is through messages. Massages have been known as great pain relievers and can ease tension and stiffness in all the muscles of the body, leaving you happier and painless.

Induces Feelings of Relaxation

Newborns are notorious for crying through the night and keeping their mommies up during that ordeal. Post-partum depression is something around 15% of all pregnant women face, according to new research. Anxiety during days of pregnancy is also a harsh reality of mother-hood. So to feel relaxed during all this, the best thing you can do is get regular massages because they will help lower the levels of stress-inducing hormones in the body so you can love your new baby to the fullest.

Makes it Easier to Breastfeed

Massages are even said to improve blood circulation around the body and better the milk production in breastfeeding mothers. So if you feel your breasts have difficulty in giving milk to the baby when he latches on to you, your answer to that is also a therapeutic massage.

Your Body Can Return to its Pre-Pregnancy State

The best part about receiving massages throughout your journey to motherhood is that your body will be able to return to its original state before pregnancy in a much easier way. This doesn’t mean that you don’t control on your own, but a little stimulation is all you need sometimes.

Author Bio:


Sara is a psychologist by profession and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and traveling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She regularly posts at https://mymassagechairs.com/.


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How to Pick the Right Lighting for Kids

By Diana Smith,

image 3

Lighting solutions are very important both for adults and kids. Whether you have a baby or a toddler at home, it is necessary to pick out the right light for their rooms. If you have kids, then you probably know how painful it is to step on a Lego, or the misery of stomping on some squeaky toy and waking up your kid when you have just put them to sleep. You can forget about this with a proper nightlight, where your precious one can sleep calmly and you can enter the room to check up on them without being afraid you’ll wake them up. We are giving you some splendid tips on how to pick just the right light for you and your kid.

image 2 (4)

Continue reading

Think about what you need

The first thing you need to do is to think about what sort of light you actually need. Do you have a four-month-old baby sleeping in a nursery or a four-year-old toddler who sleeps in their own bedroom? If you have a small baby, you don’t need some strong light and it doesn’t have to be close to the baby. You should definitely think about where you need the light, where it is more convenient for you since you will be the one feeding the baby, changing the diapers etc. On the other hand, if you have a toddler, especially a kid who gets up at night, you need a bit stronger light, closer to the kid’s bed, so they can reach it when they want to go to the bathroom. This is also very practical for you if you are reading your kids bedtime stories. When the kids fall asleep, all you have to do is turn off the light and let them enjoy their night sleep. You should also think about lights with timers and whether you want a battery operational or plug-in light. Today, you can get lamps with some extra features, like an option to play music or a display showing temperature and humidity info. Think if this is something you may find useful.

image 1

Kids love different colours and shapes

Does your kid enjoy watching a Sponge Bob, or maybe is fascinated with the stars and the Moon? In any case, all you have to do is pick a light in the shape of a character that they love. When it comes to babies, you can always pick something simple. Go with clean shapes of the moon, clouds or hearts. You can always get your handyman hat on and get creative in making your own light using some string light.

Types of nightlights

There are a few different types of nightlights and you should think about what is the best option for you and your kids. There are projection lights, plug-ins, soft lights, lamps, portable nightlights, and neon lights. Projection lights simply project your kid’s favourite cartoon characters or a starry sky onto the wall. A small issue with projection lights is that they have to be placed at a perfect distance so they don’t become blurry or too small. For this, we recommend hiring a Sydney electrician, who will be able to help you thanks to their great work experience. You can also opt for a stuffed animal with a light inside, which you can put in your child’s bed. This is recommended for toddlers who like to cuddle their animals and still have fear of the dark.

The lighting in your kid’s bedroom is highly important both for them and you. Even when they are small babies, you should get them used to a nightlight. It will become a necessity when they get older and start using the bathroom by themselves. They are also useful for light sleepers and kids who are afraid of the dark, so this way they can go through the night without calling out for you if they want their favourite teddy bear or a doll. Your options are quite numerous; all you have to do is pick.


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Useful Tips on How to Childproof Your Bathroom

By Diana Smith,

image 1 (2)

Sometimes it seems that kids simply go searching for trouble and an opportunity to hurt themselves. And while sometimes the entire house seems like a huge minefield where every corner is a catastrophe waiting to happen, the bathroom might be the most dangerous place for babies, toddlers and young children. However, there are plenty of preventive measures parents can take in order to ensure their youngsters are safe. Continue reading

Restrict access to the bathroom

image 2 (3)

Probably the best way to avoid any possible accidents is to make sure your child can’t get into the bathroom that easily. The simplest way to secure the bathroom door is by installing a hook-and-eye lock on the outside as this will prevent anyone getting locked inside the bathroom. Another way to make sure your little one doesn’t get in is by adding a childproof cover, which makes it possible only for adults to open the door.
Keep dangerous objects out of reach

image 4 (3)

The bathroom is simply filled with hazardous objects, like razors and scissors, as well as toxic liquids, like detergents, cosmetics and various medications. Make sure all the cabinets containing sharp and small objects like nail clippers, tweezers and scissors are locked. Keep all the appliances which create heat, like curling irons or blow dryers, unplugged and store them on high shelves. Also, make sure that all liquids and cosmetics, as well as drugs, are absolutely out of reach in order to avoid poisoning or choking hazard.
Lock the toilet and secure the waste bin

image 5 (3)
The combination of curiosity and undeveloped coordination can be extremely dangerous, and all parents know just how curious and uncoordinated kids can be. In order to avoid any possible injuries or even worse, drowning, make sure the toilet lid is always down and secured by a toilet lock which will prevent a child from lifting it. Another place where kids can get their curious little hands in is the wastebasket, so make sure it’s properly secured and impossible for a child to rummage through it and find any dangerous objects, like disposable razors or anything alike.

image 6 (1)
Secure the bathing area
While it’s smart to make sure your young child has access to the bathroom as little as possible, it’s simply unavoidable that they’ll have to spend some time there, considering this is the place where you’ll bathe them. The best way to ensure your child is safe while in the bathroom is to always be with them and supervise them. Bathrooms are covered with slippery surfaces like baths, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them less dangerous, so make sure you put non-slip mats in the tub and around it. Another way to avoid any falls is by using a bath seat, which will secure the baby in one position while in the bathtub. Aside from securing the bathing area with non-slip mats, it’s recommended to install a soft plastic or rubber guard over the tub spout in order to avoid any major injuries in case your child bumps their head against it.
Another thing to pay attention to is adjusting the water heater temperature. Baby skin is especially gentle and it takes only three seconds for a baby to get serious burns from hot water. A lower water temperature will ensure a safe and pleasant bath time, but help avoid any possibility of scalding.
While it’s probably impossible to avoid some minor bumps and bruises, it’s recommended to follow these simple tips in order to avoid any major injuries which are quite possible to happen if not careful. Remember to always supervise your child as this is the best possible way to ensure they are safe.

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Tips to make your home nursery luxurious

By Julie,

Use these tips to make your home nursery look luxurious without emptying your wallets. You’ll be surprised at how affluent and vibrant your home nursery will start to look without spending thousands of dollars, from fancy lighting to velvet wallpapers and much more. We have tips to make your home nursery bling without draining your pockets:

Use the mirrors

Use the mirrors

Mirrors have the ability to make the room worth thousands of dollars. You can play around with mirrors and choose the best ones that would produce a glamorous look. You will be surprised at how mirrors can change the appearance of a room. Every room should contain at least one mirror, and they can also quickly make a room look much bigger, and are cheap.
Continue reading


Rug is a must

Rugs have the ability to make a room more colorful and comfortable for your little one. You can buy as many mats as you think are needed since they don’t cost a fortune. You can easily purchase a textured rug that looks very opulent but in reality did not even cost a dime. They complement the walls, and you can color coordinate the rugs with the crib.

Invest in velvet

Invest in velvet

Invest your money in velvet; you can buy a nursery glider that has a velvet coating. Velvet can simply make the room look costly or expensive. Apart from that, you may like to add some nature to the nursery, it produces an exquisite and expensive look and makes the child feel connected to the outside world.

Don’t forget to add flowers

Don’t forget to add flowers

Add flowers wherever you see an empty area, some plants don’t even need a lot of maintenance. A small bunch of flowers is used everywhere because of the same opulent reason. You can simply go to the local flower shop and buy some but to save even more money you can always go to your garden and pluck the most gorgeous ones.

Wood is the best option after all

Wood is the best option after all

Wood is not expensive yet produces an exquisite look in a room. As we know the crib in a home nursery is the most important thing, so buying a wooden crib would be a pretty smart idea. Wooden cribs are the focal point of the nursery, thus by buying one in wood would make the nursery much more luxurious and would be incredibly light on your wallet.



A lot of room designers prefer to use textured silk wallpaper since it creates a very opulent look. Silk can be found at a very reasonable rate if you search around. Avoid using neutral colors in the nursery and go for a darker shade, so the room looks more costly. You will be amazed at the look of the room after you’ve added the silk; the nursery will look like one for a king’s toddler probably.

Julie Austin_zpsmrakj7vz

About the Author:

Julie Austin is a blogger who loves to write about home improvement. She is sociable and kind and loves to decorate almost everything! In her free time, she enjoys sunset with her friends at the seashore. Read her posts at http://nurserygliderz.com/


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A Quick Guide for Female Hair Loss Treatment

By Adti Sharma,

Hair fall in females is caused by various reasons and can start at any time, especially after delivery. There are many solutions. some of them work some doesn’t. It actually depends on each individual.Also, there are some effective hair loss solutions that work fine for most of us.

But What if these don’t work for you? What if finding and trying a natural remedy or solution is actually waste of time and confidence? What if you could find great results using medical treatments.

So let’s find out all the possible Hair loss treatments that have great results on females.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a revolutionary breakthrough for serious hair fall and baldness. In hair transplant procedure, tiny hair follicles are removed from the area of high hair density and placed in the bald or balding area.There are various precautions before and after surgery that you need to consult with your doctor first.The results of hair transplant are often excellent and permanent.Hair transplant is a very risky procedure so it is highly advised to consult with reputed doctors only.

Continue reading


  • Minoxidil the lotion which is the only medication that is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration(FDA) to treat female pattern baldness.

  • For women, 2% concentration of minoxidil is recommended.

  • Minoxidil works on 1 out of 4 or 5 women. In rest of women, it helps is slowing and stopping hair fall.

  • One big problem with minoxidil is that you must use it continuously for a longer period of time.

  • Current notion is that by dilating blood vessels, it allows more oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the follicles stimulating the growth of hair. It’s somewhat like this-


If Minoxidil doesn’t work on any women then spironolactone is the second recommended solution. This medicine is available in tablet form.It increases potassium level so it must be totally avoided by women with kidney failure or women in pregnancy.

It works very well in the case where androgen(a male Harmon) is the main cause of hair fall.

This drug is not FDA approved so kindly consult with doctors.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is very famous and so far very effective solution to cure hair fall and baldness to great extent.The plasma is present in our blood and helps in healing damaged area. In PRP, a Blood sample is taken from the patient body and platelets counts are increased with the help of external catalysts. Platelets are increased with plasma After that with the help of insulin syringe the RIch Plasma is inserted into the infected area of hair fall. The treatment is infection free since our own blood and plasma is reused.There will be mild swelling for few hours. After that, you can live your regular life.The treatment requires multiple sittings. But that is really cost effective.

I am sharing here one of my friend own experience of PRP Therapy.

Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP)

SMP is actually not a solution to hair fall but it can be helpful in case you have control over your hair fall but you want to hide any patch or bald area. It became popular in 2013 and since then many celebrities have undergone SMP.

In general, many people call it a hair tattoo. It actually makes thinning hairs look thicker. In SMP natural pigments are applied at the epidermal level of your scalp which looks like natural hair follicles.


Author’s bio:

- I am a certified trichologist and I have studied a lot about the science of hair and the scalp with focus on related conditions that turns into healthy or unhealthy hairs.

Along with that, i am a proud daughter, proud wife and a proud mother.


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Ways to Raise an Independent Child Who Appreciates Your Efforts

By Emily Harper,

Research shows that children who are trained to be independent from a young age develop a greater desire to succeed in school. They also have greater chances at reaching their dreams. As important a trait as independence may be, parents are often at a loss on how to properly foster the virtue. This is especially true for first-time parents. Many are worried about displeasing their young kids and causing unwanted bitterness. Training your child to be independent does not have to be a contentious process though, especially as your baby already has a natural tendency to assert his self-reliance. Read on for tips that surprisingly only require going along with your child’s natural inclinations.


Photo courtesy of Kangheungbo via Pixabay Continue reading

Allow your child to break eye contact

Instilling independence in your child can be as simple as looking away when he attempts to assert his autonomy. A child’s attempt to assert his independence can start at a very young age. You would notice your young infant showing signs of self-determination when she turns away from your stare. This behavior is called the “gaze aversion.” Breaking eye contact is one of the infant’s earliest attempts to take control of his/her surroundings. Once you’ve learned to recognize this behavior as a bid for autonomy, you can respond in ways that would actually encourage your child’s sense of self-reliance. Allow your little one to break eye contact, so s/he can feel a degree of power, however limited it may be.


Photo courtesy of tel13588006626 via Pixabay

Be responsive and supportive

As early as their first few months, infants already start to intentionally and actively control their environment. They smile and Daddy smiles back, they cry and Mommy starts feeding them, and they throw a toy and big sister goes to pick it up. These behaviors may appear to be the opposite of self-reliance, but responding lovingly and positively to the smiles, cries, and jettisoned toys can reinforce the infant’s perception that it is well within his ability to affect the world around him. This perception becomes the bedrock of a healthy self-esteem, which is an essential component of self-reliance.3

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Graciously accept rejection

Another way infants make a bid for control is by turning away from the bottle, breast or a spoonful of rice cereal. As any parent of a 6-month-old infant would know, it can be extremely frustrating to be confronted with pursed lips during feeding time. One thing most parents are not aware of though is that it is worse to insist that the infant eats. Before your baby could crawl or walk, turning away efforts to feed is one of the means by which he asserts volition. Avoiding imposition of the spoon lets parents respect their child’s dignity. Keep in mind that you are responsible for providing a healthy diet, not forcing your child to eat.4

Photo courtesy of TawnyNina via Pixabay

Allow your baby to fall asleep on his own

Infants are able to take an early but huge step toward gaining independence when he learns to fall asleep on his own. You can encourage your baby to form the habit at about six months old, an age when the stomach can hold enough food to last the infant for most, if not throughout, the night. Once your infant is feeding less frequently, falling asleep and waking up on her own will become easier. Babies are much more capable of calming themselves than you would realize. If your child has gotten used to falling asleep on your shoulder or lap or while feeding on a bottle, it may be wise to start weaning him of that dependence. Your goal is to be able to place your baby in the crib right before s/he’s deep in slumber so s/he could fall asleep on her/his own. More than just the value of a calm bedtime, allowing your baby to form the habit of snoozing solo will have her/him learning to comfort her/himself without your or a bottle’s help, showing a degree of self-reliance.


Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Be able to take “n” for an answer

During toddler years, major muscle development and accelerated mobility combine with a deep curiosity about the world. This leads to an almost unceasing exploration. You will notice that even infants who have been relatively compliant are suddenly recalcitrant and overly squirmy. Oftentimes, you will get a “no!” from your child whenever you ask a question. You might even find yourself longing for the days when all that your baby ever did was lie on his back and make gurgling sounds. Do not mistake his actions for defiance though, as your baby is merely experimenting with independence.

Toddlerhood is essentially your child’s first adolescence. It is a time when kids are trying to separate themselves from their parents. Avoid resisting too much. As long as your toddler’s health or safety is not compromised, feel free to let her/him call the shots. Not only will your child get his taste of self-determination, you will also be able to avoid a senseless shouting match. If you feel that you must oppose your baby’s wishes, make sure you do so in a calm and straightforward manner. It will also be best if you could acknowledge your child’s objection without caving in.6

Photo courtesy of Greyerbaby via Pixabay

Promote freedom, but set firm limits

Confidence lies at the roots of independence, and fuzzy boundaries can threaten a child’s confidence. To foster independence in toddlers, you must be willing to set firm limits. These strict limits provide children with a strong sense of security and stability. It helps when they know exactly where they stand. During their toddler years, most rules you impose will be safety-related. When a rule is broken, immediately remove your baby from the activity and firmly remind her/him of the rule. While eager to assert her/his independence, your baby will be comforted by the idea that s/he still has someone to rely on to stay in charge.


Photo courtesy of Cherylholt via Pixabay

Let him be

As babies grow a little older, their attention span improves. By the time they are about 2 years old, toddlers would already have become capable of amusing themselves without you for brief periods. Encourage this ability. Leave your child alone when he’s absorbed in an activity. If you notice him fussing over something, make sure that he’s okay, but wait it out a little before responding. Remember to offer praises every time he’s happily played alone.8

Photo courtesy of FeeLoona via Pixabay

Let him succeed

 To help your child revel in his independence and not resent your efforts, make sure you guide your child toward activities that increase his chances of success. A child who repeatedly experiences failures can end up feeling discouraged. For one, you can encourage your young child to pour her/his own juice from a small, unbreakable container instead of a huge glass pitcher. Getting your child involved in simple household chores is also highly advisable, as it works great at fostering a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

Effectively fostering independence in your child will go a long way in ensuring success in his own future endeavors. This is definitely worthy of your attention and efforts.


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A Healthy, Plant-based Recipe Roundup!

By Ida

Ever thought about using plants as the main ingredient for your daily diet routine?  If you are one of those diet conscious people who watch first then eat whatever they want to; plant based diet might not be a new terminology for you. However, it certainly is for many of us.

So, what exactly is a plant based diet? It is a kind of diet recommended by experts which include the regular intake of gluten-free vegetables and plants. Moreover, plant-based recipes are generally prepared on some occasions are considered to be the benchmark meals of these occasions including Thanksgiving.

Since plant-based diet is basically an allergy free diet; it can easily be prepared by anyone and is considered to be a must-have dish on a holiday vacation. Here are top 5 plant-based recipes that you can make at home conveniently and everybody will love them as well.

Gluten-Free Skillet:

Gluten-Free Skillet (1)

Best dish for any meal of the day! Be it the breakfast, the lunch or the dinner; Gluten-free harvest skillet can fill up your tables anytime. This skillet is free of any kind of dairy product and sugar items. Continue reading

This dish serves as satisfactory brunch items as well and you can kick off your holidays with a breakfast of this skillet to ensure maximum healthiness. It’s rich in good fats and proteins and can keep you healthy and sustained all day long. You can garnish it with beautiful seasonal vegetables like sweet potatoes, apples, and pears.

Apple Walnut Soup:

Apple Walnut Soup

As the name suggests; this tasty soup is made up of cauliflower, apple and walnut and balanced out perfectly with Turmeric. This soup is known to calm the senses and reduce stress and anxiety levels in the body. You can enjoy a creamy froth of this soup on any given holiday and you will feel good all day long. No sugar needed and no dairy products are required in the making of this soup.

Turmeric gives this soup an extra yellowish texture and since turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory product; it provides immunity to the body and detoxify the liver. Moreover, this vegan soup also helps in digestion and makes your stomach strong.

Braised Kale:

Braised Kale

 A very simple dish to make; Braised Kale is a popular one amongst the diet conscious people. You can add in some lentils in it to make it a bit spicy. This dish is considered to be an important item on a holiday dinner table because of its easy to make recipe. You can add carrots and apples with it or with any green vegetables of your choice which are easily available in the market.

Oatmeal Cookie:

Oatmeal Cookie

 Exercising alone will not give you ideal body weight if you don’t look after your diet at the same time. Lifting adjustable dumbbells everyday will not be that effective if your diet is not gluten free.

Oatmeal cookie is the perfect holiday dessert for you if you can’t resist sugar in your life. Make it more delicious by adding apple; chopped up nuts, coconut whipped cream or some sugar free apple juice on the top of it. The more ingredients you will add; the more scrumptious it will become.

Author Bio:

Ida Jones

Ida Jones is a mother of two little ones. She enjoys home-based workouts, cardio exercises, and long runs. She loves spending her vacations outdoors with her kids around nature. She believes in clean and healthy eating. She regularly writes about fitness tips and much more at Fitness Grit.


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5 Foolproof Tips for Losing the Baby-Weight

By Mathews McGarry,

Image Source

Having a baby is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things in the world; however, new moms often find it very hard to lose the baby-weight and get back in shape. Dropping the pounds can often seem like an impossible mission, but trust us – it doesn’t have to be like that at all! If you want to learn how to shed those pounds, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are five foolproof tips for losing the baby-weight you simply need to know!

Breastfeed your baby

In case you didn’t know, breastfeeding can actually help you lose the baby-weight by burning from 600 to 800 calories a day. The fact is that you need an extra 500 calories a day when you breastfeed, but you don’t have to worry about that at all, since you can carelessly sit, feed your baby, and still lose some weight. There are even some examples of women who dropped all their baby fat thanks to breastfeeding alone, so there’s definitely hope for you, too! Continue reading

Sleep as much as you can

You’ve probably already heard that you should sleep while your baby is sleeping, and you know what? That is completely true! Having a newborn in your home can be really challenging, especially if it’s your first child and you’re inexperienced. You may stay awake night after night, which can affect your sleeping patterns and lead to other issues like gaining weight. When you aren’t getting enough sleep, you are likely to turn to high-calorie and high-sugar foods for energy, which is the last thing you need. So, try to sleep as much as you can and keep your weight under control!

Get up and move

A lot of new moms feel too overwhelmed and sleep deprived to do anything outside their home, but the fact is that you need to get up and move in order to lose the baby-weight. You really don’t have to go hard on yourself and start exercising intensively immediately – instead, start by walking around the block. After your six-week checkup, you can step it up a little bit and introduce a 20-minute cardio 3 or 4 times a week. Just make sure to get quality RyderWear clothes that’ll make you feel even more comfortable while exercising, and you’re good to go!

Watch the calories and eat healthy

A variety of nutrient-rich foods is an absolute must, not only after you give birth, but in general. Whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy products, and fresh fruits and vegetables are just some of the components you need to incorporate into your diet. On the other hand, you should avoid empty-calorie foods such as chips and sodas as much as possible. Make sure to eat small but frequent meals during the day, since that’s one of the best ways to keep you blood sugar levels under control, which will stop you from overeating!

Drink more water

Needless to say, drinking enough water is another important aspect of losing your baby-weight. Even though the recommended daily dose of eight glasses of water seems like too much, you’ll get used to it very quickly. Bear in mind that it’s the best way to flush out toxins from your body, as well as to keep your cravings at bay. Drinking enough fluid will help you feel fuller, which is why you won’t be hungry as usual. You can always have a glass of water before a meal – it will prevent you from overeating since your stomach won’t be as empty!

Each of these five tips can be extremely useful if you’re a new mom who wants to get rid of her baby-weight as soon as possible. Make sure to take all of them into consideration and you’ll see an improvement in the blink of an eye!



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Why You Should Swaddle Your Baby


Image Source

The first thing my Mom taught me after the delivery of my eldest Son is Swaddling. Swaddling is the most basic yet very important thing of parenting … & it will be very helpful for you in long run she said…. So it did. It played very crucial role in my parenting journey.

It was so helpful that, when my second child was born… after receiving him, & dressing him in cute little clothes the first thing I did was Swaddle him. Continue reading

So in this article I will list down several ways in which my babies are benefited by Swaddling.

But before that, Lets see what Swaddling is …

Swaddling is the age old technique used by parents generations after generations. Swaddling is snugly wrapping the baby in the piece of cloth or blanket.

Benefits of Swaddling

  • Swaddling keeps Newborn babies warm, just as in the womb, till their body adjusts to the surrounding environment & their body’s thermostat starts working.
  • Swaddling recreates the limited space available for movement in the womb, hence keeps the newborn babies comfortable.
  • It keeps them warm & secure just as in Mother’s lap.
  • When sleeping, swaddling prevents jerking of hands & feet… thus helping them  to sleep snugly for longer time.
  • It soothes the cranky baby.
  •  It helps to calm down overstimulated baby.
  • It makes handling baby way easier.

There have been instances when I was asked by co parents & friends who had babies … why I swaddle my baby & how to do it.

Well I Say its technique of wrapping the baby in cloth.

 I say with smile it’s important art of parenting… & it truly is. It has helped me a lot in my journey of parenting …. It will help you too. So if you are soon to be momma … don’t forget to swaddle your baby.







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