7 Ways for a Healthy and Active Pregnancy

By Rebecca Siggers,


During the stages of pregnancy, the wellness and the health of the mother not only ensures her safety but also that of the child. It is imperative that you, as a pregnant mother, make conscious efforts to stay fit and take the necessary measures to attain so. Spending all the time sitting or lying in bed is not going to help either. Too much passivity can lead up to the onset of weight gain, back pain, and an increase in the likelihood of gestational diabetes in pregnant women. Let us try to find out certain effective ways to ensure a healthy and active pregnancy.

Indulge in exercises

As much strange as it may sound, but partaking in some light exercises can prove to be healthy both for the mother and the child. It significantly lowers the stress levels in the body, promotes the peace of mind, improve the circulation of the blood, helps manage weight, and induces good night’s sleep. Since you can not possibly opt for intense exercises, some simple ones such as walking, swimming, yoga, and pilates can do wonders for your overall fitness.

You can also make room for pelvic floor exercises, which are known to strengthen the muscles that support the bladder, vagina and the back passage. Make sure you perform all of these in cool areas and avoid the heat. It is equally necessary that you wear comfortable clothes while exercising. Explore a popular fitness apparel brand to let go of the constraints and remain in a state of physical ease. Continue reading

Ditch the risky chores

There is an ample number of activities you may easily take part in. However, pregnancy brings along the need to reconsider your daily set of chores. Some of the regular ones including heavy lifting, climbing on ladders, and standing near a heated equipment might sound completely normal, but can prove detrimental for the child. Thus, keep away from such tasks till you deliver your baby. Do not bend too much and keep your hands clean at all times to avoid the contact of harmful germs.

Focus on the diet

Since what you eat becomes the source of food for your child, it is important to be careful about what you eat. As per a study, you require 300-350 calories more on a daily basis during the second and third trimester of the pregnancy. A poor diet can become the reason for excess fat gain. Hence, you must indulge in a balanced diet, rich in all the necessary nutrients. Some of the healthy foods for pregnancy include dairy products, legumes, sweet potatoes, salmons, eggs, broccoli, and lean meat.

Besides these, foods high in folic acid play a vital role in the creation of red blood cells and the development of the neural tube of the baby. Oranges, lentils, and asparagus are some of the options you can choose from to get this nutrient.

Manage stress and anxiety

Your internal upheavals about the future and uncertainties can sometimes make you anxious. There is also a set of mood swings you may so commonly suffer from during pregnancy. You might even witness high levels of irritability, sleep disturbances, and a spur in the anger issues. Since the cat is out of the bag, it is very important to know certain tips to overcome these. Some of the effective ones you can perform daily include listening to your favorite music, going for movies, spending time with your partner, and meditation.

Prefer to walk and use your legs

If and when you have to travel short distances, try going there on foot. Walking is a highly underrated activity. It can help you elevate your mood and sharpen your mind. Those in the early stages of pregnancy who are working must take a break every hour from a quick stroll around.

Similarly, take the stairs instead of taking the lift wherever possible. The increase in weight during pregnancy can increase the load on the joints. Taking a few steps with regular intervals shall help keep them strong and agile, aside from keeping you active all-around.

Mind the hygiene

Having a dirty surrounding or eating in unclean utensils can harbor a number of germs and bacteria. Avoid them as much as you can. Keep your hands clean and wash them every now and then.

Always remember to use gloves while handling the daily tasks like gardening or your pet litter. Some infections like listeriosis and toxoplasmosis breed in the filthy environment. These can even become responsible for the miscarriage of the child. Hence, to maintain the optimal health of the baby throughout the pregnancy, make sure you exercise precaution and maintain cleanliness.

Cut back on alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol travels through the bloodstream and can reach your baby quite easily. It is detrimental to the health of the baby, especially in the first and third trimester. While there is no specific amount of alcohol you can drink to practice safety, the best case scenario would be to avoid it altogether. Aside from the alcohol, you should also get rid of the products containing caffeine. These include chocolates, coffee, tea, and packaged beverages.

A study also suggests that consuming these can be risky for the health of the baby. Cut back on them or simply remove them from your daily life. It shall ensure the proper development of the brain of the child, facilitate their weight management and decreases the chances of miscarriage drastically.

Some of the other important ways to have a healthy pregnancy include giving up on smoking, remaining hydrated and getting ample amount of rest. Pregnancy should be a period of happiness for you. Imbibe these tips in your daily schedule and experience this enjoyable phase of the life well.

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Losing Abdominal Fat Post Delivery

Hi Moms,

Image Source

I know it has been a while since I regularly blogged, but now you can expect more from me. Today Ill talk about how to reduce weight on your belly post pregnancy. Please start any form of core exercise only after 6 months of delivery.

Castor Oil Treatment

Apply Castor Oil on your stomach and a tie a cloth dipped in hot water around your stomach and leave it for a few hours, this helps burn abdominal fat.


Kapalbathi is the best form of exercise to lose stomach fat without any physical strain.

Running or Stomach Crunches

Running is overall good for the body, but avoid running on the treadmill as it can damage your knees. Do 10-15 situps per day for a start and increase gradually. Continue reading

Massages and Therapies

Go for regular body massages and deep tissue massages to heat up your body and remove fat.


Breastfeeding will help you lose most of the unwanted belly fat.

Good food and Nutrition.

I know most people will have their own advice on this. But cut the sugars and the junk food and stick to a balanced diet. Eat atleast 2-3 hours before sleep.

Start your day with warm water and lemon.

Add the following food to your diet

  • Chia Seeds
  • Almonds
  • Avacado
  • Flax Seeds
  • Brocolli and Lettuce


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Research says that timely diaper change helps prevent occurrence of hygiene-related infections affecting your baby.

And I would like to let you know that there is one such product that will make sure that you change your baby’s diaper at a regular time.

Hynto strip is the world’s safest baby health-care product that monitors your baby’s defecation inside his/her diaper and signals to change the diaper at an appropriate time.

Company Claims: -

Company claims that their product does not contain any sort of medication, chemical, alcohol, fragrance. It is free from latex and heavy metals. It is non-toxic.

In addition to that it is very comfortable to use, as it is very thin, very light in weight. Continue reading

How To Use It

  • Remove the release liner from the back of one HYNTO strip and stick it inside your baby’s diaper in the front-center position such that the color indicator is outside the diaper. Monitor from outside.
  • Change the diaper as early as possible when you see that the indicator has become (even partially) bright Orange in color.
  •  After use, discard together with the diaper. No need to undress the baby to monitor. It can be used with your favorite brand, model, and type of diaper.

Hynto strip is not only safe for your baby but it is also very comfortable. In addition to that it is very easy to use.

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6 Tips to Keep It Stylish During Pregnancy

By Rebecca Siggers,

Among the many worries than an expecting mother may have, looking fashionable during your term doesn’t need to be one of them. Given the right advice and fashion insights, any mum can stay stylish no matter where they’re going or what they’re doing. Ditch the dingy, drooping clothing resembling a tent in your attempt to hide your pregnant belly and read on to learn how to step out in style. Here are 6 tips to keep it stylish during pregnancy.

Stick to Your Size

There is no need to go out and buy maternity clothing in any size other than your own. Maternity clothes are specifically designed to match your frame while leaving ample room for your expanding bump and boobs. Stick to your normal size and you won’t have an oddly misshapen profile of your back, arms, and shoulders. Large clothing makes you look much larger than you really are in all the areas you don’t want people looking at. Tracksuits and stretched out slacks are for your eyes only. You don’t need to wear clothes like that outside. It only knocks your confidence.

Wear Form Fitting Fashion

If you wear stretchy clothing in areas which benefit from the accentuation then you’ll be able to stay stylish no matter where you may be heading. Leggings and T shirts are assets to any mother-in-waiting. Your bigger bust gives you a wide selection of new fashion to try while most moms only experience a swelling of the thighs which leaves stretch leggings as a great choice. Simply pair them with a designer T shirt or underneath a lofty skirt for endless style options. Maternity jeans are another great example of prime form-fitting fashion which works well during pregnancy, as well as tights and long stretch dresses. Continue reading

Show the Beauty of Your Bump

Form-fitting clothing doesn’t need to remain exclusive to your boobs and legs. Showing off your bump can be one of the best parts of pregnancy, helping you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Try a stretchy dress in a soft, breathable material which highlights your entire figure including your baby bump. Long stretch dresses and maxi split dresses work very well at highlighting your bump while stealing attention away from all the areas which you’d rather prefer to stay unnoticed. If you’re feeling reluctant try a long stretch dress with long sleeves and a horizontal striped design to accentuate your baby bump while slimming your appearance at the same time.

Flowing & Form-Fitting Maxi Split Dresses

The comfort and superior style of maxi split dresses make them a highly popular choice for fashion-conscious mother-to-be’s. Maxi split dresses are form fitting just beneath the bust while cut to flow freely toward the bottom. A high split gives you freedom of movement and adds a stylish touch, while maxi dresses with any neckline or sleeve type can be found in almost any design, fabric or color. Delivering great breathability for your bump with no constriction and the flexibility to dress up or down for casual or formal events, maxi split dresses are awesome for pregnant mothers. They accentuate your bust while following your form in just the right way.

Palette Selection is Important

Earthy tones and neutral colors work best when picking out slimming maternity wear. As always, black is a straightforward choice to cut off the appearance of weight off ever-so-slightly, but you can pull off a complete look in any neutral tone as look as you match the shade and hue across other clothing worn together. Earthy tones and neutrals work very well as a base for any maternity wardrobe allowing you to mix and match with minimal difficulty. These colors are ever-versatile.

Always Pick Adaptable Maternity Wear

While pregnant, all that you need is a core selection of clothing which can be customized with other items in your wardrobe. You don’t need to go out and buy all new bras and underwear when a few extenders will breathe new life into any brassier. If you stick to clothing which doesn’t veer away from your conventional fashion sense then you’re on the right track. Rather than buying a whole maternity suit try getting one or two dresses for functions and perhaps a pair of jeans. A selection of stretchy T-shirts goes far further than a single suit and can be worn around the house once your little one has arrived.

Stylish & Comfortable

No matter what wardrobe you decide on ultimately, don’t make the mistake of sacrificing style for comfort. Try to pay attention to the subtler aspects of style and pregnancy. Your posture and skin care routine all make an impact on your overall look.

Image Source

If you “wear” your bump properly by selecting the right maxi split dress, midi, or long stretch dress, while keeping your skin radiant, hair healthy and holding posture, your beauty will shine through every aspect of your appearance.

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My Review Of Chicco Toothbrush

By- Varda Agrawal


Image Source

What a beautiful sight it is to see small pearl like tooth coming up in the mouth of little one! Yes indeed it is …

But the real part of the parenting starts after that. I am saying so because it is very hard to get your kids to brush their teeth, especially twice a day as recommended by the dentists.

My experience of getting my kids to brush their teeth was a mixed one.

My elder one is four years old & younger is almost two, and I have been using Chicco Oral care products for our kids from last two and half year.

So here is my review of Chicco Toothbrush


Since 1951 Chicco Baby Products is a Italian company that now sells products in more than 100 countries and is renowned for their top quality. Chicco has products that shall suit all the requirements of a child.


  • Small rounded head, ideal for a child’s mouth
  • Ergonomic handle covered in soft, non-slip rubber for extra grip
  • Soft and Non-slip Rubber Grip
  • Extra-soft bristles to massage the gums and clean the teeth


When my elder son was a toddler, I used a different brand brush in the beginning. I was little hesitant to hand him over the tooth brush to brush his teeth. I thought the bristles will hurt his soft gums. But as we all know toddlers are very interested to do things on their own. I was stuck in the situation.

Then I came across Chicco Tooth Brush. I googled about it.

I came to know that it has a rounded head, soft bristles…. I immediately thought of giving it a try.

And I was totally happy with the difference it made. Both my kids love brushing their teeth on their own, I am not at all worried about letting them brush their teeth after-which comes Mumma’s turn. I do make sure that they have brushed their teeth well.


  • Broad non slippery handle which is easy to hold for kids.
  • Soft bristles
  • Rounded head
  • Different toothbrushes available for toddlers & older kids.



I will definitely like to recommend it to my momma readers. I have been using Chicco Toothbrush for years now & I am totally satisfied with it.

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How Cute Soft Toys have a positive impact on a Child’s Mind

By-Alastair Gilbertson


There are so many things that have a negative impact on our minds. Things like unhealthy processed food, people judging each other and selfish desires. However, we always have a choice with us to choose positive over negative. Leave adults, even children are affected by the good side and the bad side of life and it’s up to us to change the direction. So let’s start with a positive note on how cute soft toys can have a positive impact on a child’s mind. Continue reading

Let’s learn how parents can use affordable cute soft toys to bring positive changes in a child.

Gift a soft toy

If your child is having mood swings and you want to make your child happy, simply surprise him with his favourite soft teddy bear and see the shift in his mood. Just like adults, children too have mood swings, and stuffed animals and teddy bears can bring some calmness in their lives.

Create a playful environment

When your child’s room is untidy, he will not enjoy playing in a messy environment. You can give a touch of cleanliness and watch him play with soft plush toys. This clearly showcases that environment is a vital factor to our mental health.

Develops interpersonal skills

Humans by nature are social animals and they need to communicate in  find comfort in humans but in their cute plush toys. Kids are often possessive about their toys as they value them and consider them as important as their family members.

Online shopping for kids

In the past, parents really had a hard time buying plush toys for kids, but with the invention of technology and online shopping, things have become easy for parents. They have a wide variety of toys to choose from. Everything is available online, even if you are looking for plush toys for babies, you’ll find a mammoth collection of toys for babies. And, not just usual toys that are plain and boring, but toys that will fascinate you with their design, make and features.

Introvert to extrovert

Did you know cute soft toys can transform introverts into outgoing beings? Well, it’s a fact since everybody needs an outlet to express their emotions, be it anger, sadness or happiness. However, some kids are born introverts and it takes a lot of effort from the parents to bring their child out. Give your child some alone time with a soft toy and watch him express himself. You as a parent can encourage your child to share his secrets with his favourite toy and then see the difference. It is truly said that things that don’t have life in them, can give life to another.

Hence, keep your child’s mind healthy by developing good habits in him and encouraging him to play outdoor games. Also, if you want your child to be mentally strong, say kind words to him, be polite and believe in his abilities.

Author Bio: Alastair Gilbertson, a professional blogger who loves exploring various themes related to e-commerce and soft toys. He also contributes to Ultra Gift Box. This article tells you how cute soft toys have a positive impact on a child’s mind.

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Essential Baby Skin Care Techniques You Should Know

By Cindy,


Aside from giving them the right amount of nutrients and preventing any possible risks, parents must also take ample time in ensuring their baby’s get proper skin care. Since a baby’s skin is sensitive, extra care and protection is needed to prevent any possible skin problems. Unlike an adult’s skin problems, which can be solved with products like Skinfood, there are limitations on the kind of chemicals that should come in contact with an infant’s skin. Continue reading

In the case of newborn babies, their skin requires time to adjust to its new environment since they still need time to grow. Within the first few months, a baby’s skin can be prone to allergies which can cause discomfort and even possible skin concerns in the future.

Here are some steps on how to take care of a baby’s skin:


 Bathing a baby keeps unwanted dirt and other toxins away from their sensitive skin. It also prevents itchiness and potential allergies. Here are some tips to remember on how to bathe your baby:

1. Getting Prepared

Parents who are unsure of what products to use on their baby can seek advice from a paediatrician. Generally speaking, a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive so it’s best to avoid shampoos and soaps that contain harsh chemicals. Fortunately, there are various baby shampoos and soaps available which are made with gentle formulas to ensure no allergic reaction occurs.

2. Keep Water Warm

Ensure the water is lukewarm and not hot by using your elbow. Fill the tub with no more than 2-3 inches of water. Prevent your baby from getting cold by continuously pouring water over their shoulders. Dip a clean washcloth in soapy water and use it to wash the baby’s scalp with shampoo. For the face, use a moist cotton ball and gently dab on areas. Avoid getting water in their nostrils, mouth, and eyes.

3.Dry Them Off

Wrap baby in a hooded towel afterwards and bring them to a room, make sure to turn off all fans and air conditioners beforehand to avoid chills. Apply gentle baby lotion. Remember to ask your doctor for any recommendations on what is safe for the baby.


Babies need general diaper switches since they are unable to relieve and clean themselves regularly. Prolonged exposure to bacteria in a used diaper can lead to skin irritation and discomfort. Prevent your baby from these risks and keep their skin safe with these handy tips:

1. Be Mindful Of Diapers

Not all diapers are made the same since the materials used in some can be irritating to the skin. Make sure to buy diapers that allow breathing room in the child’s sensitive areas to avoid locking in bacteria. Some mothers also recommend switching between diapers and nappies to avoid prolonged exposure to diaper adhesives.

2. Clean Between Changes

Between diaper changes make sure to wipe the baby’s skin gently with unscented baby wipes or a moistened towelette. Pat dry and wait for a few moments for the skin to be completely dry before applying diaper cream. Allow the cream to dry as well before putting on a fresh new diaper.


SPF Care

Newborn babies should not be exposed to direct sunlight until they are 6 months old. Once they have reached this age, apply SPF on their skin 30 minutes before heading out. Make sure to ask your doctor which products they recommend as certain brands may be too harsh for a baby.

Use Loose & Comfortable Clothing

Since a baby’s sweat glands are underdeveloped, they can become very susceptible to heat rash. Parents who are ready to take their little one out should make sure to dress them in loose and comfortable clothing plus a hat to shield them from the sun’s rays.

Winter Care

During winter, consider investing in a cool mist humidifier in your nursery to keep the air moist since dry weather can irritate a baby’s skin. Remember to clean the humidifier regularly to prevent mould from growing. Make sure to keep your baby hydrating as well and give them lots of water.

 Taking care of a baby’s skin is an essential step in making sure they will have healthy skin as they grow older. While there are various products available on the market, parents must remember to research on certain items before making a purchase since not all products benefit each person. Additionally, parents should also schedule regular visits to their doctor and ask for skin care recommendations..

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How to Make Your Kids More Socially Active




Parent wants their kid to grow into a happy and a well-adjusted adult but it’s a tough job to teach them social skills. Reports and studies have shown that babies are born social but interpersonal skills are something they learn while growing up. Socialising is an art that one masters every single day of growing up and parents are the emotion coaches of this journey. Continue reading

A kid’s social skills and interaction with the world around them forms a major part of their success and happiness. In fact, this is even more important than their academic results. Not only does it help build a strong self-esteem but also helps them rehearse social situations and role-playing ahead of time.

Here are some guiding tips on how to make your kids more socially active.

It’s very important for kids to communicate – verbally or non-verbally. Your child needs to know that they are free to talk, question, ask and communicate their needs, ideas and beliefs. As parents, talk to them every day. Remember to use words like ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’, etc. while interacting with them. This communication in the house will help your child express, interact, and respond to social stimulus outside the house.

Invite friends home

One of the few places where children tend to open up and interact are kid’s parties. Meeting and greeting kid’s and adults from all walks of life is a great way to induce social skills in your kids. Well, a kid’s party is not the only way out. Inviting their or your friends’ over – without a purpose – is a good way to encourage friendships (and the idea of friendship) among kids. Being in their comfort zone will bring out the best of social skills in your kids.


It’s a fact that empathy plays a huge role in building successful interpersonal skills and relationships. Kids receiving empathy from adults tend to develop empathy for others at the earliest. Empathising and being warm go hand in hand. It’s critical for parents to talk to their kids about their feelings without trivialising them.

Teach emotions

Teach your kid to express emotions and tell them its okay to be emotional. Let them imitate emotions of various kinds – joy, anger, excitement, nervousness, sadness, danger, weirdness etc. Make a game out of it and ask them to identify different smileys and emotions. This activity will not only help them express better and differentiate between emotions but will also not let them get confused while socially interacting with kids and adults.

Do not hover

Children need close supervision. But there is a thin line between supervising and hovering over. With kids growing older, parents need to back off a bit. Hovering over kids 24*7 robs them of the chance to develop social skills on their own. You need to know when to enter and when to exit.

In the end, it’s important to understand that not every kid is born with the same skills. While some kids are naturally more socially adept, others are not. A parent plays an important role in a child’s interpersonal development. Take a more active approach to build social skills in your kid. Be a model of social grace and help them build relationships.

Author Bio: Monica a self-driven person and loves to spend her leisure time reading interesting books that come her way. She is passionate about writing and collecting new books. She believes in hard work and it is her persistence that keeps her doing better. She is a perfectionist and doesn’t let go off things that don’t appear perfect to her. She loves traveling whenever she needs time off of her busy schedule. Her favorite holiday destination is Hawaii.

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By Varda,

Chicco Baby Products is an Italian company that sells top quality products in more than 100 countries. Chicco makes a wide range of products like strollers, infant carriers, high chairs and more for infants and children.

Chicco is one of my favorite brands, especially for baby products. I have been using Chicco products for the last few years.

It all started with Chicco Baby Boppy Pillow, which I first used as a maternity pillow, then as a boppy pillow. After which it was used for supporting my babies when they started sitting.

I have listed down my favorite chicco products, which you must try.

IMG-20180913-WA0013 (1)


Key Features

  • Contains oats, which delicately cleanses baby’s skin & hair
  • Free from alcohol & dyes, parabens, SLS, SLES
  • Isolachrymal pH neutral no tear formula
  • Hypoallergenic formula clinically tested on sensitive skin



Key Features

  • Almond milk that softens & nourishes baby skin
  • Free from alcohol, parabens
  • Hypoallergenic formula clinically tested on sensitive skin
  • It absorbs vey quickly in the skin.



Key Features

  • Free from, fluoride & other preservatives
  • Available in three different flavors, banana, apple and strawberry



Key Features

  • It has rounded head
  • The bristles are very soft, which massages & cleans kids teeth.
  • Handle of the brush is made with soft and non – slip rubber.



Key Features

  • It is ideal disinfecting solution for all the baby stuff .
  • It can be used on metal & plastic.
  • It is effective against bacteria & fungi.
  • Continue reading

IMG_20180913_113515 (1)


Key Features

  • Made of stainless steel, have curved blades
  • Nickel free rounded edges ensure that ensures safety while clipping delicate nails.
  • Provided with cover, to maintain hygiene



Key Features

  • Contains rice starch, which increases its absorbent property.
  • It makes skin dry & soft without clogging the pores of the skin. Thus skin can breathe freely.
  • Free from alcohol & parabens
  • Hypoallergenic formula clinically tested on the sensitive skin.



Key Features

  • They are made of 100 % cotton
  • Soft & flexible
  • Ideal for daily grooming
  • Can be used from birth



Key Features

  • Soft, natural bristles works softly on delicate scalp & hair of newborn
  • The comb has rounded points so that it does not scratches soft scalp of babies
  • Wide anti slip grip, which makes it easy to handle



Key Features

  • Easy to extract milk
  • Maintains natural & constant flow of milk
  • Ergonomic handle with soft covering ensuring proper yet comfortable grip
  • Extra soft delicate cup which ensures soft contact on delicate breast skin



Key Features

  • Delicate on breast skin
  • Made with antibacterial fabric, which ensures hygiene
  • Dermatologically tested hence don’t cause irritation
  • Made of ultrathin breathable material, hence they are invisible under clothing
  • Leak proof & super absorbent, which keeps skin dry & does not make any visible marks on the clothes.

So Moms, treat your baby with the premium quality products by Chicco.

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The Best Baby Sleep Safety Practices For New Parents

The place parents count on to be the safest spot for their baby can be the most dangerous. Approximately 3,500 infants die every year because of sleep-related reasons.

We’ve put together this short guide to help educate parents about the nighttime dangers their babies face. Here are some of the facts parents should know. Continue reading

Overheating is Bad

Parents constantly worry their little bundle of joy is too cold. It can be tempting to think your baby is a lot more fragile than it is. It’s safer for babies to be in a cooler room with a light sleepsack or swaddling than it is to be overdressed and bundled up in a hot room.

Overheating is one of the risk factors for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS by definition is an unexplained death that happens suddenly in a child under the age of 1. More than 90 percent of those who die from SIDS are less than six months old.

To lessen the risk of a baby dying from SIDS from overheating, keep their bedroom set at a cooler temperature, like 68 degrees. Use a light blanket for swaddling or a sleepsack when you put them down at night.

No Pillows or Stuffed Animals

Pillows and stuffed animals are for older children or adults — not for babies. Pillows and stuffed animals both play a huge suffocation risk for infants.

Infants should never go to sleep with a pillow near their heads. It’s too easy for them to sink into them.

And they won’t even know a stuffed animal is present in their crib anyway. They won’t get any enjoyment out of it whatsoever.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if pillows or stuffed animals look cute or how many times you see a precious-looking crib stuffed full of them in a movie or on a television show. Looks can be deceiving — those pillows and stuffed animals can be deadly.

Back to Sleep

It’s much safer for a baby to sleep on their backs than on their stomachs. When you put them down in their cribs for naps or at bedtime, always remember that rule.

The American Academy of Pediatrics started recommending back sleeping instead of stomach sleeping in 1992 and since that time, death from SIDS has dropped by more than half.

Sleeping on its back will allow a baby to have more fresh air and will make overheating less likely as well.

You needn’t worry about a baby choking on spit-up if they’re sleeping on their back — they’re perfectly capable of turning their head to protect their airways.

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Supersoft Bedsheets from California Design Den

bedsheet 2

We recently purchased some superfine bedsheets from California Design Den and I wanted to share my experience with all of you.

The sheets are extremely lush and soft. They are super fine and have a nice sheen to them like the ones used in luxury hotels. The price is also affordable.

I bought two sheets one was for a king size bed and another was for a single cot (kids sheet). I’m satisfied with both the sheets and it was delivered on time.

The thread count is 600 which makes the fabric durable. I have washed it a couple of times and its sparkling as new.

bedsheet 1

You can purchase the sheets online at:



Some info from their site for your reference:

From luxe sateens to crisp percale, every set of our sheets is crafted using fine materials, superb craftsmanship, and eco-friendly production processes. Customers buy our linens through retailers like Wayfair and Nordstrom Rack, and many of our sheets are best-sellers on Amazon; you can check out storefront here.

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5 Smart Productivity Hacks for Mompreneurs

By Eva Benoit,


Photo credit: Pexels

Moms are often responsible for managing the nitty-gritty aspects of daily living and knowing what consumer goods make life easier. For this reason, they’re often brilliant innovators and inventors who create items that simplify life. If you’re looking to start a business, here are some ways you can get started and stay productive.

1. Set up the perfect workspace

Is there a spare room in your house? Take advantage of that and turn it into your workspace. You can use just a simple desk for organization and to direct your business from there. If you don’t have a spare room, you can work either in your bedroom or in another place in your house where you can focus.

Eliminate distractions, or at least minimize them. You can do this by investing in some noise-cancelling headphones or by keeping your workspace clean enough for you to focus. Make sure you have the right equipment that will give you the best results. If you have a product-based business, it’s important to have effective equipment that can help you produce whatever you’re creating. Continue reading

2. Delineate work and family time

The thing about working from home is that it’s easy to blend everything together. Set a schedule specifically designed for when you are the most productive. Tell your family members that it is your time to work and that you can’t be interrupted during that time. This will help you focus more on the task at hand. Then, when you’re not working, you can put all your focus on your family.

Of course, this is easier said than done. It helps to give your children things to do, or to hire a babysitter who can take care of your children for a couple of hours while you work from home. Find different methods and don’t feel guilty about the time you put into working.

3. Share responsibilities with your partner

Your partner is there to help take care of your children. It’s a team effort, so communicate clearly to your partner what you want and share responsibilities. Your partner can help out with cooking and cleaning, as well as playing with your children and making sure they get household chores and homework done. If your partner has a day job, it will help if your partner looks after your children at night while you work. Your partner can help you maintain consistent office hours.

4. Set small goals

As you start your business, it’s important to set small, achievable goals to help you keep going in the long run. Set daily and weekly goals that can help you accomplish monthly goals and so on. The more small goals you accomplish, the more confident you’ll be in your business.

5. Source business ideas from friends

You don’t have to learn all the lessons of entrepreneurship by hitting roadblocks and learning hard lessons. According to the business magazine Inc, other moms who have their own businesses can give you excellent advice about setting realistic expectations. They can be a great resource to bounce ideas off of, and they will know how to help you best. You can talk with your own friends, but you can also find social media groups that are designed for “Mompreneurs” like yourself.

With your hectic life, you may not feel like you have enough time to start a small business. However, as you set office hours and make a workspace for yourself, you’ll be able to get things done and grow faster. Set small goals, share responsibilities with your partner, and set boundaries. It’s a balancing act for sure, but it’s a worthwhile balancing act.




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