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How to Handle Baby’s First Vaccination

Hello Ladies.. Im sure every mommy here will remember the first vaccination of their baby. In the hospital we don’t know when the vaccinations are given. But the first doctor schedule was a scary experience for me. I just didn’t … Continue reading

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Review of Dabur Lal Tail

Before my baby was born, I had no idea about any brand which makes baby products in India other than Johnsons because they are the only people who are active on Ads. My neighbor suggested Dabur Lal Tail when my … Continue reading

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Important Tips on Bottle Feeding

By Megha, Hello mommies. In my last article I told you few advantages of breast feeding. But you know bottle feeding the replacement to breast feeding after a while. Usually after 6 months of complete breast feed, babies are introduced … Continue reading

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Temples in India for Childbirth and Safe Delivery

By Arathi, I was thinking twice if I should do a religious post, But I thought why not if it’s going to help a lot of people. I have never been a very religious person. I believe God but I … Continue reading

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Graco Diaper Bag Review

  Hey Girlies.. Have you seen moms holding these sad big bags with feeding bottles and flasks stuffed in the side. Also the bag would be pink or blue based on the gender on the kids with lot of prints.. … Continue reading

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The Importance of Breastfeeding

By Megha, Hello everyone. A new mom follows every instruction given to her by the doctor and one among them is breast feeding. Today I would like to tell the importance of breast feeding and the impact it has on … Continue reading

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Reading Books to Babies

Hello Ladies, I think some of you are regulars now. Welcome back!!! and please like us on FB and subscribe to us to encourage and grow this blog. When I was looking for some colorful books for my baby who … Continue reading

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Anjjali’s Fitness Fundas

Hello friends, I  very much know how important weight loss topic becomes hot soon after the delivery. Below I am listing some easy tips that might help you for a healthy weight loss. * Start with small and practical goals … Continue reading

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Hair Fall after Delivery

After delivery we suffer from hair loss. Most of it is due to the hormonal changes, sudden change in eating habits, stopping all our multivitamins, folic acid and iron. Also hair that falls regularly holds on to the scalp during … Continue reading

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4D Scans in India

We had heard a lot about 4 D scans but did not know where it is done. By the time we started consulting at Cloudinine hospital I was in my 27th week, so the doctor told me that’s it’s very … Continue reading

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Home Remedy for Nausea during Pregnancy

Hello all you expecting ladies.. Here are some tips for your nausea: I know how frustrating nausea can be, my friends were waiting to cross 13 weeks. For most people it stops by the 13th week maximum 15 weeks thats … Continue reading

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Babies in the Womb

By Megha, Hello all mommies. Today I would like to tell you how your baby develops in your womb. I would throw some light at what time does the different parts of body formed. Beginning with: End of first month: … Continue reading

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