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Mothers milk vs baby’s first food

  Hi Ladies, After 6 months your baby needs other sources of food, breast milk alone won’t meet all the requirements of the body. So I did research to find out some details on this. These are only approximate values.

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Schedule your day… follow a routine that is easy on you

Hello dear mommies, Have you ever wondered why your day is so cramped with a lot things happening and you are just losing control of it all? If No then you are lucky! Do share with us your story on how … Continue reading

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Wishing all you dear mommies a very Happy Onam

Onam is a harvest festival of Kerala- Gods own country. It is also celebrated to welcome the King Mahabali who was once a great king as per the legends. Other exciting activities that happen during the Onam carnival are the … Continue reading

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Baby Food 6 Months Plus- Homemade Baby Protein and Cereal powder

Hi Ladies, I would like to thank my darling friend Saps and her very sweet mom in law for sharing this recipe with me. It has really helped my little one gain some weight and she quiet likes the taste … Continue reading

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Mommyswall – New and Exiting Series

Hello my dear readers, its been just few months since we started Mommyswall and we are so overwhelmed by the response it has received. Initially it started off as a baby blog but now we have so many authors writing … Continue reading

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Mother Earth – Entry for WOW by Blogadda

By Reks Our earth is most often called  ‘Mother Earth’ because of her nurturing quality and the endless & selfless love that she showers on all of us.                                      Our mothers also play the same role in our lives, from … Continue reading

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Red Flags: Baby warning signs that you should never ignore

By Megha, Hello moms. I want to say whenever you notice something problematic with your baby please consult your doctor immediately. Few conditions are: • Fever over 100 degree Fahrenheit • Lethargic, excessive crying, poor feeding • Bleeding from any … Continue reading

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Difference between raising a boy versus girl

Hi ladies!!! this post is inspired by a friend of mine who lives abroad, so today she got to know the gender of her baby and she said “ I’m going to raise a man!!, but I wanted to have … Continue reading

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Review of Sebamed Baby Cream

Today I’m reviewing my newly found baby cream, which I randomly picked up from a Babystore. I’m sure many people who are into skincare have heard of this brand (from Germany). They make the finest skincare products in the world. … Continue reading

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Time for a nappy change ?? Messy and cumbersome??

Here are a few simple steps: *Get your essentials ready… Changing sheet/mat, Nappies/Diapers, Baby wipes/cotton/cloth and water, A set of extra clothes and a towel. *Put your baby in a comfortable spot and distract her with a toy or music … Continue reading

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Wish I knew / could … Heres what new mommies think..

A few things that nobody tells us and we wish we had known – Experience the pregnancy phase and enjoy every moment of it and not just wait for the baby to pop soon. – Flaunt the baby bump with … Continue reading

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

We wish all the readers of mommyswall a happy Ganesh Pooja. I hope Lord Ganesh fills up all our lives with a lot of happiness and prosperity. May he bless all our littles ones.

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