PostNatal Care For New Moms and Babies

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Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy! Finally, the much-awaited time is here, when you can hold your squishy little baby in your arms. While motherhood is by far the best feeling and experience for a woman, one should also keep postnatal care of both the baby and the new mom in mind.

Both mom and the baby are at a high risk after the delivery of the little one and one really needs to take care even of the minutest things. Women stand at a high risk, because of loss of blood due to the removal of placenta during delivery. Also, a lot of women go through tense moments just before delivery or when they go into labor. This is a new change which the human body might not have experienced before. Hence critical support at this time is important. A new born might take time to adjust to new surroundings and the environment and his body might not react well to these changes.

So, if you’ve been thinking that once you have the tiny one in your arms, the work stops here -think again! Postnatal care is equally important as neo-natal care. Presenting some tips which will help you sail through the initial few weeks post-delivery:


mom sleeping

It is truly said that post-delivery, it is the rebirth of a mom. Yes, you heard it right, a woman is born again after delivery – and we can say that quite literally. This is because there are high chances of risk to both, mom and baby during delivery. Once you are transferred to your private room at the hospital or better still at home, try to take as much rest as you can. This means staying away from gadgets, books and doing any sort of physical work. Soon after delivery, a woman’s body is very fragile, hence these steps need to be taken. This is the prime reason why women should not be discharged too soon after giving birth.


baby check ups
While the tests for hearing, skin color and heart beat screenings happen soon after your little one arrives, there are still some follow up checks which are made within seven days after the birth to confirm if the new born is doing fine.

Bleeding or lochia as it is popularly termed is normal after delivery and lasts for a good 8-10 days. Just keep a tab of how often and how much you are bleeding. If you are feeling the need to change the sanitary pad after every hour, then you should see your gynecologist at once. Blood clots are also very common post-delivery.


A new mom’s room should be well lit and have ample sunlight. It should have windows which will enable cross ventilation. Same applies to the baby’s room. You can also co-sleep with your baby, if you’re comfortable with it. Check for bed bugs, insects or any such troubling elements which might hamper you or your infant’s wellbeing. Everyone from a kid to an aged person knows how nasty those mosquito bites can be. The following two Goodknight products can keep you and your little one safe from mosquitoes:


Loaded with the goodness of 100% natural oils, the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On can prove to be a super boon for new moms particularly those who had their little ones in the monsoon season, as it is during this season that there are sudden spurts in the number of mosquitoes. Just apply 4 dots on your clothes, which will ensure an 8-hour protection. The Roll-On is available in two variants – Bubblegum & Citrus. This product is paediatrician certified and hence recommended for regular use.


good knight patch
For your little one you can use Goodknight Patches which can be put on their clothes. These patches are certified by pediatrician as baby safe and provide an 8-hour protection to keep those nasty mosquitoes away.



A new mom needs to take proper care of her diet post-delivery. Due to normal blood loss during delivery, it is important to continue the intake of iron and folic acid capsules. One should also include green leafy vegetables as part of a balanced diet. Since you will be breastfeeding, it is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Taking care of one’s own self is equally important. Moms often tend to ignore themselves post-delivery and immerse themselves in the new child’s upbringing. It is possible to keep yourself in the pink of health while you take care of your new born.



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