Look out for these signs and symptoms of Malaria to take timely action

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Kids are always bustling with energy and it is a joyous moment for any parent to watch them play and make merry. As parents, we take every measure to keep our kids away from even the smallest of ills like cold and cough. But even a slight increase in our child’s body temperature makes us worried and we run to the doctor immediately. After all, it’s not a pleasant sight to see our child who was bustling with volcanic energy just a while ago, under the weather and stuck in bed, was!


Unfortunately, Since India is a tropical country and most part of the year is warm, there are high chances that your kid might get affected by malaria. Mosquitoes thrive in warm weather and multiply at a very high rate during the rainy season.

Contrary to the popular belief (that malaria is caused due to the bite of a mosquito), malaria fever is actually spread by the female Anopheles mosquito that has been infected with the Plasmodium Parasite. So one can get malaria not just through a mosquito bite, but through blood transfusion from an infected person as well. Malaria can also be transferred from an infected woman to her foetus during pregnancy.

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The parasite enters the human bloodstream and targets the liver first. Mostly it remains dormant for some time and then starts multiplying. From here on, the parasite enters the bloodstream and goes on to damage the red blood cells. This is the time when the first few symptoms of malaria begin to appear.

While fever is the primary symptom of malaria, there are other signs as well which you don’t want to miss. These are:

While fever is very common in infants and children, it is a best not to ignore it. Closely observe your child and get him tested if needed to be doubly sure. . It should be noted that if fever is accompanied with chills, there are high chances that your kid might be affected by malaria.

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Malaria also causes vomiting in children and mothers often mistake it for food poisoning or unhealthy food intake.

Headache is one thing which is not very common in kids unlike adults. So if your preschooler complains of a headache along with other symptoms, then it might be because of malaria.

Since the parasite first affects the liver, many kids complain of stomach ache – do not ignore it; it is one of the many signs of malaria.

This is one symptom that you need to monitor closely as you can go wrong with your observations. Almost 90% of moms feel that their little ones have less or hardly any appetite. But if lack of appetite is showing up along with other symptoms, then it’s time to get your kid checked for malaria.

If your child has suddenly developed insomnia, then malaria might be one of the underlying causes for it.

Although there are high chances of kids getting malaria in monsoons (as that is the time when mosquitoes thrive) malaria is not a seasonal disease. It can occur at any time during any month of the year. Some of the tips which you can adopt to keep mosquitoes at bay are:



As soothing and pleasing lavender fragrance is to humans, it has the opposite effect on mosquitoes; mosquitoes detest the smell of lavender and stay away at all costs. So it’s a good idea to apply lavender oil on your kids’ body in moderate proportion to keep those nasty mosquitoes away. For indoors, use lavender oil in diffusers to keep the atmosphere calm and mosquito free! You can even use the Goodknight Activ+ in Lavender Refill. Depending on the number of mosquitoes, you switch between the Normal & Activ modes.


It is difficult to ask your kids to stay at home in the evenings when it’s time for some outdoor fun. Don’t stop your kids from playing out; all you must do is apply four dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On and let them enjoy to their heart’s content! It provides 8-hour protection and is made using natural ingredients.


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Goodknight Patches can also be used when kids are rushing for their play time. Just one patch is enough to keep the mosquitoes away for up to 8 hours while you’re outdoors. So just in case you see these symptoms in parallel with one another, go to your doctor immediately. He will suggest a blood test post which your kid will have to undergo regular medication. The best thing to do is take the necessary precautions and stay one step ahead of disease-causing mosquitoes. Use mosquito repellents like Goodknight to keep yourself and your family safe!





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