Cloversoft Baby Wipes- Review

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We received the Cloversoft in our mail almost 4 weeks back and they have been in constant use since then. Cloversoft wipes are 100 % natural and organic, and I am glad that I started using these for my toddler girl. Now when the Cloversoft team got in touch with me, I went into thinking mode as to what is unique is there in these wipes. Well when I finally got the wipes, I realized that there was definitely something missing and by using these wipe I could certainly help in a clean and green environment.

Moisturizer 1

With so much advancement in technology and science, humans are moving at an unprecedented rate.However in this race, we have been so harsh on the environment and are harming it and wrecking havoc with mother nature. Governments, UN, and various countries have now realized this and there are certain corrective measures being taken. Why I am talking about this- because it is in context to Cloversoft Wipes, is because they are made of bamboo.
Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants of the 21st century. Since it is a plant, so if it is used in any of the FMCG things, then it becomes biodegradable and does not do any harm to nature. It is one of the most environment -friendly plants and is used in various walks of life such as construction, medicines, foods, and shelter. So when CloverSoft came with bamboo wipes, I couldn’t be anything but happy.

The first question which will come in any mom’s mind is ‘WHY CLOVERSOFT WIPE’? My prompt answer to that question would be because they are made of bamboo. Yes, these are bamboo cloth wipes. At a time when I was using wipes for my baby, I was in a constant guilt mode. That is because many wipes available in the market contain a form of plastic which is harmful to nature. Since baby wipes were the need of the hour then, there was no way I could get rid of the guilt of harming nature by using millions of baby wipes to clean my baby’s poop:). There were times, when I literally had dreams, where are tonnes of baby wipes getting washed to? Are they ending up in some waste bin or in oceans damaging the precious aquatic habitat?

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Cloversoft baby wipes are unique in the sense, also because they are unbleached. Frankly speaking, I rely more on plain water for cleaning the diaper area of my little one. I mean, what can be more clean and pure than our good old water? The clovesroft baby wipes contain 99% pure water thus making it completely safe for both hands and face. Another key feature to be noticed here is that they are fragrance-free.


  • Alcohol free
  • Chlorine-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Paraben & Phenoxyethanol Free
  • Natural & Organic
  • 99% Pure Water

Bamboo Baby 1


I can say, that I was pleasantly surprised, with the Cloversoft baby wipes. There are many reasons for that . Prime being that they are made from bamboo , which means that it is as good as the cloth which I prefer for cleaning my little one’s diaper area. Since these are made of bamboo, that certainly indicates its chances of being closest to nature and also non-toxic and environment friendly. I also loved the fact that these are unscented . We all know higher a product is on fragrance parameter, higher are the chances of chemicals being used in that. Thus full brownie points to Clovesroft wipes for being close to nature as far as the texture and fragrance are concerned. The fragrance of the wipes is almost nil, except I found it to be those leafy kinds smells. The wipes are a lot more thicker than the traditional wipes available in the market. A lot wipes and sanitizer generally have some quantity of alcohol in them and that is one thing which just puts me off. These wipes are completely alcohol free and safe to use both hands and face .

Another thing I got to know after I read the entire package of the wipes is that a portion of the total amount you spend on the wipes goes in a fund which manages an entire community of protecting polar bears. So in this case, I am going one step further in saving the environment. Win-Win situation for both – Mommy and the Environment.

1.   Cloversoft Pure Water Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes
2.  Cloversoft Extra Moisturizing Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes
3.   Cloversoft Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes

Cloversoft organic bamboo wipes are now available in India at Amazon ,FlipKart and Firstcry as well.

I don’t see any reason which prevents me from giving Cloversoft wipes a 10/10.

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One Response to Cloversoft Baby Wipes- Review

  1. Mumpi says:

    Nice and informative article…i did not know about this wipes…..I have always used Johnsons wipes on my baby and have always used it whenever we are out and there is less provision for water. I have found it as pure as water and even mild, without producing any rashes or allergies on the skin.

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