How you can prevent mosquitoes from harming your loved ones?

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Having our loved ones around us brings about a feeling we cherish deeply; ask anyone who has commitments that demand most of their time away from their family. For this reason, people look forward to holidays to spend precious time with their nearest and dearest ones. One such instance is summer holidays, which parents wait for eagerly to get some quality time with their children that is otherwise impossible during the school year.

With our demanding lifestyles, making time for our family is a rarity, which is why holidays are the ideal time to correct that work-life balance. It is the perfect time to plan outings that allow the entire family to explore outside the confines of the house and gain some much-needed distance from our TVs or computers. Since this time is limited, it is very disheartening to see our loved ones fall sick to diseases.

Among the many diseases in India, malaria and dengue caused by mosquitoes were once considered seasonal diseases. But today, mosquitoes are present in our surroundings throughout the entire year. The monsoon is just the period when they multiply in huge numbers. Thus, here are some easy and quick solutions to keep your loved ones safe from mosquitoes:

1. For infants, try to put a mosquito net over their cots. A mosquito net is by far the easiest solution since they are quick to install and last for a long duration of time.

good knight patch

2. Toddlers need their play time outside but mosquitoes are a big menace during these hours. To avoid worrying about them, parents can consider putting the Goodknight Patches on toddlers’ clothes. Open a pouch and remove two patches. Apply both patches on clothes, one each on upper and lower body.

3. Goodknight Patches are also a perfect solution to your woes while you’re taking your infant for a light evening stroll. They can be used on prams and strollers to ensure mosquitoes don’t bother your child.


4. A barbeque night is great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Everyone, from kids to  adults, can enjoy the day – cooking and partying outside. However, this also means the pesky mosquitoes gate-crashing your party! You can avoid this by applying just 4 dots of the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on your kid’s clothes that provides a8 – hours of protection. This product is also certified by paediatricians and made using 100% natural ingredients.


5. Always try to dress your kids and yourself in long sleeved clothes. This is important to remember especially if you are out, camping with your family as mosquitoes are mostly attracted to greener atmospheres and surroundings. Try to avoid dark clothing.


6. If you’re feeding the feathery visitors you receive at your window during the summer, it is a good practice to regularly clean their water and food bowls to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and infesting it.

7. For a natural solution to mosquitoes, use Citronella or lavender oil diffusers in the different corners of your house. While both lavender and citronella are pleasant to the human nose, their fragrances are hated by the mosquitoes.

By following these tips, you will be able to prevent those nasty mosquitoes from ruining your happy family time! Because we don’t want to spoil our much-awaited summer getaway and fall prey to those diseases – right?



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