6 Tips to Keep It Stylish During Pregnancy

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By Rebecca Siggers,

Among the many worries than an expecting mother may have, looking fashionable during your term doesn’t need to be one of them. Given the right advice and fashion insights, any mum can stay stylish no matter where they’re going or what they’re doing. Ditch the dingy, drooping clothing resembling a tent in your attempt to hide your pregnant belly and read on to learn how to step out in style. Here are 6 tips to keep it stylish during pregnancy.

Stick to Your Size

There is no need to go out and buy maternity clothing in any size other than your own. Maternity clothes are specifically designed to match your frame while leaving ample room for your expanding bump and boobs. Stick to your normal size and you won’t have an oddly misshapen profile of your back, arms, and shoulders. Large clothing makes you look much larger than you really are in all the areas you don’t want people looking at. Tracksuits and stretched out slacks are for your eyes only. You don’t need to wear clothes like that outside. It only knocks your confidence.

Wear Form Fitting Fashion

If you wear stretchy clothing in areas which benefit from the accentuation then you’ll be able to stay stylish no matter where you may be heading. Leggings and T shirts are assets to any mother-in-waiting. Your bigger bust gives you a wide selection of new fashion to try while most moms only experience a swelling of the thighs which leaves stretch leggings as a great choice. Simply pair them with a designer T shirt or underneath a lofty skirt for endless style options. Maternity jeans are another great example of prime form-fitting fashion which works well during pregnancy, as well as tights and long stretch dresses.

Show the Beauty of Your Bump

Form-fitting clothing doesn’t need to remain exclusive to your boobs and legs. Showing off your bump can be one of the best parts of pregnancy, helping you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Try a stretchy dress in a soft, breathable material which highlights your entire figure including your baby bump. Long stretch dresses and maxi split dresses work very well at highlighting your bump while stealing attention away from all the areas which you’d rather prefer to stay unnoticed. If you’re feeling reluctant try a long stretch dress with long sleeves and a horizontal striped design to accentuate your baby bump while slimming your appearance at the same time.

Flowing & Form-Fitting Maxi Split Dresses

The comfort and superior style of maxi split dresses make them a highly popular choice for fashion-conscious mother-to-be’s. Maxi split dresses are form fitting just beneath the bust while cut to flow freely toward the bottom. A high split gives you freedom of movement and adds a stylish touch, while maxi dresses with any neckline or sleeve type can be found in almost any design, fabric or color. Delivering great breathability for your bump with no constriction and the flexibility to dress up or down for casual or formal events, maxi split dresses are awesome for pregnant mothers. They accentuate your bust while following your form in just the right way.

Palette Selection is Important

Earthy tones and neutral colors work best when picking out slimming maternity wear. As always, black is a straightforward choice to cut off the appearance of weight off ever-so-slightly, but you can pull off a complete look in any neutral tone as look as you match the shade and hue across other clothing worn together. Earthy tones and neutrals work very well as a base for any maternity wardrobe allowing you to mix and match with minimal difficulty. These colors are ever-versatile.

Always Pick Adaptable Maternity Wear

While pregnant, all that you need is a core selection of clothing which can be customized with other items in your wardrobe. You don’t need to go out and buy all new bras and underwear when a few extenders will breathe new life into any brassier. If you stick to clothing which doesn’t veer away from your conventional fashion sense then you’re on the right track. Rather than buying a whole maternity suit try getting one or two dresses for functions and perhaps a pair of jeans. A selection of stretchy T-shirts goes far further than a single suit and can be worn around the house once your little one has arrived.

Stylish & Comfortable

No matter what wardrobe you decide on ultimately, don’t make the mistake of sacrificing style for comfort. Try to pay attention to the subtler aspects of style and pregnancy. Your posture and skin care routine all make an impact on your overall look.

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If you “wear” your bump properly by selecting the right maxi split dress, midi, or long stretch dress, while keeping your skin radiant, hair healthy and holding posture, your beauty will shine through every aspect of your appearance.

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