10 Common Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions

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Baby Not Latching Properly: Most babies who are born a little early will not latch well. Make sure you adjust your posture from day one and take the help of a nurse or lactation consultant in the hospital itself to help you will the right posture.

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Nipple Sore: Its usually a result of bad latching. See our page on remedies here.

Shooting Pain in the breast and pain while latching: It happens initially when milk fills the breast, everyone experiences a little pain. But if its constant and unbearable, ask your doctor if its an yeast infection. Your baby’s mouth and gums will have some while patches.

Nursing strike: Baby refuses to breastfeed. See our page on nursing strike here.

Dry cracked nipples: The nipples are getting ready for breastfeeding, the process begins during pregnancy itself. Apply a moisturizer or coconut oil throughout your pregnancy. And if your breastfeeding you can apply lanolin ointment.

Red or pink patch on breast can indicate mastitis or plugged ducts. Apply hot compression or take a hot bath. If it does not improve or you feel a lump, rush to your doctor as it can indicate an abscess.

White boil or bulb on the nipple: This is called a milk blister where skin forms on the breast and blocks the milk flow. It will disappear on its own, or you can prick i with a sterilized needle or visit your doctor to do it for you.

Engorged breasts: Milk fills up after childbirth and as the baby’s requirement is less than the supply, the breast gets engorged. You can apply cold cabbage leaves for relief or just squeeze out excess milk from time to time.

No milk: This is another common problem. The simple answer is wait and let your child continue sucking your breast as the more it sucks the more milk will be produced. It takes 24  hours for the body to understand how much milk the baby requires. See our page on how to improve lactation for more details.

Baby sleeping off during breastfeeding: Most babies sleep after a feed, initially they are hungry all the time. You can tickle the child’s ear to make sure he drank enough milk, but later the child generally doses off when he is full. Remember they have tiny stomachs so they feed very often. I know its frustrating but look around we all have been through it.

So enjoy breastfeeding and never give up.

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  1. Surekha says:

    If baby does not suck the nipples wat should the mother do

  2. Sahiba Khan says:

    Breastfeeding can be painful and it can be really scary if you are a first time Mum. There is lot to learn about breastfeeding and one can read more on the benefits, issues and solutions related to it on:- Just Dakhila Blog. Google it to know more!!

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