How Yoga Can Relax Your Kids

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By Aradhana,

An activity that was only restricted to adults is now slowly making its presence felt among teenagers and kids alike. The connection between the body and the mind resembles a mirror. Yes, a mirror. If we are worried, unhappy, or anxious; the pain that we feel in the neck, shoulders and back is the body’s way of expressing it. If we are sad or stressed, our immune system takes a blow. It becomes weaker and is more susceptible to contract some diseases. The best way to prevent all these diseases is to stay relaxed and happy.

What if your child is feeling depressed or is stressed? Kids too lead a stressed life. All you have to do is look into their eyes to understand that something is wrong. We, as adults have different avenues to relieve ourselves of the stress. Being an adult we can confide within each other the difficulties that we face. However, it is not the same with our children. Just like us they too need to express the pent up energy.

As the body and the mind are closely connected, many adults find it easier to relax the body to relax the mind. Yoga is the best avenue, to release all the stress, for both adults and kids. Yoga is not restricted only to adults anymore. With a little dedication you too can teach your kid to practice yoga on a daily basis.

For many years, physical ailments and mental tension were thought to be two totally different aspects of a person’s well being. Thanks to modern technology, scientists for the most part, have understood the positives of yoga and proved that it is a better way to relieve tension. In yoga, physical tension is released through stretching. Here we not only release the physical tension but also the mental stress.

The art of relaxation involves deep breathing, lying down and being still. All these can be mastered with yoga. The science behind yoga is rather interesting. These activities look trivial but in reality they are very significant and help us relieve stress.

Exercise is the best way to relieve tension. This is because exercise and working out have been proven to lift your mood whenever you are feeling low. Yoga too is exercise, but in a more slow and relaxed way, which is optimum for kids. Yoga makes you feel stronger and relaxed at the same time. In addition, yoga can help in maintaining good health especially among kids as they are the ones who are prone to chronic fatigue thanks to the excessive schoolwork and their irregular eating habits.

Working out or doing any exercise concentrates only on the physical aspect of the body. Whereas in yoga equal importance is given. Breathing and meditation are the two facets of yoga. These make it very easy for a yoga practitioner to attain a clam state and think collectively. In addition, you could use these skills to calm yourself down the next time your little one drives you insane or in general you are overwhelmed.

How yoga benefits your kids:

  • It improves concentration and attention span of your child.
  • Improves inner strength.
  • Boots self-esteem and confidence.
  • Makes them more relaxed.
  • Develops self-control.

The best thing about yoga is it helps you discover yourself. Imagine the possibilities if your child comes up to you and says “I found myself, I know what I wish to do in life.” Yoga helps a person know more about his body, mind and emotions. It helps you become more focused, calm, focused and at the end of it all relaxed through life’s ups and downs.

Many individuals lose hope and give up on yoga, claiming they feel no different. Just like the good times in life, you too need to wait for yoga to show its effect. All you have to do allot a half hour every day. A few yoga poses and a couple of stretching exercises are all that you need to make sure your kids live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Aradhana is a veteran writer on topics concerning parenting, child nutrition, wellness, health and lifestyle. As a regular contributor to popular sites like natural news, elephant journal, thehealthsite, naturally savvy, curejoy and, Aradhana with her writings aims at inspiring and motivating people to adopt healthy habits and live a stress free lifestyle.


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