Understanding The Risks Of Parasites And How To Prevent Infections

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A parasite infection can derail your lifestyle and cause great damage. If left unchecked, mild symptoms can snowball into worse conditions that need grave medical intervention. Parasites will thrive in an environment that is suitable to them – a host body that feeds them with all the nutrients. Understand the risks of parasites so you can take the necessary precautions and live a healthy disease-free life.

Who Is More Vulnerable To Parasites?

You are very susceptible to a parasite infection when you are traveling. Traveling leaves you exposed to more food on the road and water that may not be of drinking standards. This is the case especially when you travel to the tropics or developing regions with basic infrastructure. Here are some tips on how to avoid parasites in foreign countries.

What Can Happen After A Parasite Infection?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is something that can creep up on you and make life miserable for a long time before you even realize it. It is a complex disorder with its share of symptoms. Parasitic infections are one of the leading causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. Here is a simple explanation of how a parasite can lead to this debilitating condition.

The parasite is fed by the host body – the nutrients in the food you are sending into your digestive system are getting hijacked by the parasite and your organs do not get the right nutrition. Over a period of time, you lose your strength and experience tiredness that does not go away even with appropriate rest.

At times, we are guilty of feeding our parasites by adding too many carbs and sugary foods in our diet. If you are experiencing the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome it is best to get a proper check-up. The sooner you identify the cause, the better for your body and your overall lifestyle.

Your Digestive System Can Get Affected

Your digestive system gets affected badly if you have a parasite in your gut. The balance of healthy microbes that aid digestion is disturbed and you will start experiencing unpleasant pain and indigestion-related symptoms. Both diarrhea and constipation can be the result of a parasite infection. A fiber-heavy diet is recommended along with treatment from a doctor.

It is not just your gut functioning that gets affected when you end up with parasites. The scale of the damage is very large. Let us scan through some of the serious repercussions that you should be aware of.

One of the most feared scenarios of parasite infection is when the central nervous system gets affected. Some parasites have the capability to infiltrate into the spine and brain of a human being and this can result in very serious conditions, in cases even fatal.

The most vulnerable are those whose immune system is suppressed because of other medical treatments or pathologies. Some of the parasites that are known to infect the central nervous system are toxoplasmosis, Neurocysticercosis – which is found in tapeworm eggs, and Trypanosoma brucei gambiense which causes sleeping sickness.

These are just some of the possibilities when you are carrying a parasite. Keep yourself informed and follow the best hygiene practices to protect your family and yourself from these unwanted guests.

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