Types of Thermometers for Babies and Kids

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Hello Mommies,

Here is a guide to buying the right thermometer for your little ones, and my experience.

Types of thermometers in the market are:

Digital thermometers:

These are the traditional mercury thermometers that we have been using since ages, its accurate and efficient. There can be used below the tongue, armpit and rectal. Of which rectal temperature is suppose to be most accurate. But commonly the armpit is used. I have a multi purpose thermometer from Safety First and it was quite tasking to use on my LO.

Price range: its quite cheap from Rs 100- 700

Ear thermometer:
I bought a ear thermometer from Chicco which will be reviewed shortly and what can I say its just a boon. I totally freaked out when my baby was down with fever and never slept fearing the temperature rise. You can use this without waking the baby and the reading appears after 1sec thats all.

Price: Around Rs 3000

Temporal artery thermometers:

They are of two types, one is a no touch and the other is by a simple touch on the forehead.
You would have seen all the Pediatricians using it these days. It takes the reading from the forehead. Just like clicking a photograph. From what I have heard the no touch one is the least accurate thermometer, but still its trusted by many doctors.

Price: Rs 2000-5000

Pacifier thermometers:

They are very easy to use with a baby, just give it to them to suck and your work is done. But cant be used on a sleeping baby.I didn’t buy it as it cannot be used in the long run.

Price: Reasonable from Rs 350 onwards.

My verdict:

An ear thermometer is the best if you dont mind the price, and your looking for something that will last long. Its very simple to use, just one click and you will be done without disturbing the child.

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