Trying for Baby after Miscarriage

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I have done earlier posts on miscarriage and like I have said before it is the worst part of a woman’s life and the loss and pain is unexplainable. The sad part is that you don’t have much time to mourn and you need to gather all your spirits to start all over again. This can be very tasking for couples.

From my own experience I can tell you that I feared the scan room so much it reminded me of hell. I had seen the fetus with no heartbeat and to see through the monitor was so scary even during my successful pregnancy.

But there is always hope, even if the miscarriage occurs again like it did for me there is still hope. I met a lady who had 7 miscarriages and she still went on to have a successful pregnancy and when I met her she had come there for her second child.

I know its easy to say be positive etc etc.. But its very hard, so rather take it as a task, a challenge, or you can even leave everything to god and follow his way, this is how I derived strength.

  • Ok ill come to the medical part, though doctors say that you need to have 3 miscarriages to start an investigation, you insist after 2. It’s very painful to go through it again and again.
  • Give sometime before to try again, like 3 full cycles minimum as the hormones need some time to adjust.
  • Take folic acid supplements daily.
  • Follow a nutritious diet; include lot of fruits, flaxseeds, dairy, nuts, and proteins in your diet. Eat blanched almonds daily.
  • Maintain good health by refraining form smoking and drinking.
  • Build yourself emotionally, meditate, do yoga, try to get back as soon as possible. It might be crazy but try kiddish stuff like get a drawing book and colors and start coloring, it relaxes your mind.
  • Find a friendly gynac who is patient with you and understands how important this is to you.
  • Start positive and with God’s help all will work out.

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