TrunkWorkLLP Learning Based Education Games for Kids

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How many times have you found yourself at a loss of creativity while teaching your little ones?Personally speaking, since I am a working woman, I find myself at such situations many times!In today’s era, where technology is growing at a very quick rate, and we often find kids either hooked onto television or tablets.As much as the importance is on tablets and computers as learning aids, it’s also essential to keep in mind the good old traditional learning methods like mats and picture cards.The best way to teach kids is through educative learning tools.This is because kids learn best when they are having fun.


We all know the importance of flash cards and pictionary cards in honing a child’s development in the early stages of life.Flash cards are ideal for infant and toddler stimulation.They are also a hit with kids because of attractive pictures which make learning a fun activity.What makes flash cards an important learning tool is their visual appeal.It is a well-known fact that visual learning acts hundred times better than normal lettered learning-Flash cards are built on this particular thinking only.Flash cards are bright and colored which make a very nice impact on infants and toddlers.Flashcards/Pictionary Cards are also a great way of engaging kids during long flights.Engaging kids in different kinds of activities ensures that their development is right on track and also prepared their mind and body for a holistic development.It has been observed that kids who engage themselves in learning based activity are said to have increased motivation, enhanced problem-solving skills and a greater sense of responsibility.I am sure parents who travel frequently are on a constant lookout for different ways to engage their kids by different means and ways.And we found the perfect solutions to those queries.Introducing TrunkworksLLP learning-based games for kids.


Trunkworks are a start up which focus on delivering learning-based games for kids.The games are designed to stimulate a child’s growth through engagement and curiosity.The idea and content behind each game are personally created by them.The very motto of Trunk Works is “Do, Enjoy, Learn”.


WHAT GAMES Did WE receive?
This is a two-sided and hence two level card game which aims to reinforce letter recognition, matching(level one) and phonics(level two).Each card has a center letter and four other letters(side one).Five cards are dealt to each player.Remaining cards are placed face down in a center pile with the first card flipped.Players have to match a center letter on top card in the discard pile to another letter (level one) or match the center letter phonetically to the beginning sound of the picture: to discard the card.The first player to discard all the cards wins.


The double sided mats are to be used with clay dough.We all know how kids love getting messy with play dough.They love making different shapes with them.Clay activity helps in sensory development, motor skills, self-esteem and self-expression, problem-solving skills and much more.The best part about these mats is that they come with pictorial prompts which encourage open-ended play along with imagination and creativity.For eg, these are pictorial mats with certain figurines on, which kids can put on their thinking caps and imagination to good use (Decorate your birthday cake with strawberries and candy, make a person into a fairy or a pirate).


These are a pack of cards, which have pictorial representations on them.The images on the card are such that kids can easily identify them and can also relate to them in their day-to-day life.The aim of this game is holistic language development via developing oral expression and imagination.There are four different kinds of cards-Object cards, speech cards which reinforce good manners, scene cards, and character cards.The aim of this game is to weave a story using different cards by drawing them from the deck of cards.So there can be as many stories as far as the kid’s imagination goes!! And there’s no controlling that!


Trunk Works was started by Manini and Saloni who are moms to a six-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son respectively. They saw the lack of fun high-quality games and activities which prevent a fear of math and science from seeping in, and which foster holistic language development during childhood. Trunk Works seeks to fill this gap.The founders strongly believe that all children are highly capable, but just need the information to be disseminated in an age-appropriate and fun-inducing way. To achieve this they decided to teach concepts using a hands-on, inquiry-based fun method. Their underlying goal is to foster exploration, creativity, and curiosity. Children will be empowered and encouraged to approach math, science, and language with confidence.


What we loved most about TrunkWorkLLP is the very thought process which has gone into the making of this product.So like we always say, a product or anything of that sorts always comes up in good shape if the need to create it is well identified.That is exactly how TrunkworksLLP came up with fun based learning games for kids.The games developed by them are a great way to stimulate a child’s growth through engagement and curiosity.Making learning a fun activity is so very important in order to keep the kids engaged.The TrunkWorksLLP Education based games help in:
1.increased motivation
2.buoyed creativity
3.enhanced problem-solving skills
4.a greater sense of personal responsibility
5.the joy of autonomy and independence

We would definitely recommend these learning games for kids.Also as its, the brainchild of two lovely mothers Saloni and Manini this product has our heart!We would give a rating of 4.5/5.We would want to see them come up with more such lovely and educative games for kids.

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