Trendy lunch boxes for your kids

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Are you done with your preparations for the new session? Is his/her school bag ready? Have you purchased the stationary? If yes, are you forgetting the most important thing, the lunch box? Don’t worry; we have a guide ready for you to select the best boxes available in the market. As per your child’s food preferences, you can select the perfect one.

‘A lunch box tells a lot about the health of a kid’

Below mentioned things can be taken cared of while buying a new box


Sturdy Ones

You don’t want your kids to feel embarrassed while the oil gets spilled from their boxes, right? Make sure that the boxes they use are sturdy, air-tight and easy to use for kids. Try one from Smily Kiddos; they have a wide range of boxes to choose from. They are so colorful, trendy and will definitely attract your champ. Plus, they have soft edges, air-tight lids, and the most important they are safe for kids.

The number of compartments

As per your kids’ choice and preference, you can select a box. It is important to have the right number of compartments for stuff like green veggies, lentils, bread, snacks, and pickles. Also, you don’t want these things to get mixed in the box. You can either go for a 2-part box or a double decker box, the choice is yours..!

Colour combination

He loves blue, she loves pink or they both love black? If you are also tasseled with your kids’ choices, we have a solution for you. Smily Kiddos has a wide range of lunch boxes that come in various colors. I am sure your little angels won’t say a no to these baby pink, ice blue, and black boxes. They have stylish prints which attract every kid. Brighten their day with bright, colourful box, and let them flaunt some style amongst their peer group with their lunch box.

Material used

Is the material of the current lunch box safe for your kid? Is it made up of cheap plastic causing harm to their health? Or is it too fragile that it can get broken very easily? If the answer to the above question is yes, you should head straight to and select a quality box. Be a mom who is taking care of the kid in her absence too.

Size of the box

Nor too big, nor too small is the right size of the box. For kids, you need to be extra cautious while selecting a lunch box. If the box is too large, it is heavy for them and will be difficult for them to carry and if it’s too small it will mess up the food inside it. So don’t just jump on to the good looking box, but analyze it properly. And, of course, the box should have some space for spoons and fork, just the way Smily Kiddos provide.

If you cook absolutely healthy food for the baby, if you take care of his dietary needs, and if you make sure that your kid is eating freshly prepared food, how can you not ensure the box is right or not? Now that you know the checklist, think twice before buying a box because it’s not just a box, it’s the way you take of his/her nutrition, it’s the way his/her health is ensured and it’s how you take care of your younger one.


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