Touch Feel versus Touch Screen

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Play, isn’t the same as what it used to be. Thanks to technology and changing lifestyles, the concept of play stands redefined today. If someone says that, their child is playing a game,there is a high possibility that they are referring to them playing on a gaming console, tablet or the mobile phone. So
now the question is – ‘Are these touch screen devices good for children?’. One really can’t debate this topic, without choosing sides. People for or against technology continue to detail its advantages or disadvantages to prove their point. However, an objective look at the issue will help us understand it

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A simple game of Hide & Seek, consciously or unconsciously, instills several qualities. Here are just few of them:

  • Observation Power – What are the possible spots where I can hide?
  • Decision Making – Would it be better if I hide here or there?
  • Strategy (Defense or Offence) – Should I hide deep to escape the seeker or hide close to home base to outrun the seeker?
  • Social Skills – Should I discuss my strategy with other children and act as a team to win, or should I do my own thing?
  • Physical Fitness

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The basics to excel in real life, are often picked up by physical games that we play as children. Science proves that the more your fingers move (be it while writing, painting), the more your brain develops.History documents the fact that there was an unusual spike in the standard of living of humans, the moment we started writing & carving. To see how Touch & Feel is directly related to your brain, just think about the feeling you get when you see a video of rain viz a viz actually smelling Petrichor – the scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The difference is huge! Things aren’t different when you compare a real game with a virtual one.

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Undoubtedly, technology is a great thing that children should be exposed to. However, it should not be the only or the first thing that they get exposed to. Overexposure to electronic devices often results in several technology induced problems like reduced ability to make friends and ADD (Attention Deficit
Disorder) among others.

Children should be first encouraged to play with physical games for developing their basic skill set. There is plenty of time later in life to absorb technology, use apps and more! Technology is certainly here to stay, and help us evolve, but it is best that children’s foundation must be based on reality, nature and touch and feel with healthy toys & games.

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