Top Ways of Enhancing the Development of Your Child

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Toys are not just the playing objects for your kids, but in addition to that, they also help in the overall development of the kid. Toys are as important as other necessities like mother’s milk, massage, etc. because they initiate the healthy development of your kid. There are different types of toys which accomplish different purposes; hence you must do a keen search for knowing the use of different types of toys.

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Help your kid in developing strong coordination of hand and eye

Hand to eye coordination is looking at particular object and then grabbing it. Example of hand to eye coordination in adults is typing on keyboard efficiently, playing piano etc. Just after four months your baby will start to develop this coordination, by looking at objects and then trying to grab the same. It is advisable not to stop him/her. But if you do not want to bear the risk of breakage of certain things, which can also hurt your kid then purchase toys then stimulate this process. Few of the toys which stimulate this process are listed below –

  • Stacking toys – these toys have additional benefit attached to them as in addition to grabbing the object your baby will also try to fit different objects together.
  • Different types of blocks – blocks are one of the best toys for stimulating the coordination as they offer quite good grip. It is advisable to purchase the soft blocks for the babies of four to seven months and hard blocks for the kids above twelve months.
  • Household items – different house hold items such as plastic bottles, plastic lids etc. also help in stimulating the coordination.

It is to be noted that household items are good option for reducing the investment in toys, but they might be harmful for your kids. Kids have natural tendency of putting objects in mouth and plastics lids contain various toxic elements which can be harmful for your kid. If you want to reduce the cost of toys then opt for purchasing online and grab Firstcry coupons and discount deals.

Select the toy according to the age of your kid 

You need to purchase different toys on the basis of the age of your kid as the process of development is quite faster in kids. If the baby is few months old then the toys like blocks, etc. are good but after a year you must opt for educational toys like the ones in shape of different animals, fruits, popular objects etc. so that your baby can learn about different things. In addition tell him the names of different toys and evoke him to speak the same so that he can learn the speaking. For kids above one year, the puzzle toys are the best as they will learn the problem solving skills as well as will start to recognize different shapes, objects etc.

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