Top Tricks and Hacks to Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Party Successfully

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By Diana Smith,

Have you got kids? Well, obviously – since you are on this blog. Well, I’ve got three, and they’re all close in age! Can you just imagine what it’s like to organize their parties and have them be events kids will actually happily remember and not cry about each time a memory of a failed party comes to mind… ah, parenthood, parenthood…

Anyhow, after having failed several times (or mini-failed, let’s not go all harsh on me), I’ve learned my lesson and I’m here to prophet some wisdom to all of you mums and dads who want their kids to have the best birthday experiences in the world.
Here we go.

Talk to your kid
While us parents may think an all-white tea party inspired by Emily Bronte era may be a perfect birthday setting for your daughter, it’s not. The kids love what they love and they easily get distracted by new cartoon heroes, Lego trends, new action heroes and toys; so unless you talk to them, you’ll never know what they are about. Naturally, you are spending as much time as you can with them so you may have even caught a glimpse of their likes, but it’s safer you actually talk about it. For our daughter’s fifth birthday, my husband and I threw a Cinderella theme party (she is her favorite cartoon character) and she hated it! Turns out, that year, she was into Sponge Bob more! Kids are sooooo unpredictable!

Send invites in time
You probably know a month or so earlier whether you will or won’t be throwing a birthday bash for your kid, which leaves you with enough time to send out invitations. These days, kids are stretched between school, sports activities, private lessons, music school and other kids’ birthdays, which is why you want to make sure you steal the date first. You don’t want your kid celebrating their birthday with no friends around, right?

Choose proper food
Anything but sandwiches or finger food rarely ever flies; obviously, all the servings should be dry and adapted to the kids’ being able to grab a bite on their way to the crowd… no fancy wining and dining, please. As for drinks, try to have all cups have lids and straws – spills happen more often than you think.
I’d advise you to go for a theme-cake; kids will love the whole vibe of their favorite characters in colors and tastes. The crazier the better!

Make it fun
Once you’ve agreed on the theme you’ll be going for, make sure your kid’s birthday party has an element of surprise, too. Apart from the usual decorations, like balloons, hanging straps and lights, tents and what not, you want to make it super fun for your kid and your kid’s peers. Have a photo booth installed, a water slide (if it’s summer), an indoor trampoline and a balloon tower. You may even hire a professional entertainer to keep the kids happy and occupied. Naturally, if your budget doesn’t allow such extravaganza, opt for just one or two of the entertaining skits; it should be enough.

Have party favors
Again, if you haven’t stretched your budget thin with all the other birthday expenses, leaving some money aside for party favors would be great. These little gifts don’t have to be anything spectacular but rather simple tokens of appreciation for the kids showing up – stickers for school, pouches of marbles, bubbles, temporary tattoos, decks of cards with their favorite cartoon characters on them, affordable books, matching pajamas, crazy socks… you name it.
Well, I hope I was of help and that your kid’s birthday will be a real success!

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