Toddlers Bedtime

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Is your baby up on his feet an exploring the place and keeping you on your toes as well? Yes he is growing up and moving to the toddlers stage.  His activity will be more and you will need more energy to keep up with his energy levels. For all this he will need a good night’s sleep and rest.

Obviously your tot will not require as much sleep as before. Set a schedule so you can put him to bed just before he’s totally exhausted. Tots till 4yrs of age will require a short nap in the afternoon. If your child doesn’t nap in the afternoon then ensure he goes to bed early at night. Follow a sleep pattern everyday that suits you and your child.

Suggestions are – after a short one hour nap in the afternoon,  indulge in outdoor play or activity, a wash or warm bath depending on the weather followed by dinner. Read a book or tell a story n pat him to sleep. Turn off the lights in sometime even if he hasn’t slept. Assure him that you are around and be patient to let him fall asleep slowly On his own.

As far as possible avoid tv or any exciting activity just before bedtime.
Note- do not force him to sleep when he really isn’t will leave you frustrated with all the trying.
‘early to bed, early to rise ‘ if you follow this principle now it will help you in the long run when your child starts school.

The first one week or setting and following the pattern will be difficult but your patience will eventually pay…

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Rekha is a Marketing Manager based out of Bangalore and is a mommy to two kids. She is a busy mom who loves sharing her experiences with other mommies here. She is the cofounder of mommyswall.
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3 Responses to Toddlers Bedtime

  1. Shwetha K B says:

    Thank u Rekha… Ur suggestions are very helpful

  2. Shwetha K B says:

    So true Jaishri… Without patience everything goes hay wire… It is so much required especially for a mommy.thank u for these suggestions

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