Tips Every New Mother Should Know

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By Ridhi,

Motherhood isn’t easy. While every woman dreams to be a mother one day and prepares herself for it, the real life lessons only come when she’s a mother to a beautiful baby. Motherhood is an on-going process with every day being a new lesson. No amount of preaching, teaching, reading or being prepared can actually tell you what motherhood will bring and how it’ll change your life.

There will be sleepless nights and days when you struggle to get a minute’s rest but it is all worth it when you see your baby smile at you. You don’t have to worry when you can’t figure out anything because other women have been in your shoes but it’ll all settle down. Motherhood can’t be taught, it comes naturally to every mother and maternal instincts take over and slowly she “just knows”. However these few tips will go a long way in helping you cope with the new found joy of being a mom and the challenges that accompany it:

Practice Makes Perfect

It takes time to perfect the art of being a good mom. You’ll struggle on your first attempts of putting your baby to sleep, feed him and trying to make him stop crying incessantly but don’t worry- you will eventually perfect it and know what your baby responds to best. It’ll soon be easy as you get more acquainted to your baby’s preferences and what he likes and dislikes and you fill find the secret to unleashing his cute, heart melting smile

Believe your Instincts

When you’re a new mom you’re going to get advice and lots of it! You’ll be getting a preaching rom your mother, mother in law, grandmother, neighbour, neighbour’s mother and ofcourse your doctor. But you’ll also have a small voice inside you telling you what to do and you know what- it’s probably right. Only you can tell what’s best for your baby and you should follow your gut and maternal instinct and let your baby guide you on what makes him comfortable and happy.

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Give yourself some Me Time

Looking after a new born is exhaustive. From feeding, to bathing, to playing, to putting him to sleep you lose a lot of energy and it can be emotionally exhausting too. When you’re baby is asleep give yourself some time to recharge and refresh. It might be in the form of taking a bath, watching something you enjoy or reading but make that time about yourself because you’ll be going through some mood swings yourself! Get as much sleep as possible to face the challenges thrown at you by your devilishly innocent baby.

Calming Down that little Noise Ball

As a mother you’ll feel helpless on many counts when your baby will burst into a crying spree and will refuse to calm down no matter how much you try to soothe him or distract him. In such situations you can run to a fan as the on-going droning, low sound will sound like heartbeats to your baby when he was in utero which should have a calming down effect on him. Similarly you can rub some soothing oil on your neck and try cradling your baby in your arms for the scent to sooth him.

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Be Patient with yourself

Don’t expect too much from yourself because raising a child isn’t easy work. Don’t make it harder by trying to chew more than you can handle because your baby will love you irrespective! Just stay calm and give yourself time because if you’re stressed out, your baby can sense that which will affect his mood as well.

Motherhood is such a joyous moment for every woman and even though it has its ups and downs, no mother would want to trade it for anything in the world. A mother’s love in all its form is unconditional and pure. Just remember to give yourself some time to get the hang of it and be a super mom to your baby!

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