Time for a nappy change ?? Messy and cumbersome??

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Nappy change

Here are a few simple steps:

*Get your essentials ready… Changing sheet/mat, Nappies/Diapers, Baby wipes/cotton/cloth and water, A set of extra clothes and a towel.
*Put your baby in a comfortable spot and distract her with a toy or music . This helps to make the process quick and easy.
*While changing , cover your baby with the towel till you get the new nappy/diaper ready. This helps from the sudden chillness your baby may feel on exposing and also comes handy if your baby happens to wee again.
* Lift your baby’s legs at the ankles, clean well, pat dry, apply the nappy powder or cream.
*Place the nappy/diaper under your baby and fasten securely . Roll your finger on either sides of the diaper to ensure the diaper is in place.
Now its back to playtime …

Note: Try using the same brand of diapers always, avoid switching brands too often. This can/may lead to rash.

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2 Responses to Time for a nappy change ?? Messy and cumbersome??

  1. diaper smells are horrible but my baby laughs when i clean her mess up as if she knows the smell irritates me.babies are such a lovely feeling. thanks for the tips Reks :)

  2. Jaishri says:

    Diapers are a boon to mankind.. :lol:

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