Tested ways to deal with Teething

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By Neelam,

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As we all know when babies start to teeth it gets quite rough and cause lot of discomfort to them. No doubt, it is a phase of distress for parents as well; ever since my LO started off with teething; I explored on how to comfort and soothe her. Teething issues can lead to late night wakings, comfort feedings and sheer exhaustion. Needless to say all this happening can make partners worn out completely. However, things can be adjusted and made better by opting some changes, am listing them below (these are the ones I tried for my baby and it helped)

  1. Calcarea phosph 6x, this is a homeopathetic medicine made particularly for teething in infants and difficulties associated with it. It also aims to cure calcium deficiencies in children. My baby loves to have it, it melts in the mouth itself and she finds fun in eating white tablets.
  2. Teething toys, it is advisable to invest in good quality BPA free ones.
  3. Comfort foods to nibble, semolina cookies are best the best option.
  4. Comfort your baby; breastfeeding can give them some relaxation.
  5. The most important step is to create a distraction, engage your child in some other activity; it will make them feel good.

Above all parents should understand it is just a phase and will take it its own course of time to go away. We should make our babies feel loved and do anything and everything to make them feel relaxed.

About the Author,

Neelam is a mommy to a ten-month old daughter. Apart from doing writing for work and she loves to indulge in poetry,reading and writing. Currently she is devoted completely to her daughter and enjoying the adventure of being a mom with her. She would love to share her experiences with pregnancy and motherhood on the blog.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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4 Responses to Tested ways to deal with Teething

  1. aartichopra says:

    Very educational article. Just like you have mentioned I also breastfeed my baby to give him relaxation from teething pain. And to temporarily numb the pain, I rub a clean finger over sore gums. I had read some more useful info at http://babycaredotbabyhugzdotcom/care-and-remedies-for-baby-teething/

  2. neelam says:

    Thank u so much!! Also,medicine is easily available in medical stores and is great for babies!! :-D

  3. Neelam,

    A great informative article. Didnt know that the homeopathic meds were available for teething in babies :)

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