Ten quick post pregnancy beauty secrets

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By Seema Nanda, Founder, The Nomadic Spalon

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Pregnancy and child birth are very taxing and can wreak havoc on the mind and body of the expecting mother. New mothers in their first few months focus on the baby & forego their needs, including eating, sleeping and personal beauty and maintenance which is quiet normal. They find themselves with different time constraints and different beauty needs than before they had their new bundle of joy. Here are a few tips on getting back into the swing of embracing beauty after giving birth. 

1. Use Vitamin K for Dark Circles under the Eyes 

Sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, losing weight fast and the joys and stresses of motherhood lead to dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin K solution that usually comes in the form of a gel can be applied directly under the eyes before bed and in the morning.

2. Use Natural Products 

The most difficult phase of a woman’s life is when their body goes through several changes after child birth; some that they can control and some are difficult to crack. These changes can affect the way a woman`s body feels and reacts to foods and products that may not have had an effect before pregnancy. One way to help protect against irritation of new, changing, and healing skin is to use mild and gentle products made with natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals.

3. Keep Taking those Prenatal Vitamins

The body of a pregnant woman is used to being the prefect incubator for her child chocked full of growth hormones and vitamins that she takes in a prenatal multivitamin. These vitamins help the woman`s body grow a child, but also help her body function more smoothly. Prenatal vitamins are attributed to helping pregnant women achieve healthy hair, nails and skin. Keep taking prenatal vitamins, or at least replace the prenatals with a multivitamin that will contribute to the health and beauty of your body.

4. Utilize Steam

Facial steams and full body steams are a great way to help your skin relax and recover from the stress and strain of pregnancy and new motherhood. For an effective facial steam, fill a sink or large bowl with a half cup or so of your favorite herb like lavender or rose and hot water. Place your face over the steam for 15 to 20 minutes and use a towel to trap the steam for best results. Steam can help your skin feel firm and may help to tighten skin all over the body, so relax in a steam room or sauna after giving birth for an effective full body treatment.

5. Trust Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

New mothers know that stretch marks are not only a concern during pregnancy; however to get that flawless skin is quite a challenge. Apply cocoa butter to diminish the appearance of stretch marks following pregnancy. Pure cocoa butter is most effective and can be applied directly to the stretch mark several times a day. The cocoa butter helps blend discoloration and will help the mark eventually fade away.

6. Aloevera for pigmentation

Skin pigmentation during pregnancy is very common due to the activation of various hormones. Dark patches called chloasma appear on the cheeks and bridge of the nose of many women. Sometimes, these patches are also present in the armpits, on the armpits and the private areas too.  Apply some fresh pulp of aloe vera on your face. Alternately, you can also apply cucumber juice, tomato juice or lime juice mixed with milk on the darkened areas.

8. Stretch marks 

As you progress through your pregnancy and your baby grows inside you, the uterus stretches out which gives rise to whitish, pink patches or stripes on the stomach and the thighs that are termed as stretch marks. While stretch marks are unavoidable during pregnancy, there is a lot you can do to reduce their effects. To counter them effectively apply aloe vera gel on the affected areas. Keep it on for some time and wash thoroughly with cold water later. Make a moisturising pack with one spoon of sandalwood powder and dried rose powder; mix it with half spoon of aloe vera powder and papaya powder along with 10 drops of almond oil, two drops of lavender oil and some milk or milk cream. If needed, add some water to it to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the areas where the stretch marks appear, 10 minutes before you have a bath. Rub it off gently and then have a warm bath. You can also use a moisturizer to moisten the areas after bathing. Prepare massage oil by mixing 50 mL of sesame oil, 20 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of neroli oil and 10 mL of wheatgerm oil. Gently massage this oil on the affected areas before bedtime.

9. Cracked heels and lips

Your metabolism increases during pregnancy, generating more heat in the body. In winter or if the weather is dry this can lead to cracked heels and lips, which can add to your other skin woes during pregnancy. To help combat such problems make a cream with one spoon of dried rose powder, papaya powder, liquorice, bark of arjun tree and add these to some milk cream or warmed cocoa butter along with two drops of lavender oil. Wash your feet and apply this cream on your feet thoroughly before going to bed. To treat your cracked lips, simply apply some ghee or vegetable oil.

10.Dry skin

Dry skin during pregnancy can be difficult to deal with. Keeping yourself hydrated can be a better way to keep the moisture in your skin intact. If you are prone to dry skin however, special care might be needed. To ensure that your skin is moisturised thoroughly. Use a herbal oobtan or body pack instead of soap. To make one, add 10 drops of sandalwood and geranium oils with five drops of rose and ylang ylang oil. To this add 10 mL of wheatgerm oil and 50 mL of sesame oil. Use this as massage oil for your entire body. Apply this oil on your nipples too and gently pull them forward to keep them supple and to avoid retracted and cracked nipples while breastfeeding.

About the Author

Seema Nanda, Founder – The Nomadic Spalon – An exclusive personalized Spa & Salon service offered in the comfort of your space, time and convenience. She is a Spa Consultant and provides turn-key spa solutions to hotels & developers through her consultancy – Provado Spa Consultancy. She holds a Spa Management Certification from the prestigious Core Wellness Ltd. Mumbai. Bringing in an extensive experience of working with the finest chains of Hotel & Resort Spas in the country, leading conceptualizing and setting up spa centers across India, taking on hotel spa operational projects and training the finest team of professionals; she also hails from a family which has been into the Spa business since the past 35 years. Spending a lot of time learning about aroma oils and therapies, Seema has also been involved in running the family portfolio of Spa & Wellness before venturing into her own setup.


Her yearning to give a professional touch to the spa and salon services offered at home led to the very idea of The Nomadic Spalon. The term Spalon is a mix of Spa & Salon services with a personalized touch. Armed with the knowledge and experience of both, this spa consultant turned entrepreneur, is making room for magic by not only creating but also making you experience it.


Short salon timings, long working hours, rush and travel time to the spa and salon, prior appointments completely negates the experience of relaxation. Thus The Nomadic Spalon took shape.

When determining the concept for The Nomadic Spalon, Seema carefully considered the needs of various clientele like corporates, homemakers, jetsetters who require flexibility, personalization and privacy. Throughout her career, she’s found that this specific clientele is not interested in choosing from hundreds of treatment options; they want what is best for them—which is why personalized treatments are her spalon’s signature.

Her spa philosophy is the culmination of the study of wellness practices and rituals throughout the world as well as a thorough understanding of the needs and desires of high-profile clientele.


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