Ten Must Watch Dramatic Rom Coms During Pregnancy

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Article is provided by Cloudnine, ‘India’s leading chain of maternity hospitals’


Pregnancy is the time when hormones foul play with your moods and emotions due to dynamic changes in their concentration. So here is a list of dramatic rom coms to make you feel loved, overwhelmed and engaged during your pregnancy. Catch up to these all time amazing pregnancy movies, here we mention ten which would surely make you feel good about yourself.

1. What To Expect When You Are Expecting

This one’s named after a famous book by the same name, the 2012 American comedy drama film is about five couples for whom pregnancy wreaks havoc just like the crazy hormones and how their life shapes up. Pregnant ladies can always learn from other’s real or reel experience. Go for it!


Image Source: Crawl The Line

2. Nine Months

This 1995 Romantic Comedy deals with commitment issues and resurrection of the same all because of the beauty of the process called pregnancy. Go wives, sit and watch this with your husbands and commit to each other all over again.

Image Source: Movies Dvd New Releases

3. The Back Up Plan

This 2010 Romantic Comedy deals with the other way of getting impregnated and also discovering love along with the fact that the indeed the father met his child. Let’s see, who gets to stay for long! Quite a play of luck!

Image Source: Richard Crouse

4. Waitress

This 2007 comedy-drama is a journey about a damsel in distress with of course -a baby bump!

A married woman who is on a  rescue mission from her dreadful husband and on the way can give way to some amazing delicacies for the pregnant ladies to observe and enjoy.

Image Source: Collider

5. Juno

This 2007 comedy-drama film is a roller coaster ride of how to deal with teen pregnancy and an journey to reckon with life and other matters, you know what I mean…

Image Source: City Of Films

6. Knocked Up

This 2007 comedy-drama explains the trials and tribulations of a one night stand turned into a serious bumpy road ahead resulting in a pregnancy and discovering the way from bachelorhood to parenthood.

Image Source: Thought You May Ask

7. Baby On Board

This 2009 comedy film is a rollercoaster ride of the battle of the sexes, the working woman who is of course pregnant and try to find the real meaning of love and priorities in life.

Image Source: The Movie Db

8. ShaadiKe Side/Effects

This 2014 Indian romantic comedy enrols you to the classes on the effects/ side effects of marriage involving a child.


Image Source: Bollywood Life

9. KyaKehna

This 2000 Indian drama film deals with a tough situation for an unmarried pregnant college girl who has to resurrect her family name which she has disgraced and deal with social pressure and find her true love.Compelling enough to draw some tears out.

Image Source: Rockying

10. Salaam Namaste

This 2005 romantic comedy is a about discovering the deal between relationships and career. One’s fears of commitment and responsibility. Not bad a view for all the would be parents.And some informative gig played around too with thalassemia playing an adhoc role. It’s the second time the same duo is presenting something on pregnancy but this time with a different look to it..the foreign look!


Image Source: Specials Rediff

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  1. Sweta says:

    I have watched Shadi ke Side effects & waitress during my pregnancy…Have watched othrs at other times…good list but not exhaustive.
    I have also watched GOT in my preganancy which had apparently gained raised eyebrows LOL :lol: :-D :mrgreen:

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