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By Varda Agrawal

As our little bundle of joy, grows up… there are few moments which we eagrly wait for, the moments which are precious, worthy of being cherished … whole life. These are the moments when our baby   reaches milestones of their growth…

One such moment is the first sight of the irrupting tooth of the baby. Truly, the sight of the irrupting tooth is very mesmerizing… small white dot on soft gums, gradually growing into little pearl like tooth … which adds on to the beauty of little ones face & makes his/ smile more & more cute.

Yes, teething is also one of the milestones & I must say a very important & influencing milestone, as it has many influences son baby’s mood, diet, health. Every Baby & every mother has their own share of experiences.

Today am here, to give my mommy friends, some information regarding this important milestone of the baby’s growth, in a series of articles…!

When Do Baby Start Teething

Babies start teething between 6 -12 months… and the process may be in progress till child is 2 – 3 years old. Every baby has hi / her own schedule of milestones, some may start teething by 3 months of age…. And some are born with tooth … so there is no specific time for teething.

Symptoms of Teething

  •  Swollen Gums :-

The soft gums of the babies get swollen before teething.

Swollen gums teething

Image Source

  • Drooling:-

Drooling in simple words means saliva start to come out of the mouth of the babies. At the starting you may not understand how come suddenly so much of fluid is secreted ….  But this is all normal. Due to drooling, baby’s upper clothes may get wet, which can be prevented by making them wear bibs.

Drooling Teething

Image source

  • Chewing:-

The babies are discomforted by the pressure of the tooth coming out. During this process their gums also swell. Babies feel relived when counter pressure is applied, and hence they start chewing hard things.

Chewing teething

 Image Source

  • Ear Pulling:-

Usually at this time babies pull their ears… which can be very easily mistaken as ear infection or ear ache.

Ear Pulling

Image Source

  • Irritability:-

Babies tend to get very irritated & cranky, due to all the discomfort they go through during this phase of their growth.


Image Source

  • Loss Of Appetite :-

I have experienced this in case of my son.  Every time his new tooth started coming, especially early teething, he didn’t have proper meals … only breastfeeding … as it soothed him. Making him eat one meal a day was a big task that time.

  • Rashes:-

Babies may develop rashes during teething. However it is always preferable to consult doctor to confirm wether rashes are due to teething or due to any other reason.


Image Source

  • Fever:-

Babies may also get fever, during the teething time. Every time new tooth will make a show… you can expect fever, which may last 1 / 2 days. But as said earlier it is always better to consult doctor.

  • Flushed Cheeks :-

Their soft cheeks may become red…. Due to pain & irritation.

Teething Flushed Cheeks

Image Source

  • Unable to sleep:-

You may notice that babies may feel uncomfortable during night time, making them unable to sleep.

  • Diarrhea:-

Babies may even get diarrhea , in their teething phase. Though it is very common symptom of teething , but it is always better to consult doctor.

So Mommies, if your baby is of around 3 – 4 months…. He / she may start teething any time. Look out for the symptoms mentioned above to know wether your baby is about to teeth …. So you get yourself prepared for the teething phase coming ahead.


To help you, with the Teething Phase of your baby, we will discuss How To Soothe The Teething Baby in next article.


Till then, Happy Parenting!!     &    Happy Teething!!


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