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Mom and Me Little India Competition

Mom and me is conducting Little India competition during the independence day week. Is your baby participating? http://www.momandme.in/independence-day-contest Please subscribe to us for regular updates of our posts, subscription option is on the right pane. Follow and like us on … Continue reading

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Top Online Sites for Baby Shopping in India

Here is my compilation of baby shopping sites in India. Ever since my baby was born, I have been very actively shopping online. I used to even shop diapers online during the first 3 months. Before that, I would like … Continue reading

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Normal Baby Development Milestones

By Megha, Hello all lovely young moms. In this article of mine I would describe the basic milestones of development in a child at different ages from birth to 1 year. You can easily recognize them and feel blessed by … Continue reading

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Baby Food Recipe 5 months- Banana and Avacado

BY Jaishri, My pediatrician adviced us to start off with basic fruits and veggies after my baby turned 5 months. Here are some things that were adviced: Fruits- Banana, Avocado, Apple Mash Veggies- Boil veggies and only give the soup, … Continue reading

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Beauty Tips for New Moms

By Jaishri All moms here would agree with me that they hardly looked at the mirror during the first few days after childbirth. I did not even want to look at myself in the mirror. I had gained so much … Continue reading

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Introducing Anjjali Agrawal

  Guys, please welcome Anjjali Agrawal and her cute little 14 month old Aaditya. She would like to share her experiences with her little son on this blog. Im so glad Anjjali, that you are willing to contribute and help … Continue reading

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Top Five Possible Baby Injuries (PBI)

By Megha, Hello mommies..This is my first article on the blog and I am sooooo excited to write. It is a natural tendency of women to protect her loved ones and once she turns into a mom, her sole concern … Continue reading

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Types of Cradles in India

By Jaishri, Everyone here would know how anxious we all get few weeks before delivery. It’s not just the pressures of childbirth. Making place for the most important person who is arriving our home is definitely not easy. I used … Continue reading

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Review of Playtex Nurser/Feeding Bottles

By Arathi, My husband picked up the Playtex Nurser when he was one of his trips abroad. On the phone he exclaimed “I have got baby an expensive feeding bottle”. Once he was back he was all exited to try his … Continue reading

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Review on Johnson’s Baby Bedtime sweet sleep kit

One common thing you can expect when you have a baby is Johnson’s gift sets. One is the regular one and one more is this newly introduced bedtime kit. At the end of the entire visiting sessions we has some … Continue reading

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Baby Powders in India

We usually associate the smell of babies with the smell of powders. I remember when I was young, people would just dust their babies with powder. So much that the baby would like a powder puff. I am not a big … Continue reading

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Bollywoods Cutest Babies

Here is my compilation of Bollywoods star kids who are gaining a lot of popularity like their parents. Winston and Viraaj sons of Celina Jaitly Lara Dutta’s daughter Saira

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