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Toddler Tantrums

Image Source: Tantrum Hello Everyone , Here is a post on request from one of our readers…. How to cope with your tot’s tantrums. Anger, frustration, crying, howling, kicking, rolling on the floor …yes all of these are indications of a … Continue reading

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Stainless steel water bottles from no2plastic

We recently picked up this water bottle for my preschooler son. He seems very happy with it and likes to show it off to everyone. what we like about it : – sleek and classy look – easy to clean … Continue reading

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Teething made easy

Image Source:Teething baby Teething starts around the 6months of age and is an important milestone for your baby. However this phase can be very difficult for your baby making him fussy, cranky and irritable. Here are a few tips to help ease the … Continue reading

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Baby Food 6 months plus- Mashed Potato

I have hardly met anyone who does not like potatoes, so why leave out babies, they too love that carbohydrate kick. Though its easy to make mashed potatoes in a cooker, it turns out very well when you boil potato pieces in a … Continue reading

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Crafty Mompreneur of the Week – Nabeela Ruhi

We admire people who follow their passion, and that’s just exactly how it goes for Nabeela Ruhi our featured mompreneur of this week!! Bubbly, full of creative ideas and a go getter is what she is. Nabeela developed her artistic … Continue reading

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Happy Diwali !!!!

Wishing all you lovely viewers a happy Diwali. Be safe and enjoy the festival. Keep sand and water handy. Drop off all burnt crakers in sand or water and monitor your kids safely. Mommies watch what you eat. Sharing is … Continue reading

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Milk-y-licious … facts on milk for your kids

Image Source: Glass of milk What kind….. – Infants or babies under 12 months cannot digest cow s milk, so all the essential nutrients that they need are supplied by breastmilk or formula milk. – After the age of one your … Continue reading

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Basic skincare routine for moms

Image Source: Skincare Hello dear mommies, We are all so caught up with the daily routine that at times we tend to neglect ourselves. Here is a simple 4 step routine for a healthy and glowing skin. Set a time … Continue reading

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Mompreneur of the week: Anamika Sureka from Wiseshe.com

Anamika is one of the most noted bloggers we have in India. We feel so honored to feature Anamika in this little blog of ours. I have been following Anamika’s makeup and beauty blog (www.wiseshe.com) from a long time. Im sure any … Continue reading

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Social Life With a Baby

How much you have been socializing after having a baby? Here’s my story: I was very particular about the kind of people I interacted with and never talked to random people until I was at least casually introduced to them by … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Staying at a Hotel with your Baby

Source You can safely take a 6 months baby with you for your vacations, here a some tips you may want to consider while choosing and staying at a hotel: Check if the hotel has a microwave if not carry … Continue reading

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1 Minute Eggless Microwave Chocolate Chip cookies

Here’s a surprise for your kids snack box. 1 minute chocolate chip cookies, yeah you heard it right just one minute. That too without any raising agents. I always thought chocolate chips were expensive and used broken chocolate every time … Continue reading

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