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10 Ways to Earn Money from Home

Image Source Recently I have been looking at forums, where I see many stay at home moms who want to make some money from home. So I thought ill put up a post based on my own experience and interactions … Continue reading

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Stylespa brings smart designs for kids room

Stylespa Interiors, an Adventz Group company and Indian’s largest furniture brand which specializes in optimization of spaces and modular furniture, brings bunk beds and kid’s storage cum Study Table to optimize, organise and create functional spaces for a kid’s room. … Continue reading

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Recipe of Guacamole – Healthy and Tasty Dip for Kids

By Ashwini Venkat, Avocado can be eaten by anyone, babies from 6 months to old people. This fruit has no sugar content like other fruits, so even diabetes patients can consume it without a doubt. Another advantage is that, it … Continue reading

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Six Most Recommended Breastfeeding Aids

Hi Mommies, We all know by now that breastfeeding is not a cake walk, and all of us would have faced one or the other issue initially. So today I thought Ill do a post for all the new moms … Continue reading

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Recipes for Babies and Toddlers during a Vacation

During our recent vacation I carried a travel cooker with us which was very useful and handy, I almost cooked every meal for my little one with that. Though the owners of the property where we stayed, were ready to … Continue reading

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When dad decided and all concurred.. the change in parenting styles

Hello everyone!! Here is an article that talks about the traditional parenting approach followed by our parents and the more modern parenting followed these days. While there is no right or wrong on which parenting style to follow, this is … Continue reading

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New year’s beauty resolutions for mommies

Image Source : Beautiful You Wishing all our readers a very Happy New Year!! Tonight is a big one for many of us, there will be partying, greeting, meeting and loads of fun. For a few it will be spending … Continue reading

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Importance of grandparents in your child s life

Image Source: Complete family Hello Mommies, Everyone seems to be in the holiday mood this month with Christmas and New year around the corner. Baking cakes and goodies, decorating your homes with the Christmas tree, endless shopping and buying special … Continue reading

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Santa Claus: Relevance Of Imaginary Character

Source Imagination is funny It makes a cloudy day sunny… Is Santa Claus for real? What about the Tooth Fairy and the Garbage Man? For an adult, these questions might seem insignificant, but how a young child replies is important … Continue reading

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For the sweeth toothies… Quick Eggless Dates and Carrot cake

Hello dear mommies!! Just to break from the monotony of all the mommy gyan, here is a simple and quick recipe for a yummy dessert Eggless Carrot and Date cake You need…. 1cup pitted and chopped dates 1/2 cup grated … Continue reading

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Mompreneur of the Week: Elizabeth Jacob from Liz Jacob Designs

Elizabeth Jacob (Priya) is the owner & artist at Liz Jacob Designs. Here is her interesting entrepreneurial journey. Thankyou so much Priya for doing this for us I began my entrepreneurial journey with ‘Liz Jacob Designs’ after 11 years of … Continue reading

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Winter illnesses.

Image Source: Sick baby My son has just recovered from common cold & cough and it was quite a difficult week for him and me. Though it is very common and quick illness to catch during the weather change, it … Continue reading

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