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Review of Cloud Nine Hospital Bangalore

By Jaishri After spending 7months at a small hospital we finally deserved some luxury and care, so we chose Cloud nine hospital on old airport road Bangalore for the delivery of our child. We chose the luxury package which costed … Continue reading

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Review Cerelac Rice and Milk

By Jaishri I started off with cerelac rice for my baby when she was 4 and half months. Initially I mixed a lot of water in it and made it runny, a little thicker than formula milk. Later on made … Continue reading

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Review of BACC/ Santhana

As a Bangalorean everyone would have heard of DR Kamini Rao. She is well known and is known to handle the most complex pregnancies and is a specialist in assisted conception. She runs a hospital called BACC and now a … Continue reading

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Review of Philips Avent feeding bottle

By Jaishri I was hunting for a colic free BPA free feeding bottle, finally my cousin gifted me this one. My baby used to drink formula milk only in the feeding bottle with spoon. The hospital guys started out with … Continue reading

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Baby Colic home remedies

By Jaishri   My baby had severe colic issues and touchwood it all settled down when she turned 4 months. Colic is uncontrollable crying in babies mostly due to gas in their bodies. Try to avoid gassy foods like cabbage, … Continue reading

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Review of LifeCell International

By Jaishri Stem cell preservation was discussed during my antenatal class conducted by Cloudnine hospital. You can see their website here. After their presentation and a little research we decided to bank our baby’s stem cell. They have different schemes … Continue reading

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Baby at 4 months

By Jaishri There is so much going on right now with my little girl. She has started recognizing me and some of the close people around. The feeling of being wanted is so great. But the only drawback are that … Continue reading

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Baby food at 4 months

By Jaishri I started feeding my baby when she was 4 weeks and 2 months. She was a little underweight and the doctor advised me to feed her semi solids. I started off with Nestle Cerelac Rice and Milk. Read … Continue reading

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