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12 Ideas to Make Your Holidays Fun

Source What if you are not traveling anywhere for the vacation… Here are a few tried and tested ideas to make it simple and fun – Enroll your child in a camp of his interest – Plan a day outing … Continue reading

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Chhota Bheem ….Puzzling is fun

My hubby had recently picked up a Chhota Bheem jigsaw puzzle cum game for my son from the airport after his official trip. So last weekend both father and son were reading the instructions and trying hard on fixing the … Continue reading

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Looking forward to a peaceful mommy’s day out ??

Image Source: Mommies and babies   Hey Jaish, this post is for you….. – What worked the best for me was to meet up with other mommy friends and their kids after my son turned a year and half. This … Continue reading

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Mommies day out

Had a great day with college friends who are also mommies now. Endless laughing and chatting with the girls, great barbeque spread, window shopping, pleasant weather and hubby babysitting. Nothing can be better!! Simply chilled out… A must for all … Continue reading

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Product Review – Philips Avent teats /nipples

Transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is quite a challenge as babies get used to the comfort of being held close and fed by the mother. The Avent brand bottles and teats/nipples are quite a popular name amongst most mothers … Continue reading

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Checklist for your little one’s birthday party

Image Source: Birthday Lets go through it quickly so you have enough time to organise the party….. – A list of invitees , write down all the names of the adults and kids/babies – Now that you know the number … Continue reading

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How to fight Morning Sickness during pregnancy?

    Image Source: Fruits and Lemony ginger Morning sickness or nausea is a very common during prenancy. Apparently 80% of women actually feel this, so take it as a natural part of your pregnancy by trying a few home remedies. … Continue reading

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Sharing few useful articles … worth a read

I love my early morning 15 minute newspaper time to catch up on all the happenings and gupshup in and around town. Here are a few articles from the epaper that I found useful for all you lovely ladies …. … Continue reading

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Why babies cry?

Image Source: Crying baby Few reasons why your baby might be crying -Hunger is the most common reason but need not be so always -Discomfort either because its too cold or he s feeling warm due to over wrapping -Tummy … Continue reading

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Housefull of babycare products?

Image Source: Clutter Space crunch ?? Oh yes tell me about it We always end up stocking a whole lot of unnecessary things at home.and its only during spring cleaning that we get rid of it. But receiving gifts and … Continue reading

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For You Mom… post delivery tips

Image Source: Post delivery By Megha Hi everyone. The period after delivery is called puerperium and it last s for six weeks. Essentially during this time, female body reverses most of the changes that occurred in various organs and systems … Continue reading

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Baby@6 months

Image Source: Baby @6 months My baby turned 6 months!! Its an exciting phase and also getting tougher day by day as she is getting intelligent. Here are some of her growth developments that I notice: She puts anything and … Continue reading

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