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Why Cleansing is the Most Important Skin Care Step

By Cindy, One of the most important products in any skin care regimen involves using the right kind of cleanser. Depending on the skin type, several cleansers with different ingredients are formulated to meet their specific needs like those in … Continue reading

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Time for a nappy change ?? Messy and cumbersome??

Here are a few simple steps: *Get your essentials ready… Changing sheet/mat, Nappies/Diapers, Baby wipes/cotton/cloth and water, A set of extra clothes and a towel. *Put your baby in a comfortable spot and distract her with a toy or music … Continue reading

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Johnson Baby skin care wipes

I used these wipes for a long time before I found Nuby. It has moisturizing lotion and claims to be a no more tears formula. Pros: Has moisturizing effects Cleans well because of extra moisture content Can work very well … Continue reading

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Nuby Stay Clean Baby wipes

By Tara In my previous post I talked about how important the use of wipes are when you have a baby. You need to carry it around. I got Nuby wipes in a discount on Babyoye.com when I was looking … Continue reading

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Baby Life wet wipes

By Arathi Once you have a baby, wet wipes will become one of the most essential commodities in your life. You just can’t live without it. I use it to wipe my baby face, hands, legs, for cleaning, wiping my … Continue reading

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