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5 Tips to protect your children and keep the infections at bay

It’s that time of the year again when you can savour those mouth-watering snacks with a piping hot cuppa. Rains remind me of my childhood days when we enjoyed splashing around and playing aimlessly. I love the fresh smell of … Continue reading

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How to get Rid of Unwanted Hair in Kids

Hi Moms, Image Source I know a lot of you will be worried about unwanted facial and body hair in kids. For most kids all the hair will fall off within a year but some kids do retain it due … Continue reading

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Teething made easy

Image Source:Teething baby Teething starts around the 6months of age and is an important milestone for your baby. However this phase can be very difficult for your baby making him fussy, cranky and irritable. Here are a few tips to help ease the … Continue reading

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Baby@6 months

Image Source: Baby @6 months My baby turned 6 months!! Its an exciting phase and also getting tougher day by day as she is getting intelligent. Here are some of her growth developments that I notice: She puts anything and … Continue reading

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Home remedy for cold cough and flu

I know how annoying it can be when your baby is unwell. Sad part is they never know how to express their troubles to you. Other than the medication it’s a good idea to try out some simple home remedies. … Continue reading

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Mothers milk vs baby’s first food

  Hi Ladies, After 6 months your baby needs other sources of food, breast milk alone won’t meet all the requirements of the body. So I did research to find out some details on this. These are only approximate values.

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Mommyswall Old Wives Tales Girl vs Boy Comparison

Hello all the expecting mommies.. Hope you are all in good health. Here is one fun topic I’m sure most of you would have been thinking about during your pregnancy. Since we don’t have gender determination in India we keep … Continue reading

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Baby Height and Weight Parameters

By Megha Hello mommies. I know how curious you are while sitting at the doctor’s clinic to know is your baby in his or her normal development. You want to know that hope he or she is not under weight … Continue reading

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Normal Baby Development Milestones

By Megha, Hello all lovely young moms. In this article of mine I would describe the basic milestones of development in a child at different ages from birth to 1 year. You can easily recognize them and feel blessed by … Continue reading

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My Baby at 5 months

5 months is an exiting phase, now my baby recognises me. Giggles makes sounds, its such a pleasure to see each emotion build up every day. She now turns on her own, and turns around like a clock. When we … Continue reading

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