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By Cindy, 小時候,很多牙醫建議甚至在第一顆牙齒出現之前就開始口腔護理。對少於六個月大的寶寶而言,其父母可以在餵食後使用濕布清潔牙齦,從而實現良好的口腔衛生習慣。一旦第一顆牙齒長出後,父母可能會開始在他們的護理中引入一種特殊的牙刷,並且當牙齒的數量增多時,就可以教育孩子開始使用牙線。

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Essential Baby Skin Care Techniques You Should Know

By Cindy, Aside from giving them the right amount of nutrients and preventing any possible risks, parents must also take ample time in ensuring their baby’s get proper skin care. Since a baby’s skin is sensitive, extra care and protection … Continue reading

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Baby Food 6 Months- Carrot and Potato Puree

By Anitha, Here is a simple and easy baby food recipe with the goodness of carrots and potatoes. It has the carbohydrates from the potato, fibers and loads of vitamins and carotene from the carrots. Since potato is filling, it … Continue reading

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Teething made easy

Image Source:Teething baby Teething starts around the 6months of age and is an important milestone for your baby. However this phase can be very difficult for your baby making him fussy, cranky and irritable. Here are a few tips to help ease the … Continue reading

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Baby food recipe- 6 months plus – Basic Khichidi/Pongal/Dal Rice/Dal Pani

Hello Ladies, Today I felt like doing recipe posts. No mommy gyaan today. Do share anything you feel like.. how is it going? Please excuse my photography, I keep my camera in the kitchen and sometimes click pictures with one … Continue reading

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Baby Food Recipe for 6 months plus- Vegetable Soup

This is one soup which you can make with variations. Add new veggies according to baby’s age. You can also add bottle gourd in this recipe. Ingredients: Carrot Beans Potato/ Sweet Potato/Peas  (any whole carb veggies) Salt Cumin Powder 2 … Continue reading

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Baby Food 6 Months Plus- Homemade Baby Protein and Cereal powder

Hi Ladies, I would like to thank my darling friend Saps and her very sweet mom in law for sharing this recipe with me. It has really helped my little one gain some weight and she quiet likes the taste … Continue reading

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