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By Varda Agrawal

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The arrival of new baby fills our life with joy & happiness… and our daily schedule with endless chores that need to be done, in order to maintain cleanliness, health & hygiene of the new born baby & our self (new mothers). The Diapers are truly a boon for mothers & babies … as it gives comfort & Convenience to both. Hence no doubt, diapers, rash cream, wet wipes are must haves for babies & mothers.

I diapered my son since he was 1 month old. I always diapered him at night, while going out & in cold season & hence diapers, rash cream were & still are important part of my parenting experience. No doubt, my decision of using diapers proved a right one as it always assured me and my son of a good night’s sleep, comfort & convenience.

But whether to use disposable diapers or cloth diapers is the question that came to my mind & then many other questions related to it… if I want to use cloth diapers for my baby, from where to buy, how to use and so on???

I got answers to all these questions when I bought & tried Superbottoms cloth diaper for my son. I will like to introduce you to the same

SUPPERBOTTOMS – a brand of advanced cloth diapers in India which provides High Quality Cloth Diaper with Quirky Desi Designs!

If you are new to cloth diapering like me here is brief introduction of cloth diapering for you

Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering is the new trend in parenting. It provides the benefits of langots (traditional cloth diapering) & Disposable diapers in one. It is chemical free, economical, eco friendly way of diapering your baby, that provides convenience & comfort to both baby & mother.

Types Of Superbottoms Diaper

Three types of diapers are available at Superbottoms

  • Cover Diapers dry-feel layer is attached to the soaker which is placed inside the cover (Like sanitary napkins are). You can replace the wet soaker and reuse the cover.
  • Pocket Diapers have a pocket of the dry-feel fabric in the soaker (absorbent pad) is placed. Pocket diapers provide better performance and protection, due to overall dry-feel fabric.

Note :- Night / Heavy Wetter Diaper, a pocket diaper which has, 4 layer Hemp cotton soaker & double leak proofing is also available. It is ideal for heavy wetters & night time.

My Experience

When I came across Superbottoms, I thought of buying one & trying it for my son.

As I was a beginner in cloth diapering I had many questions in my mind… which were answered by the leaflet provided in the Diaper Pack… And not to forget… Superbottoms contacted me through whatapp , to ask wetherer I have any queries regarding the product.

I used Superbottom Pocket Diapers for my son as it is recommended by Superbottoms for the beginners for its better absorbency & performance.

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Product Description

  • It has a waterproof outer layer made of 100% laminated polyester, making it water proof.
  • The microfiber soaker provided with the diaper is made of 80 % polyester & 20% nylon. It has good absorbency.
  • The soaker & outer cover has 4 adjusting snaps which makes size adjustment easy. The size of the diaper can be easily increased / decreased, hence making it last the whole diapering period of the baby. It is thus suitable for babies of weight 3 – 17 kg.
  • L shaped square tabs are provided for giving perfect fit.
  • Dry feel fabric of the diaper gives comfort to the babies.
  • It has interesting, desi & quirky prints.

What I Like About Superbottoms Cloth Diapers

  • Try it – Love it , 30 day , no questioned asked policy

If you are not sure if Superbottoms is for you & your baby, this policy will work for you. One can order & use the diaper for 1 month … If it doesn’t suit you & your baby it can be returned.

  • Eco Friendly

Cloth diapers are eco friendly as it does not cause pollution unlike disposable diapers.

  • Economical

Diapers come with adjustable straps to fit baby of 3 kg to17 kg weight. It can be washed & reused. Hence once you bought it lasts the entire diapering age of the child. So it’s a onetime investment.

  • Comfort & Convenience

I used it for my son for almost 5 -6 hrs… He must have peed in it several times then also he was very comfortable, since the diaper was dry inside, owing to its high absorbency. Even though he was playing all the time running here & there, it didn’t leak. There were no red marks or lines which are caused by wrong fitting.

  • Interesting Print

The diapers are available in unique, colorful, Indian a quirky print, which makes it interesting for kids.

  • Easy To Use

It is very easy to make babies wear it owing to L shaped tabs & press buttons.

  • No Rashes Or Itching

No rashes or itching was noticed.

  • Prolonged Use

These Cloth Diapers can be washed & reused till 300 times!!!

This makes it a good investment.

  • Easy To Wash

It is very easy to wash it. The soakers & Cover are first separated. It can be hand washed as well as machine washed, but make sure that they are not spinned to maintain its elasticity. You may soak the cover & soaker in warm water & Dettol / Savlon for disinfecting. The diapers must be air dried, preferably sun dried, as sun makes it germs free naturally.

  • Price

The price ranges from 500 to 900 INR As it can be reused over entire diapering period of the baby & considering all the other benefits it provides, it’s all worth making an investment.

Why I recommend it

I must say am very much satisfied with the performance & design of the product. Both I & my son are very happy using this product. As much as I have observed &experienced I find no shortcomings in the product. Considering all the aspects I like about Superbottoms cloth Diapers, I would like to suggest to all the parents to switch to cloth diapering & if cloth diapering is on your mind there is no doubt, SUPERBOTTOMS is the right choice.

Where & How To Buy Superbottoms

The order can be placed on

You can also place order on the contact number provided on website. They are also available on whatsapp for answering your queries.

+91 98 20 30 11 06

For more information please visit


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