How To Soothe The Teething Baby

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By Varda Agrawal

Teething, makes whole lot of difference in baby’s & mother’s life, depending on the symptom & severity of the symptom, which the baby shows during teething phase of his / her life.

Different babies, show different symptoms during Teething phase. You may like to read about it,

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Hence, every baby & a mother have their own share of experiences of this phase.  Yet there are lucky few, who, sail through this teething phase very smoothly, but the majority has the hardship in their share.

So, if you are a mother to a baby , who has started showing teething symptoms , & want to know how to soothe your baby during this hard times … this article is for you..

  • Gum Massage:-

This is the easiest, oldest, inexpensive method of relieving your teething baby from pain. . Make sure you clean your hands before doing so.

  • Cold Wash Cloth:-

The cold wash cloth can be used, to massage the gums by, wrapping it around your fingers. Make sure the cloth is properly washed before cooling it in refrigerator.

  • Cold Spoon :-

Spoon cooled down by, keeping it in the refrigerator, cab be given to the baby for biting.


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  • Chilled food :-

If your baby is on semisolid food or eats puree; feeding them chilled food can relieve their pain.

  • Chilled Solid food in Mesh Feeder:-

If your baby is on solids, he or she can be given a piece of chilled solid food, say a chilled carrot, in mesh feeder. In this way, baby will be able to eat chilled solids, which will soothe her, yet there will be no risk of chocking.

Mesh Feeder

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  • Chilled Teething Ring

Teething ring also soothes a teething baby, based on the principle of counter pressure applied on the gums. If you are using a chilled teething ring, choose the one with plastic handle, such that the baby’s hands won’t get cold while chewing it.

  • Teether:-

Teether soothes a teething baby, based on the principle of counter pressure applied on the gums. There is wide variety of teethers available in market nowadays. You can choose the one which suits you & your baby. The teethers available are

  • Wooden Teether
  • Rubber teether
  • Silver teether
  • Silicone teether
  • Vibrating teethe32r



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  • Teething Toy :-

This also works by applying counter pressure on the baby gums. The toys are made such that the babies can chew on it, hence giving them relief.


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  • Teething Blanket:-

It is the blanket which is laid on the baby. Baby can chew on the teething blanket & fall asleep.

teething blanket

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  • Teething Jewelry For Moms:-

It is the jewelry, which can be worn by mothers, as the babies have habit of grabbing everything which is in their reach. The jewelry is free from BPA, phthalates, lead, PVC, cadmium and heavy metals. But I feel the risk that the baby may choke, if proper attention is not paid.

Mother Necklace

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  • OTC Pain killer Medicine :-

OTC pain killer medicine is also available, which relieves the pain of the teething baby. It is not preferred & recommended way of soothing the baby. But if you decide to give such medicines, please consult your pediatrician before doing so.

Hence , there are various ways by which we can soothe our little teething baby. Try these methods , and see what suits & soothes your baby. This way or that way, we just wish to comfort our baby, don’t we?

This teething phase is a long lasting … After the first tooth irrupts .. there will be a sequence of tooth irruption & teething discomfort … till your little boy / girl has whole set of milk teeth / baby teeth.

So , The Sequence Of Teeth Irruption , will be the next article coming up … to give you all , the information regarding the sequence of teeth irruption.

Till Then , Happy Parenting !!   &   Happy Teething !!

If you wish to find some great products to help soothe the pain of teething, check out this guide to the top teething toys by My Kid Needs That.

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