Soaking in the Winter Sun – Camping Tips

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 It’s the winter season – the best time to take your kids out to play! Since it’s not too hot, they can have fun as well as soak in some much-needed Vitamin D.

Winters are a great time for family picnics, treks and day camps. Outdoor play is necessary so that kids understand their environment and become accustomed to nature, different activities and behavior.

kids camo

While during winters, night camp isn’t possible for younger kids, day camps are a great option for kids to explore the different nuances of nature. Camps are a great source of education, learning and fun. It gives them an instant opportunity to connect with their peers and other teachers with whom they might not have interacted. Most schools organize day camps for their students. But you could organize the perfect day camp for them too.

Highlighting some of the advantages of organizing a camp activity for your little ones:

1. It helps them make everlasting bonds with their peers and friends. Camps are a great way of bonding and will lay down the foundations of beautiful friendships which will be cherished for life.


2.Camps are a great way to develop confidence and resilience. There are high chances that your kid might be doing a certain activity for the first time while camping. So even if it means bruising your knee, it is only making your kid stronger and more confident in the long run.

3. Camps help kids to understand nature. As new parents, we try to avoid any outdoor activity because of the fear of getting dirty or in the worst case, falling sick. Sending your kid to an outdoor nature camp will only enable them to adapt to nature in a better way and understand nature and its ways.

I am sharing some tips that will help you in preparing for that perfect day camp -

You can always think of a theme around the camp. For e.g. a police thief game might be the central theme of the camp. In this, some kids can come dressed as policemen, while others can come dressed as thieves. This will not only break the monotony of a regular day camp but introduce an element of fun in it.


Now that you are ready with the theme, you can go ahead and plan the activities. These activities should be in sync with the theme.  Plan different games or any sorts of board games which you might want to carry to the camp as well.


You might be aware of the current season of the location of the camp, but what must not be missed is the local weather. So always check the general weather trend. You might need to carry rain supplies, just in case it starts pouring.

When it comes to outdoor camps, the abundance of mosquitoes and other insects is a major concern. It is therefore very important to dress your kids accordingly. Always dress them up in full-sleeved clothes to keep dust and germs at bay. Avoid dark-coloured clothing as it tends to attract mosquitoes. The easiest way to avoid mosquitoes is by using either of these two mosquito repellents -

GOODKNIGHT FABRIC ROLL-ON – The Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is 100 % natural, made of pure citronella and eucalyptus oils. Just put 4 dots on your little one’s clothes and he is ready to set out for his camp. This provides protection for up to 8 hours so that your kids enjoy a mosquito-free playtime at their respective day camps.

good knight patch

GOODKNIGHT PATCHES – You can keep those nasty mosquitoes away by applying these cute little patches over your little one’s dress. Because they are loaded with the goodness of natural oils, you need not worry about mosquitoes spoiling your kid’s play routine at the camp.

Furthermore, both these products are also paediatrician certified so stock yourself with these repellents at all times and use them on a daily basis, such as applying 4 dots on your child’s uniform before they leave for school or when they go out to play in the evening.

So go ahead and plan that much needed outdoor camp for your little one and his friends, and let them explore Mother Nature at its best!







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