How To Secure The Apartment To Prevent Your Child’s Injuries

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Kids like to roam around the house with a flair for mischief and notorious pranks. Although you as a parent might not have taught your kid(s) any of the mischiefs, they are bound to acknowledge on their own. Well, self-learning is one of the most important aspects of growth. Mischiefs are never a problem; the worry is about them hurting themselves in a moment of joyful innocence. Sometimes, these joyful moments leave a scar on your kid’s body for life; even worse, end up in a severe injury like stunted growth, a broken bone or even worse, underdeveloped mental growth. Kids often tend to fear a phenomenon or an activity if they have had a bad experience in their early childhood, yes, it is difficult for them to remember it, but it builds up in their subconscious mind.

So, to avoid the sense of fear and more importantly the agony of the wound, baby proofing is the best option. There are lots of child safety equipment available in the market. Child safety doesn’t guarantee that your child shall be safe and sound, however, an apartment which is baby proofed ensures minimal impact on the kid’s body. Here’s a list of child safety equipment that is convenient to purchase and handy to install.

1.       Corner Guards: Corner guards are nothing more but a cap for the corners. Sharp and heavy corners are one of the dangerous edges in the house. The edges are pointed, heavy and kids often tend to lean on the edges while playing around. Corner guards help in avoiding these sorts of mishaps. Corner guards are usually made from foam or PVC. Both the materials are light, delicate and have the tendency to absorb severe shocks.

Hence, corner guards are required to secure the apartment and ensure child safety.

2.       Electric Plug Protectors: Kids have an immense curiosity for exploration. The thing that interests them the most is seeking answers for unreasonable questions and elements which we adults are least bothered about. One such element is a kid’s curiosity to explore the electrical plugs. We know that the plugs have a continuous current of 220V running through them, however, it seems unreasonable to explain the concept of ‘electricity & power’ to a 3-year-old. As such, this curiosity is not a problem, but kids tend to insert their fingers in the plug, a high risk of electrocution ensues. To prevent this possible fatal act, plug protectors can be used. Plug protectors are fancily shaped dump plugs that hide the electric output plugs.

Electric plug protectors are generally plastic made or some other material that acts as an insulator.

3.       Foam Tapes: Foam tapes are very similar to corner guards. The specific reason for foam tapes is to cover the edges of sharp and heavy furniture like the dining table, coffee table etc. with a mushy foam. The foam absorbs the shock, resulting in a slight jerk.

Foam tapes are supposed to be stuck on the edges firmly.

4.       Door Stopper: Kids often crush their fingers in between the door and its frame. Door stoppers are required to hold the door in its place so that a sudden blow of the wind cannot shut the door and risk the safety of your baby. Door stoppers are one of the most popular child safeties in the market. People have installed door stoppers in the homes for a long period now. A door stopper can be fastened on the wall or can be inserted at the bottom of the door. The only job of a door stopper is to create a force that resists the swinging motion of the door.

Door stoppers are usually made of wood, plastic, stainless steel and silicon.

5.       Cabinet Locks: Well, this child safety is more of a shield for kids from parents. Cabinet locks are quite simple to operate for adults, but kids, they take a lot of time to understand its working. Cabinet locks ensure the safety of your precious cutlery, china and glassware along with some important documents and designer clothes, footwear and accessories. Cabinet locks keep the children out of the drawer and keep your precious things intact.

Cabinet locks also prevents the kid’s fingers from getting pinched in between the door hinges or the trolley slider.

Well, these are a few methods for you to secure the apartment to create a secure, healthy and cherishable environment that allows your kid to enjoy his joyful innocent moment and you can relish those moments for life without any worry!

Author Bio: EZ Life offers a variety of baby accessories and kids’ products to the Indian market which are curated from various international sources that match the European standards. When comes to baby accessories, the forte of this Mumbai-based start-up is baby safety.

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