Santa Claus: Relevance Of Imaginary Character

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Imagination is funny

It makes a cloudy day sunny…

Is Santa Claus for real? What about the Tooth Fairy and the Garbage Man?

For an adult, these questions might seem insignificant, but how a young child replies is important as the answers are symptomatic of cognitive development. But even if we cast the learning aspect aside, imagination is such an essential part of growing up. The age old perception that imagination is something, by which children can escape reality in their early years and then shove fantasy away when older, is nothing but a myth. Child-development experts have convincingly concluded that there’s nothing better than imagination to grasp the basics of reality in order to comprehend it fully. Imagination is not merely about fantasy as children can also learn about history, people and events they do not directly experience.


Kids Toys are a great medium to boost both imaginative and pretend play. So when you are entering a toys shop, It is a good idea to select a toy that would work best for both solo as well as group play. Kids need a little help to imagine and toys are the best alternative. No matter what toy it is. It can be while dressing up Barbie or even while role playing with any other dolls or kid’s toy. Toys play an influential role in triggering a child’s imagination. To take up an example, we have Hobbes a stuffed tiger toy in reality that sparked Calvin’s imagination. But a Santa Claus toy works for all children.


Santa Claus is by and large, the most preferred imaginary role model even though he makes only an annual appearance and that too, through the chimney. A recent study showed that 70% of 3-year-olds believed that Santa Claus was real and what is astonishing is that instead of this belief diminishing with age, Santa followers peaked at 83% by age 5 before subsiding when kids were 7 years old.


Santa can be a role model for adults as well so what if he is a figment of our imagination. In today’s world, everything is about discipline and is deadline oriented. Kids have to be taught the positives of Santa in terms of efficiency levels and that is one of the main reasons why Santa Claus is so relevant even today. Consider this!

- Santa Claus visits 983 homes per second on Christmas Eve putting even Superman to shame.

- Santa has a calculated 31 hours to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve making him the most efficient imaginary character ever.


(1) Encourage imaginative and fantasy play in your children and let them be inspired by superheroes and imaginary characters.

(2) If your child has an imaginary friend, just like Calvin has Hobbes does not break the myth. Instead, cultivate his or her imagination.

(3) Remember, fantasy friends help kids cope with stress. The ability to pretend in children is an area of strength. It is possible for children to fix all their problems using their imagination.

(4) It has been observed that fantasy play is directly related with many positive attributes. Pre-school kids having fantasy friends are more creative, possess greater social understanding and skills and also form a perspective about others easily.

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Ashna Singh contributes to ToyTasting. ToyTasting is a YouTube channel for toy video reviews by mothers in India. Since inception in Jan 2011 the channel has made over 250 videos and has got 14.5m+ views.

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