Review of SmartEats a “Healthy Eating Movement”

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Hello Mommies,

SmartEats is a “Healthy Eating Movement” towards making us and our children, healthier and happier. I was so excited when I received my box (excellent packaging) with so many healthy snacks. I even shared it with my parents who are very health conscious and it helps with my high protein diet too. We enjoyed all the snacks, it is very difficult to pick a favorite.

A well-known nutrition specialist is their “Recipe Scientist”. They develop & find snacks which are delicious, unique and healthy. These snacks are 100% Natural, (i.e. no artificial color, flavor, preservative or sweetener is used), made from whole grains only, have 0% trans fat, 0% maida, are high in micro nutrients, high in Fiber and have balanced calories.

Subscription model delivers a box (in 3 sizes)  full of surprises every month. Each box contains at least 5 types of exciting snacks. These snacks are a delectable mix of Baked & Roasted snacks , various flavors of Nuts, and Fruits recipes, Rich tea infusions, Herbal drinks and much more. It’s a great way to “EXPLORE & DISCOVER”.

Lets see what was in my box:

2013-11-09 15.01.32

Soft cookies which I even fed my 8 months baby. What can I say “YUM” is the only word.

2013-11-09 15.00.30

It is a brownie in the form of a rusk, it takes time for the taste to hit you. But as you chew you will get the ultimate taste of chocolate brownies.

2013-11-09 15.01.20

This one was everyone’s favorite. Yummy blend of dehydrated fruits, strawberries, apple etc

2013-11-09 15.01.08

This one reminds me of barfi, soft and crunchy.

2013-11-09 15.00.54

Another fab one for the savory lovers. I love the way they have written a pinch of oil. It has a lot of nuts and pumkin seeds.

2013-11-09 15.00.42

Im not too fond of the flavors but the almonds were roasted perfectly.

Customization currently is possible by email or phone. Another great feature they have launched is “Free Snacks for life” which is the best referral scheme for people that brings credit to the referee as well as referrer through a unique URL for every person. The more people use one URL, more credits one accumulates.

You would agree that snacking is one of the guiltiest factors in making us unhealthy. We all have experienced the 11 am and 4 pm cravings when the only options available are Samosa and Patties in the office cafeteria. We sadly see our kids growing on the regular dose of biscuits and namkeens in the absence of better alternatives. Here is THE Alternative……

P.S: They have free shipping but currently operate only in Delhi NCR region. They will be expanding to other cities soon.

You can find them online at and they also have a vibrant community at

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2 Responses to Review of SmartEats a “Healthy Eating Movement”

  1. Jaishri says:

    Oh is it let me check. this was sent to me for review. Ill ask them else I need to add a note here.

  2. Shwetha K B says:

    Jaishri…sounds good..u.So I wanted to try so checked their website but it says delivery is confined to only Delhi currently. How did u order?

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