Review of Pediasure Health Drink

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Hi Moms,

Today I want to review Pediasure, India’s most trusted health drink. My daughter has been drinking Pediasure since she turned two and it has been useful as she is a fussy eater. Pediasure is for sure a filling drink especially with milk, but it also fills up your child and makes it difficult for them to eat solids.

Lets see what are the main components.

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Sucrose, edible vegetable oil such as sunflower and soy oil, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, minerals, MCI oil, milk solids which contains whey, cocoa powder, vitamins lactobacillus.

Its ideal for kids with lactose and gluten intolerance.

Pediasure is best suited for kids who are fussy eaters. Its best to give them with milk as it is a task on itself to make them drink plain milk again. For kids who eat well, you can mix it with water.


Pediasure seems to be a tasty drink as my daughter quite likes the taste. Its is a smooth powder and mixes completely with milk.

Is it necessary to give all kids Pediasure?

Its not necessary to give all kids pediasure especially the ones who feed well. Its not even a good idea to over feed them with pediasure as it is a heavy drink. They claim that it boosts immunity which again depends from child to child. Probiotics in pediasure improves digestion.

Does it have all the nutrition required for growth?

I dont believe pediasure makes kids grow tall and gain weight. My daughter has not gained weight drinking pediasure. It has all the added vitamins and minerals. But nothing can be equated to naturals minerals, proteins and fat which is obtained from food. The Natural vitamins gets absorbed very quickly into the body.

All in all Pediasure is a health drink which can be given to kids above 2 years. But over feeding will reduce their hunger.

How to Prepare and Store

Its best to prepare pediasure with water. But if your child is a fussy eater and skips meals, you can mix pediasure with milk. Once mixed you can keep it outside for a very short time. To store keep it in the refrigerator for 12 hours maximum else discard.

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2 Responses to Review of Pediasure Health Drink

  1. Mythila says:

    I give my daughter pediasure and it as helped her growth gradually increase

  2. Good review.
    ” nothing can be equated to naturals minerals, proteins and fat which is obtained from food.” – very well said

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