Review on Johnson’s Baby Bedtime sweet sleep kit

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One common thing you can expect when you have a baby is Johnson’s gift sets. One is the regular one and one more is this newly introduced bedtime kit.
At the end of the entire visiting sessions we has some 10 sets, its very sad we hardly used these.

So for everyone reading my post please dont gift babies these sets. Most people I know nowadays use different products for different uses. All these sets contain powders which is a big waste as powders are not safe for babies and we dont want to encourage that right?

In my next posts, Ill write about that are some things we can gift a newborn, a 3 months baby and so on.


Ok so from this kit I only used the Johnson’s baby bedtime lotion for my baby for some time. If you ask me if the baby really sleeps with the smell.
Yes they do. Initially this was one thing that worked to our rescue. Dont expect your baby to doze off immediately. This can just make them sleep sooner, sadly you still have to try your other tricks with this.

I did not use the lotion on her face. I used it during the evenings. Every evening we wipe her with a warm towel and then I used this lotion on her body only. It helped a lot.

The rest of stuff from this kit I used it on myself but Im not fond of the smell. But I have loads of powder, do let me know how you guys dispose off powder. I cant give it to my maid as I know the side effects of powder. Are there any other uses?

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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5 Responses to Review on Johnson’s Baby Bedtime sweet sleep kit

  1. Megha says:

    Hey jaishree.. I wanted to knw wat r the bad effects of using a powder on babies .. I would share the knowledge.. Coz in my neighborhood we have a cute little boy whom i love alot :-)

    • Jaishri says:

      Hi Megha welcme to our blog. Powder causes breathing problems and serious lung damage when inhaled. Powder is of two types talc based and cornstarch based. I am refering to the talc based powders that we get in India. Ask them to stop using powder, if they are very particular then they need to import cornstarch based powders from abroad.

      • Megha says:

        Awww..thats sad… Coz powder is so commonly used by mums for their babiea.. I ll surely convey the msg to his mom.. I like uaa blog.. Coz i love babies. :-)

        • Jaishri says:

          Thanks Megha. Its really not necessary to use powder for babies, we have excellent creams and for diaper rash we have diaper rash cream or plain vaseline is good enough.
          Do let us know what topics you like us to write about.

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